Solano County

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Among all the agencies which have been organized for the welfare of young men in every walk of life, none has reached the plane of efficiency which has characterized the work of the Young Men's Christian Association. In civil life its operations have long been heartily endorsed by all who have come in touch with its work, while in the military and naval branches of the government its service has been invaluable. The Navy Young Men's Christian Association at Mare Island navy yard, or, more correctly speaking, at Vallejo, has been greatly appreciated by those who have had the opportunity to take advantage of its splendid service, and those who are familiar with the organization here recognize the fine character of the work that has been and is still being done by the executive secretary, Jesse C. Storey. Mr. Storey is a native of Chester county, Pennsylvania, where, on the paternal farmstead, he was born on the 31st day of December, 1883. He is the son of A. B. and Letitia (Dickey) Storey, both of whom are now deceased, the mother dying in 1910 and the father in 1917. Both were representatives of sterling old Scotch-Irish stock. Mr. Storey's maternal ancestors came to this country in 1726 and his paternal forbears came here about the time of the war of the Revolution.

Jesse C. Storey was reared on the home farm and finished his local educational training in the high school and in a private academy. On starting out in life on his own account he became engaged in railroad work, employed at clerical work in the Dakotas, after which he worked for a time for the Simonds Hardware Company in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1908 he came to California and in San Francisco became identified with the work of the Young Men's Christian Association, connected there with the Army and Navy "Y". He remained there until in 1919, when he came to Vallejo and has since had charge of the work in the navy branch of the association here. While at San Francisco Mr. Storey was especially interested in the physical development of young men and was engaged much of his time giving instructions in swimming, his work being largely confined to the men of the navy. Since coming to Vallejo he has supervised a number of important improvements in the association building here and it is now admirably adapted to the needs of the service. Mr. Storey possesses to a marked degree the essential qualities of a good secretary-executive ability, tact, a fine personality and an honest desire to be of real help to the men with whom he associates. His efforts have been appreciated and he is extremely popular among those who make use of the association privileges. Genial and friendly, though unostentatious in demeanor, he has gained a host of warm friends throughout the community, who esteem him for his genuine worth as a man.

In 1915 Mr. Storey married Miss Georgina A. Wilson, who was born and reared in Oakland, California, and they are the parents of two daughters, Elizabeth and Jean. He is a republican and is a member of the Free and Accepted Masons, in which order he has attained the thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite. He also is a member of the Vallejo Kiwanis Club.

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