Solano County

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Dana R. Mollison, head of the Kern Motor Company of Vallejo, distributor of the Willys-Knight and the Overland automobiles throughout this territory and proprietor of a well equipped garage and service station at Vallejo, was born at White Bear Lake, in Minnesota, on March 1, 1890, and is a son of Thomas E. and Minnie E. (Baldwin) Mollison, the former of whom is now living retired at Vallejo.

Dana R. Mollison completed his schooling by a course in the International Correspondence School, a course in a business college and supplementary work carried on in night schools. Until he became established in business in Vallejo he had traveled widely and had worked at several vocations in as many states, these labors having included service on farms, clerk in hotels, manager of a hotel, salesman and merchant. On June 13, 1924, Mr. Mollison became engaged in business on his own account at Vallejo, opening there a garage and general automobile accessories shop and service station and doing business as the Kern Motor Company. He is the local distributor for the Willys-Knight and Overland cars and has a well equipped place of business at the corner of Marin and Capitol streets.

Mr. Mollison married Miss Mae Carrico of Sacramento and they have a pleasant home at Vallejo. Mr. and Mrs. Mollison are republicans and Mr. Mollison is a member of the locally influential Vallejo Kiwanis Club. He is a Scottish Rite (32) Mason and a Noble of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

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