Solano County

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Though a native of Oregon, F. H. Wassmann, a well established con-tracting plumber at Benicia and one of the best known business men in that city, has been a resident of California since the days of his boyhood and has never had occasion to regret the train of circumstances which brought about his transplantation from his native state to this favored region. He was born in the city of Portland, Oregon, January 31, 1883, and was nine years of age when in 1892 his parents moved with their family from Portland to Benicia. It was thus that in this latter city he finished his schooling and grew to manhood.

Early attracted to the plumber's trade, F. H. Wassmann completed a three years' apprenticeship to that trade in the plumbing shop of W. G. Ross at Benicia and then started out as a journeyman plumber and was for some time thus engaged, acquiring additional facility in that trade, working in various cities in California and Oregon, including San Francisco, Los Angeles arid San Bernardino in the former state and Portland and Astoria in the latter. In 1906, he then being twenty-three years of age, Mr. Wassmann, returned to Benicia and established himself in business there as a contracting plumber, a line in which he ever since has been engaged, this useful community service now covering a period of almost twenty years, and during which time much of the higher grade plumbing that has been done in and about Benicia has been installed by him. Mr. Wassmann is a member of the local lodge of the Knights of Pythias at Benicia and has long taken an interested part in the activities of that lodge.

F. H. Wassmann married Miss Jennie E. Mellon and they have a pleasant home in Benicia. Mrs. Wassmann was born in Vallejo and is a member of one of the real pioneer families here, her maternal grandparents, John H. and Mary (Fitzsimmons) Ryan, having been among the first settlers of the now flourishing and attractive city of Benicia, and concerning which pioneer couple further and fitting mention is made elsewhere in this work. Mrs. Wassmann is a daughter of Charles and Ellen (Ryan) Mellon, both now deceased and the latter of whom, daughter of the pioneer couple above referred to, was the third white child born in Benicia. The late Charles Mellon, in his generation one of the best known citizens of Benicia, was born on Prince Edward Island, a province of the Dominion of Canada, and in the days of his young manhood came to California and became engaged in mercantile activities at Benicia, opening a general store there. He later became associated with Pettis and Snow in the general merchandise business at Vallejo and was thus engaged until he entered state service, captain of the guard at San Quentin prison, where he met a tragic death, slain while helping to quell an up rising of a group of desperate prisoners.

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