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Daniel Minahan, superintendent of the plant of the Vallejo water works at Green Valley and formerly and for years superintendent of streets and public works at Vallejo, one of the best known men in Solano county, is a native of Ireland but has been a resident of California since the days of his young manhood, a period of about forty-five years, and thus counts himself as much a Californian as any, for his mature interests ever have centered here. Mr. Minahan was born in Ireland, June 21, 1863, and is a son of Jeremiah and Mary (Sullivan) Minahan, also natives of the Emerald Isle.

Reared in his native place, Daniel Minahan had his schooling there and remained there until he was eighteen years of age, when in 1881, he came to California and at San Francisco filed his declaration of intent to become a citizen of the United States. Presently coming across the bay he became employed with a threshing outfit in Solano county and in the next season began operations on his own account here, proprietor of a hay press, and was thus engaged for three years, at the end of which time he took employment in the plant of the Solano brewery. He remained thus engaged for almost two years and then, in association with a partner, rented the plant of the old Pioneer brewery at Vallejo and became engaged in business on his own account. For twelve years Mr. Minahan continued thus engaged and then, in 1890, he accepted the position of superintendent of streets and public works at Vallejo, a position of public trust and responsibility which he occupied for sixteen years, or until his resignation in 1906. Upon his retirement from this public office Mr. Minahan was variously employed until in October, 1918, when he was appointed to his present position of superintendent of the water works and has since been serving in that responsible capacity. Mr. Minahan is a democrat and has for many years been recognized as one of the leaders of that party in this section.

Mr. Minahan married Miss Nellie O'Keefe, who was born in Vallejo, and they have eight children, three sons, Daniel, John and Raymond Minahan, the latter of whom is now a law student, and five daughters, Margaret Coombs; Eileen, a student in the Teachers College at San Francisco; Alice, a student in the Lowell high school at San Francisco, and Lucile and Madaline. Daniel Minahan, the eldest son and a veteran of the World war, is now engaged as a civil engineer and John Minahan, the second son, is an electrician engaged in the operations at the navy yard.

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