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Louis Tagnon, a well known and well established contractor in general cement construction at Vallejo, was born in the kingdom of Belgium on May 15, 1880, and is a son of Ernest and Appaline Tagnon, the latter of whom is still living. The late Ernest Tagnon was a general contractor doing business in a large way in Belgium, where he also maintained a marble works, his operations being of a magnitude to require the services of four hundred or five hundred men.

Reared in his native place, Louis Tagnon was well schooled and from the days of his boyhood, under his father's capable direction, was trained in the essentials of heavy construction work. When eighteen years of age he was sent to London to receive further instructions under the preceptorship of a leading architect and was there two years, at the end of which time he returned home and became engaged in his father's operations, continuing thus engaged until in 1906 when, he then being twenty-six years of age, he recognized the opportunities awaiting structural workers in San Francisco following the destruction of that city in that year, and came to California, where he ever since has had his home.

Mr. Tagnon's competency in his line was quickly recognized upon his arrival in San Francisco and he immediately found responsible employment in the great task of reconstructing the city, evidences of his labor being found in many of the most important buildings rebuilt in San Francisco following the disaster of 1906, among these being the Phelan building, the Marshall building, the St. Francis hotel, the Cliff House and many others of that type. In 1916 Mr. Tagnon was made the superintendent of construction of the cement mill building for the Sperry Company at Vallejo and he found things so much to his liking on this side of the bay that he since has made his home at Vallejo. After completing the mill he became employed on a bit of structural work at the navy yard and then in 1918 became engaged at Vallejo as a general cement contractor on his own account and has since been thus engaged, doing very well, the greater part of the heavy construction work done in Vallejo since then having been done under his direction, this including cement highways, streets and alleys as well as buildings.

While still a resident of Belgium, Louis Tagnon was united in marriage to Miss Blanche Mossiat, who also was born in Belgium, and they have one child, a daughter, Miss Blanche Tagnon. The Tagnons are members of the Roman Catholic church and Mr. Tagnon is an active member of the Vallejo council of the Knights of Columbus. He also is affiliated with the local tribe of the Improved Order of Red Men. He is an active member of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce and since taking up his residence at Vallejo has taken an earnest and helpful interest in the extension of the city's general interests, an energetic and public-spirited citizen, helpful in many ways in promoting the common welfare.

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