Solano County

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In his generation the late Charles E. Perry, head of the Perry Lumber Company of Vallejo, proprietor of the Hotel Solano and in other ways a prominent and influential figure in the general commercial life of this community, exerted a helpful influence in the general development of the fine trade area centering at Vallejo and it is but proper that in this definite history of the county in which he long had his residence there should be set out some slight tribute to the good memory he left at his passing.

Charles E. Perry was born on December 20, 1859, at Dover, New Hampshire, but the active years of his life were spent in the west and he thus was thoroughly familiar with conditions here. Reared in his native place he became a skilled artisan, particularly well trained in general construction work and in bridge carpentry, and it was as a bridge carpenter in the work of constructing the Santa Fe railroad that as a young man he had his introduction to the western country. He was engaged on that work through Kansas and down into New Mexico and then quit this form of construction work and entered the employ of the St. John Lumber Company at Burrton on the Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad line in Harvey county in central Kansas. This company maintained a string of lumber yards and it was with the activities of this concern, with his headquarters at Topeka and later at Salt Lake City, that Mr. Perry was connected until in 1890, when he transferred his connection to the C. A. Hooper Lumber Company at San Francisco. He remained with this company for some years and then was for four years located in Pittsburg in Contra Costa county as the general manager of the affairs of the Redwood Manufacturing Company at that place. He returned to Santa Fe and became associated as a partner in the Loop Lumber Company, which connection he had for two years. On January 1, 1908, he bought the plant and lumber yards of the Aden Lumber Company in Vallejo and thereafter made his home in that city, carrying on his business under the name of the Perry Lumber Company, and became quite successful, for years one of the best known lumber men in this section of the state. Something more than ten years later, in September, 1918, he became the proprietor of the Hotel Solano at Vallejo and carried on the affairs of that popular hostelry until his death. Mr. Perry ever took an active and helpful interest in the general civic affairs of the community and was for two years a member of the board of governors of the state hospital at Napa. He was a past exalted ruler of Vallejo Lodge No. 559, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, and was an enthusiastic member of the Vallejo Golf Club.

In Burrton, Kansas, February 21, 1884, Charles E. Perry was united in marriage to Miss Susanna Jacobs, who was born at Shawneetown, Illinois, February 2, 1860, and who died at San Francisco, California, in December, 1908. Mr. Perry survived his wife for fifteen years, his death occurring at San Francisco on November 4, 1923, he then being sixty-four years of age. He is survived by three children, a daughter, Mrs. Anna Windemann of Vallejo, and two sons, Charles E. Perry, Jr., who is now living in San Francisco, and Bradford J. Perry, who continues to make his home in Vallejo, executor of his late father's estate and as such in proprietary management of the affairs of the Perry Lumber Company and of the Hotel Solano. He also for some time carried on a confectionery store in Vallejo. The Hotel Solano, one of the most widely popular hotels in California, is a well appointed hostelry conducted with special reference to the comfort of its guests and under the administrative charge of Mr. Perry is kept in admirable state. Mr. Perry is a member of the local lodge of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks and is also a member of Samoset Tribe No. 22, Improved Order of Red Men.

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