Solano County

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Theodore E. Rump of the firm of Rump & Kennedy, dealers in automobiles and proprietors of a well equipped garage at Vallejo, one of the enterprising and progressive business men of that city, is a native of Germany but has been a resident of this country since the days of his young manhood. Mr. Rump was born on November 5, 1869, and is a son of George and Madeline (Hupfer) Rump, both of whom now are deceased.

Reared in his native place, Theodore E. Rump had his schooling there and was early apprenticed to the locksmith's trade, becoming a proficient workman along that line. In 1893 he came to the United States and at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became employed at his trade and was thus engaged there for five years, during which time he married. He then became engaged in farming in Wisconsin and remained there until in 1907, when he closed out his interests in that state and with his family came to California and located at Vallejo, where he since has made his home.

Upon his arrival in Vallejo Mr. Rump became engaged in the carriage manufacturing business in association with his brother, Conrad Rump, and three years later, in 1910, took up the automobile business, a line which since has engaged his attention. In 1912 he formed a partnership with William J. Kennedy and the business since has been carried on under the firm name of Rump & Kennedy, with a well equipped and well established garage, service station and sales rooms on Sonoma street. In addition to their general line of automobile accessories and repair facilities this firm acts as distributors in the Vallejo trade area for the popular Star, Durant and Flint automobiles and has built up a flourishing business.

In 1895, while living in Milwaukee, Theodore E. Rump was united in marriage in that city to Miss Magdelena Welling, who also was born in Germany, and they have two children, a son, Harry Rump, who is a salesman for the firm of Rump & Kennedy, and a daughter, Miss Agnes Rump, who is the assistant secretary of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce. The Rumps are republicans and take a proper interest in the civic and general affairs of the community in which they live. Mr. Rump is a member of the fraternal society of the Sons of Herman and has long been interested in the activities of that organization.

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