Solano County

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J. J. Miller, proprietor of the popular Peoples Dairy, two miles out of Vallejo on the Napa road, and one of the best known men in that community, is a native of the old Nutmeg state but is a resident of California by choice and inclination, and he has made his home in Solano county for nearly thirty years. He was born on a farm in Connecticut, April 5, 1860, and is a son of Nicholas and Loraine (Van Fleet) Miller, both of whom also were born in Connecticut and there spent their entire lives.

Reared on the home farm, J. J. Miller received his education in the neighborhood schools and grew up familiar with the details of farming in Connecticut. When he was sixteen years of age his father died, and the management of the place thereafter rested on his shoulders. He carried on the operations of the farm until after he had attained his majority, and in 1881 he became engaged in the grocery business. Later he closed out his affairs there and came out to the coast country, and he was engaged in business at Portland, Oregon, until 1897, when he disposed of his interests at that place and came to California, locating at Vallejo on February 20 of that year, becoming employed at the navy yard. For years Mr. Miller continued connected with the operations of the navy yard, and he then decided to embark in the dairy business. Establishing himself on his present place, two miles out of town on the Napa road, he started in with but one cow and began to work up a custom dairy business. He was successful from the first and he has gradually developed the business, disposing of all his milk in Vallejo, until now it requires the milk of about fifty cows to supply his trade and the services of three automobile trucks to deliver it. Mr. Miller is carrying on his business in approved up-to-date fashion and has plans in hand for its continued development and expansion.

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