Solano County

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One of the best known among the foreign-born citizens of Vacaville is Robert Scalabrino, the efficient host of the Hotel Vacaville, or Vacaville Inn, as it is more popularly known by the public. Mr. Scalabrino has had practically a lifelong experience in catering to the tastes and whims of the public and, judging by his popularity, he has succeeded in striking the popular chord.

Mr. Scalabrino was born in the province of Novara, Italy, on the 7th day of January, 1887, and secured his education in the schools of his home neighborhood. He began at the early age of ten years to learn the hotel business, working in hotels and restaurants in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France. When fifteen years of age he came to the United States and during the following eighteen years he worked in the best hotels in this country, including the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, the Torraine and Parker hotels in Boston, the Shoreham in Washington, the Fort Pitt in Pittsburgh, the Davenport cafe in Spokane, and other good hotels in Portland and Seattle. In 1914 he was in Los Angeles, where he operated a cafe of his own, and then was for a time in San Francisco. He then made a trip to Europe, where he remained about six months, and in 1921 came to Vacaville and leased the Vacaville Inn. This is a first-class hotel and cafe, has fifty good rooms and is eligibly situated on the state highway between San Francisco and Sacramento, thus enjoying a large and constantly increasing tourist patronage the year round.

The regular travelers on this route have come to appreciate the good qualities of the Vacaville Inn to such an extent that they arrange their schedules so as to be able to stop here whenever possible. "Bob," as Mr. Scalabrino is popularly known, thoroughly understands the art of making his patrons feel at home and apparently has the knack of anticipating their wants—at any rate, he satisfies them, and that it is the ultimate aim of every successful hotel manager. Mr. Scalabrino has as partners in the enterprise his two brothers, Victor and Stephen. Victor Scalabrino, who is the efficient chef, has cooked in the best hotels in the country, having lately come from the St. Francis hotel in San Francisco, while Stephen Scalabrino is in charge of the office. The Scalabrinos also own and operate the Coffee Shop, a fine cafe on Main street, Vacaville. Robert Scalabrino, who took out his American citizenship papers while living in San Francisco, is thoroughly in harmony with our national ideas and customs and is as loyal to our institutions as though native born.

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