Solano County

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For nearly seventy-five years or since the beginning of an orderly settlement here, the Ruegers have been represented in the development of the flourishing little city of Benicia and are now prominently represented there in the third generation by Theodore Rueger, postmaster of-the town and one of the well known merchants there. Mr. Rueger is one of Benicia's native sons and his interests always have centered here. He was born on May 16, 1876, and is a son of John and Emilie Rueger, both of whom were born in Switzerland, the former a son of John Rueger, who came with his family to the United States in 1842 and in 1848, the year of the announcement of the discovery of gold in California, came to this state, crossing the plains, and in 1852 made his settlement at Benicia, where he became engaged in the hotel business and where he later became the proprietor of the old Benicia brewery, one of the sturdy pioneers of that town.

The junior John Rueger died when his son Theodore was but a child and his widow later married Gustave Guauck, the Benicia brewer. Upon leaving school Theodore Rueger became connected with the operations of his step-father's brewery and was thus engaged for sixteen years, at the end of which time he became engaged in the hardware and plumbing business, a line which he still maintains and in which he has been quite successful. For years Mr. Rueger has been recognized as one of the leading republicans in that section of the county and in 1924 was appointed by President Coolidge to the office of postmaster of Benicia, a position of trust and responsibility he now occupies, at the same time continuing his hardware business. Mr. Rueger was one of the active and influential promoters of the movement which has done much to stimulate the interest in the United States arsenal at Benicia, and to bring about its further development.

In 1901 Theodore Rueger was united in marriage to Miss Etta Foley, who also was born at Benicia, daughter of Mr. P. Foley, and they have one child, a daughter, Helen Louise Rueger. Mr. Rueger is a member of Vallejo Lodge No. 559, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks.

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