Solano County

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Rudolph G. Mangels holds a high place among the successful fruit raisers of Solano county, for he has given thoughtful and intelligent direction to his work and has devoted himself indefatigably to the improvement and cultivation of his ranch. A native of Solano county, he was born on his father's farm on the state highway on the 18th of May, 1889. His parents are Louis and Mina (Schroder) Mangels, both of whom still reside here, though the father is now retired from active business affairs. He came to San Francisco at the age of fourteen years, remaining there until he was twenty-three years of age. He then bought a place near Cordelia, comprising two hundred and sixty acres of good land, to the cultivation of which he devoted himself assiduously until his retirement, enjoying splendid success. He grew many grapes and had a well equipped winery on his place, making large quantities of excellent wine.

Rudolph G. Mangels was educated in the public school at Cordelia and the high school at Suisun. He then devoted himself to the home farm, assisting his father for a number of years, and later bought his present place, which is located on what is called the lower road, planting it mainly to fruit. He is well informed on horticultural subjects and thoroughly understands the cultivation and care of fruit, so that the success which has crowned his efforts has not been accidental but has been the reward of his persistent and well directed labors. He has made a number of fine improvements on the farm and has a very comfortable and attractive home.

Mr. Mangels was married to Miss Myra McCade, of Chicago, and they are the parents of three children. Politically Mr. Mangels has given his support to the republican party and has been intelligently interested in public affairs, keeping in close touch with the current issues of the day. He is above all a home man but is also a lover of outdoor life, being particularly fond of hunting and fishing.

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