Solano County

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Paul Verdier, one of Vallejo's well known and well established business men, proprietor of a dry cleaning and dyeing plant at 315 Maine street known as the City of Paris, is a Frenchman by birth but has been a resident of California since the days of his young manhood. Mr. Verdier was born in France on April 18, 1874, a son of Frank Verdier, and was reared and schooled there, becoming familiar with the details of the baker's trade.

Mr. Verdier remained in his native land until he was in his twentieth year, when he came to California, arriving in San Jose on November 7, 1893. Until in the following spring he was employed as the baker on a big ranch in the vicinity of San Jose and then in June, 1894, he went to San Francisco, where he became employed as a cook in a laundry. Three months later he became engaged in the manufacture of ice cream and remained in San Francisco until in 1895, when he went to Oakland and there became employed in a laundry. Two years later he went into the mining region in Calaveras county and there spent a year, at the end of which time he took employment in a laundry in Sutter Creek. In .1899 he returned to Oakland and in the next year (1900) came to Vallejo, which place he ever since has regarded as his home.

Upon his arrival in Vallejo Mr. Verdier became employed in the steam laundry and there acquired further knowledge of the details of the modern laundry business. In 1903 he became engaged in the laundry business on his own account in South Alameda, but two years later sold his plant there and returned to Vallejo. In 1921 Mr. Verdier established his present City of Paris dry cleaning and dyeing plant. His plant is equipped in up-to-date fashion and he is amply prepared to take care of all demands made in his line in this trade area. He is.a member of the National Cleaners and Dyers Association and is widely known in the trade. He also is a member of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce and has long taken an active and helpful interest in the general affairs of the city. For fifteen years he has been a member of the local tribe of the Improved Order of Red Men. Mr. Verdier has been twice married and has three children, Rene, Edward and Lucille.

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