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The legal profession in Solano county has an able representative in the person of Claude Rohwer of Dixon, one of the leaders of the younger members of the bar, whose success since entering the practice here has won him many warm friends and admirers in this community. He has spent his life in this vicinity, a representative of one of the fine old families of Dixon, and he has gained a high place in the esteem of his professional colleagues, who recognize his sterling qualities and his professional ability.

Mr. Rohwer was born on his father's ranch near Dixon on the 11th day of May, 1897, and is the son of Jacob and Lena (Stick) Rohwer, the former of whom passed away on June 2, 1925. Jacob Rohwer was born on May 19, 1857, at Jevenstedt, Holstein, Germany. In 1869, at the age of twelve years, he started for the United States, and it is noteworthy that in his party were others who are today well known in this locality, including Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peters, Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Lena Runge. On arriving in this country, Mr. Rohwer came direct to Dixon and made his home with an uncle, Hans Rohwer, who owned a farm of three hundred and twenty acres east of Dixon. The young man worked on his uncle's farm and secured his education in the Dixon public school. After attaining years of maturity he bought his uncle's farm and succeeded splendidly in its operation, being able from time to time to add other land until eventually he became the owner of eight hundred acres of good grain land, and here he spent the remainder of his life. He was a man of marked force of character, whose influence was always exerted for the betterment of his community and for the exaltation of the better things of life.

Jacob Rohwer married Miss Lena Stick and they became the parents of eight children, namely: Hans, who is in business in Dixon; Mrs. Agnes Sherman, of Los Angeles; Eggert, who is farming at Dixon; Ray, a professional baseball player, who was formerly with the Pittsburgh team of the National League but is now playing with the Portland team of the Pacific Coast League; Claude, who is the immediate subject of this sketch; Catherine, a successful school teacher; Otto, who is a university student, and Jacob, who is a graduate of the Dixon high school. The mother of these children is still living on the home farm, and is a lady of fine character and exceptional personal qualities, who enjoys the respect and esteem of all who know her.

Claude Rohwer received his elemental education in the public schools of Dixon, graduating from the high school, and then entered the University of California, where he was graduated in 1918, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He then entered the law school of that university, where he was graduated in 1920. During his boyhood days Mr. Rohwer had always been very fond of the game of baseball, in which he excelled, and at the university he was a member of the varsity team during 1914 and 1915. During the World war Mr. Rohwer attended the officers training camp at Louisville, Kentucky, and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the field artillery. During the remainder of his service he was stationed at Camp Jackson, in South Carolina. In December, 1920, Mr. Rohwer located in Vallejo, where he took up the practice of law with Russell F. O'Hara. During the summers of 1921 and 1922 he was with the Pittsburgh baseball team of the National League, where he played third base and shortstop, and in the latter year went to the Sacramento team of the Pacific Coast League, where he played during the seasons of 1923 and 1924, and since the close of the latter season he has devoted his time and close attention to his practice, being now located at Dixon, where he is gaining an enviable reputation as a careful, painstaking and reliable attorney. All of the Rohwer boys are members of the Masonic order and Claude Rohwer is a member of Ben Ali Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, at Sacramento. Mr. Rohwer possesses a splendid personality, easily makes friends and is extremely popular in this, his native community. He has already made a splendid record in his legal work and has gained the confidence of the people and the esteem of all who have had dealings with him.

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