Solano County

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Joseph Oberti, now living retired in Green valley, was born on a farm in Italy on the 3d of March, 1856, and is a son of Frank and Dominica Oberti, the former of whom was a farmer and vineyardist. Both parents are now deceased, the mother dying in 1867 and the father in 1901. Because of the necessity of his working on the home farm, our subject had but little opportunity for securing an education in his boyhood days. In 1875 he came to the United States, landing in San Francisco with a cash capital of seventy-five cents. He at once came to Vallejo and entered the employ of A. B. Passalacqua, with whom he remained for three years, during which time he attended school at every possible opportunity.

Leaving Vallejo, Mr. Oberti next went to Green valley and spent the following seven years in the vineyards of that locality. During these years of steady employment he was wisely saving his money and investing it in land, and eventually he became the owner of one thousand acres of fine, arable land. On July 15, 1887, he settled on the place where he has resided continuously since, and there he created a very comfortable and attractive home. In 1888 Mr. Oberti returned to his native land and visited his father. In 1885 he established the Green Valley Winery, which was a busy and profitable enterprise for twenty-five years but which was totally destroyed by fire on July 19, 1911. Mr. Oberti devoted himself very closely to his business affairs, keeping his land well tilled and managing his property with wise discretion, so that eventually he was able to retire from active labor and is now able to enjoy the leisure to which his years of hard labor entitle him.

Mr. Oberti has always been interested in the public affairs of his com-munity and has supported every movement planned to better the public welfare and advance the material, civic or moral interests of the community. He is a member of Lodge No. 55, Free and Accepted Masons; Solano Chapter No. 3, Royal Arch Masons, and Norval Commandery No. 19, Knights Templar, at Vallejo. Mr. Oberti, has been married three times.

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