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Herbert L. Paige, a well known and well established realtor and insurance underwriter at Vallejo, is a native of the old Granite state and of old New England stock, his family having been represented there since colonial days, but has been a resident of California since the days of his boyhood and thus counts himself as much a Californian as any. He was born in the village of Weare in Hillsborough county in southern New Hampshire on June 10, 1873, and is a son of John H. and Carrie S. Paige, who later became residents of California. The late John H. Paige was a merchant and the railway station agent at Weare. His health failing him, he had spent four winters in Florida, seeking relief without benefit, and then in the middle '80s he came to California and found at San Jose the relief he had so ineffectually sought in "the sunny south." In 1888 his family joined him here and later moved from San Jose to Santa Cruz, where John H. Paige established the New England Home hotel and where he remained in business for four years, at the end of which time he and his wife moved to San Francisco, where he spent the remainder of his life, prolonged many years by reason of his coming into the salubrious climate of California.

By a comparison of above dates it will be observed that Herbert L. Paige was fifteen years of age when he rejoined his father here in California and he finished his schooling in Santa Cruz. When he was twenty years of age he became employed in a mercantile house in San Francisco and in due time was advanced in the service of that concern to the position of assistant to the manager. For some years Mr. Paige continued connected with mercantile houses in the city, among these having been the Golden Rule store and the Bazaar (now the Emporium), and then was made manager of one of the branch stores of the W. F. Harris chain. For something more than eight years he continued this connection and then he organized the Reliable Gas Regulator Company and became engaged in business along that line. Presently he disposed of his interest in that concern and became engaged in the general real estate business at San Francisco, with offices at 11 Montgomery street. In the fire of 1906 this office was wiped out and he then went to Fruitvale in Alameda county, taking employment with the Standard Oil Company in Oakland. Not long afterward he returned to San Francisco and resumed his former realty connection there. While thus engaged Mr. Paige organized and promoted the Summer Home Realty Company and opened up Summer Home Park, a resort site on the Russian river in Sonoma county. He quickly disposed of the lots in that favored resort and then opened a general realty office at Santa Rosa, where he remained until in 1916, when he transferred his base of operations to Vallejo, established his home here and has since been a resident of this city, one of the well established realtors of this section. For some time after coming here Mr. Paige was employed in a mercantile way and was also for awhile at the navy yard, but of late has given his whole attention to his realty and insurance business, with offices at 324 A Virginia street. He is a member of the Vallejo Realty Board and of the California State Realty Board and is also affiliated with the National Realty Board.

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