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There are few men in Solano county who have a wider acquaintance here or a better and more intelligent understanding of local conditions than has William J. Tormey, vice president and general manager of the Central Commercial and Savings Bank of Vallejo. Former county auditor, first mayor of the city under its present charter, a former clerk of the city and for the past ten years engaged in the banking business at Vallejo, Mr. Tormey has come intimately in touch with all phases of the development of this region during that period which rightly may be referred to as the "modern" period of development here and in both his social and civic relations to that development has been one of the foremost personal factors in the same, so that he naturally has come to be recognized as one of the outstanding figures in the general life of the community in which his interests ever have centered. A native son of California, of pioneer stock, Mr. Tormey is thoroughly well grounded in the history and traditions of this wonderful bay country in which his useful life has been spent and there is none who takes a more ardent interest in the promotion of the varied interests of this region and of the community to which he is bound by the ties of tenderest sentiment. It therefore very properly may be declared that no history of this county could be considered complete lacking some special reference to his life and to his services in the general community behalf.

William J. Tormey was born at Vallejo on June 15, 1875, and is a son of William and Fannie E. (Bromley) Tormey, the latter of whom also was born in this county, at Benicia, a daughter of that stout pioneer, Thomas B. Bromley, who had settled at Benicia as early as 1852. William Tormey, a native of Ireland, although not so early a settler, also may be regarded as one of the pioneers, for he was here as early as 1869 and made himself one of the prominent figures in the civic life of the community in which he established his home after his marriage here, an active factor in the political life of Vallejo and of the county at large.

Reared at Vallejo, William J. Tormey received his initial schooling in the public schools of that city, supplemented this by a course in the Sacramento Institute and in 1894, when nineteen years of age, was graduated from Heald's Business College at San Francisco. Upon his return to Vallejo he became employed in local clerical service and was thus engaged until in 1902 when he was elected auditor and assessor of the city, a public service which he rendered for a year or until his resignation to accept the appointment to the position of clerk of the city. For five years Mr. Tormey served as city clerk and then, in 1906, he was elected county auditor and in that important capacity rendered further public service for eighteen months, at the end of which time he resigned that office in order again to take up the duties of the office of city clerk at Vallejo, and was serving in that capacity when three years later, in 1911, the city entered upon its present form of government and he was elected mayor. Upon the expiration of his four years term of service in the office of the city's chief executive Mr. Tormey exerted his energies in the promotion of the organization - of the Central Commercial and Savings Bank of Vallejo and was elected vice president and general man-ager of the same, in which position he since has been rendering effective service. This bank opened its doors for business on May 15, 1916, and its phenomenal development and expansion is revealed in the fact that it now (1926) has branch banks in Benicia, Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Pengrove, the home office being at Vallejo, where the institution is housed in one of the finest bank buildings in the state of California. The Central Commercial and Savings Bank has a paid up capital of three hundred seventy-one thousand, six hundred dollars resources of better than five million dollars and deposits aggregating near four million, seven hundred thousand dollars.

In his political views Mr. Tormey has ever adhered to the principles of the democratic party and has for years been regarded as one of the real leaders of that party in this county and throughout this district. He is a member of the board of directors of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce, is also a member of the locally influential Rotary Club, an active member of the local parlor of the Native Sons of the Golden West and the local council, Knights of Columbus, as well as of the U. P. E. C, and is affiliated with the local lodges of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks and the Improved Order of Red Men. Mr. Tormey married Miss Agnes M. Higgins of San Francisco, also a member of one of California's pioneer families.

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