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Samuel M. Snyder, whose extensive town development operations at Vallejo have caused him to become recognized as one of the leading realtors in this section of California, is a native of Missouri but has been a resident of California for more than forty years, or since the days of his young manhood, and thus is thoroughly familiar with the processes which have brought about that great development in realty transactions that has amazed the whole country. For years he was engaged in development work at San Francisco and upon taking up his residence in Vallejo in 1918 brought to his operations here a facility based upon long and valuable experience in his line. Mr. Snyder was born on a farm in Moniteau county, Missouri, August 12, 1860, and is a son of A. D. and Mary (McNair) Snyder, who during the time of the Civil war had their residence in Washington, the national capital. Judge A. D. Snyder, jurist, merchant, farmer and landowner and in his generation widely known in civic circles in Missouri, entered the service of the Union army during the Civil war and was made a quartermaster in the Army of the Potomac, under General Grant, with headquarters at Washington, and during that time enjoyed the close personal friendship of President Lincoln. Upon the completion of that service he returned to Missouri, resumed his mercantile business, carried on farming operations as well and also for some time served as judge of his home circuit.

When he was thirteen years of age Samuel M. Snyder left the home place in Missouri and went to Colorado. Six months later he went to Pennsylvania. When seventeen years of age he returned to Missouri and was there engaged in farming until some time after he had attained his majority when, in 1883, he came to California and became engaged in railway construction work on the Santa Fe line, presently being given charge of a section of that construction. For five years he continued thus engaged and then in 1889 established his home in San Francisco, where he was engaged in business until his removal to Vallejo in 1918. Upon taking up his residence in Vallejo Mr. Snyder entered the local realty field and made a specialty of town development, buying tracts adjacent to the city and creating subdivisions for purely residential purposes and has been quite successful along that line, his operations in behalf of home seekers here having now run up well toward the quarter of a million dollars mark, dealing also in city lots as well as in acreage tracts. Mr. Snyder is a progressive and public spirited citizen and since becoming a resident of Vallejo has done well his part in the promotion of local activities. He was one of the chief promoters of the organization of the local Kiwanis Club and is affectionately known among his associates as the "Pop" of that influential and useful organization, whose motto is "We Build." Mr. Snyder has the reputation of being one of the first persons in California to recognize the value of the automobile as something more than a mere curiosity in the way of a "horseless carriage" for he bought his first car in 1900 and thus early came to utilize this wonderful aid in modern business. He is a member of the Improved Order of Red Men and of the Woodmen of the World and in his political affiliations has ever been identified with the republican party.

In 1887 Samuel M. Snyder was united in marriage to Miss Casandra A. Millsap, who was born at Yolo in Yolo county, daughter of A. J. Millsap, one of the pioneers of that section, and they have five children, two sons, Burr and Clarence, and three daughters, Mabel, wife of Charles Bowen of San Francisco; Ethel, wife of Vernon Ruddick, of Napa, and Amelia, wife of Charles Mclntyre. The two sons also are married and Mr. and Mrs. Snyder have seven grandchildren, in all of whom they take great pride and delight. Burr Snyder is now in charge of cable operations in Alaska. Clarence Snyder, who was engaged in government work at San Pedro during the time of this country's participation in the World war, is now living at San Francisco, where he is engaged in the manufacturing business.

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