Solano County

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Philip G. Magistrini, founder and proprietor of the Magistrini sporting goods house at Vallejo, the operations of which now are carried on by his son, Stephen A. Magistrini, is a native of Italy but a sort of a citizen of the world, for in addition to his business experiences in his native country and in California he also has been engaged in business in Australia and in Porto Rico, so that he has come to have a pretty accurate acquaintance with a large portion of the earth's surface.

Mr. Magistrini was born on March 11, 1865, and is a son of Joseph and Madaline Magistrini, the former of whom was a merchant in the northern part of Italy. Reared in his home place, Philip G. Magistrini had his schooling there and was early apprenticed to the trade of gunsmith, a vocation at which he worked in his native land until he was twenty-five years of age when he came to America and became employed as a gunsmith in New York city, later going to New Haven, Connecticut. After a season of employment there he returned to Italy and there married the girl to whom he had plighted his troth before coming to America and with his bride went to Australia. In 1892 he left Australia and returned to the United States, locating at Sacramento, where he became engaged in business and where he remained for three years, at the end of which time he went to the island of Porto Rico. Not finding conditions there to his liking he left the Island in 1902 and returned to California, locating at Vallejo, where he ever since has made his home and where he has been quite successful in business.

Upon establishing his residence at Vallejo, Mr. Magistrini opened up a sporting goods store, putting in a line of goods appropriate in a general way to his occupation as a gunsmith, and as the business developed kept adding to this stock until he presently was carrying a full line of general sporting goods and kindred specialties, one of the well established merchants of the city. In 1921 he turned the business over to his son, Stephen A. Magistrini, and he and Mrs. Magistrini returned to their native Italy for a long visit. Upon his return to Vallejo he resumed his connection with the store and expanded the business by buying the lot he now occupies on Georgia street and there erecting his present building, a two-story structure of reinforced construction, fifty by one hundred and thirty feet in ground dimension, and he and his son now have there a very well stocked and admirably appointed store, carrying a complete line of goods and quite well equipped for taking care of the trade along that line in the territory their operations cover.

It was in 1891 that Philip G. Magistrini was united in marriage to Miss Cesarina Benedicti, who was born in Tuscany, and they have three children, the son, Stephen A. Magistrini, above referred to and who now is in charge of the business his father founded at Vallejo, and two daughters, Mrs. Theresa Bellini and Miss Gladys Magistrini. They also have three grandchildren, in whom they take much pride and delight. Mr. Magistrini is a republican and is a member of the Masonic order. In the spring of 1925 he and Mrs. Magistrini made another visit back to their native land and there spent the summer, finding much pleasure in revisiting the scenes they so well knew in the days of their childhood.

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