Solano County

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The roster of Solano county's officials has the unique distinction of carrying the name of an under sheriff who has held office continuously in that shrievalty longer than any other under sheriff in California, a record of uninterrupted service that is not likely soon to be excelled. This particular distinction belongs to Dennis J. Moran, under sheriff of Solano county and popular theatrical man at Vallejo, who has been retained in office since the time of his appointment under the administration of Sheriff James A. Keyes in the year 1902. Close attention to the duties of that important office and an apparently natural aptitude for such work proved their own recommendations for his continued retention in that capacity, and he has for years been one of the most familiar figures in local public service, even as he is acknowledged to be one of the most popular.

Dennis J. Moran was born in Vallejo, August 11, 1876, and has always lived here, having probably as wide an acquaintance throughout this and adjoining counties as any man here. He finished his schooling in St. Mary's College at Oakland, and as a young man he became employed as a clerk in the Trull drug store at Vallejo, later becoming engaged in business on his own account, as the proprietor of a cigar store. As noted above, it was in 1902 that he received the appointment of under sheriff in and for Solano county, and by successive reappointments he has been retained in that office. In 1910, in association with the late Peter J. Hanlon and Charles McCauley, Mr. Moran became interested in the promotion of motion picture theaters in Vallejo, this trio establishing the old Bell theater. In 1915 they expanded their interests by taking over the Strand and on May 25, 1920, opened the modern and strictly up-to-date Virginia theater, regarded as one of the best of its class in California. Since the death of Mr. Hanlon in February, 1925, Mr. Moran and Mr. McCauley have carried on the business of this popular playhouse. Mr. Moran has other substantial interests in Vallejo and is a member of the board of directors of the Vallejo Commercial National Bank. He is affiliated with the local aerie of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

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