Solano County

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In common with thousands of persons of fine taste and discriminating judgment Commodore Stacy Potts, U. S. N., retired, has found California the ideal place in which to spend the pleasant "evening time" of life and he never has had occasion to regret the choice which established his residence at Vallejo following his retirement from the navy after many years of active and sometimes strenuous service. He thus is quite content to regard this as his permanent home, for here he has found conditions of living much to his liking.

Commodore Potts is a Pennsylvanian, born in the city of Philadelphia, February 4, 1853, and is a member of one of the old Quaker families of that city. He was reared in Philadelphia, supplementing the schooling he received in the old Friends Academy there by a course in Spring Garden Academy and in the drawing school of the Franklin Institute as well as in the drawing classes of the high school, and became a quite proficient amateur artist. Early attracted to the mechanical trades, he entered himself as an apprentice in the machine plant of the I. P. Morris Company at Philadelphia and there became a competent machinist, meantime carrying on supplemental studies in mechanical engineering. In 1871, upon the establishment of a class of engineering in the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, he successfully passed the examination for entrance to that class and in 1874 was graduated from the same, a member of the first class of engineers sent out from the naval academy. A year later, in 1875, he was given his ensign rank and made assistant engineer on the U. S. S. Worcester stationed at Key West, and was later with the squadron at New Orleans, from which station he returned north with the Colorado which presently was put out of commission at the Brooklyn navy yard. Later service was rendered on various ships and in shore stations and when the Spanish-American war came on he was the chief engineer of the Detroit which took part in the bombardment of San Juan, Porto Rico. When he finally had earned his retirement he was chief engineer of the old Brooklyn, this grade having been reached through merit of successive steps in rank from assistant engineer (ensign) to the rank of master, junior lieutenant, lieutenant, chief engineer, lieutenant commander, line officer and captain, and he was retired in 1910 with the rank of commodore.

On June 23, 1881, at Vallejo, Commodore Potts was united in marriage to Miss Georgiana R. Smith, who was born in Pennsylvania, and they have three daughters: Mrs. Joseph R. Wilson of Vallejo; Mrs. Everett Morsell of Vallejo, and Mrs. Ruth A. Barton of Mercedes, Texas. It was in 1908 that Commodore and Mrs. Potts established their home at Vallejo and they are very pleasantly situated there, residing at 705 Georgia street.

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