Solano County

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W. Jerome De Weese, of the firm of De Weese & Logie, proprietors of the D. & L. garage and automobile sales rooms at Vallejo, manager of that well established concern and one of the best known and most progressive factors in the local automobile trade, is a native son of California and all his life has been spent in this state. Mr. De Weese was born at Napa in the neighboring county of Napa on March 31, 1895, and was there reared, finishing his local schooling in the Napa high school and in the business college at that place.

Upon leaving business college Mr. De Weese became employed as a bookkeeper in the general store of the Winship Beard Company at Napa but presently became interested in the mechanics of the automobile and determined to turn his attention in that direction. After a bit of practical experience as an automobile mechanic at Napa he went to San Francisco and in the Heald school took a course in applied mechanics and was for some time thereafter employed as an automobile mechanic in that city. He then had further experience along this line at Oakland and at Napa and then came to Vallejo and was for six years employed as a mechanic in the Mare Island navy yards. In 1922 he returned to San Francisco for a further course in Heald's Business College and then became employed as a bookkeeper in the Model garage at Vallejo and presently was made manager of that establishment.

It was in May, 1924, that Mr. De Weese, in association with L. C. Starr and D. R. Logie, bought the Model garage and the business was then carried on under the firm name of De Weese, Starr & Logie until January 1, 1926, with Mr. De Weese as the general manager of the plant and sales rooms. On the last named date a new organization was effected under the name of De Weese & Logie. This concern has a well equipped and admirably appointed establishment at 405 York, near Marin. The firm acts as distributors for the Oakland and Pontiac automobiles in Solano county and is meeting with a gratifying measure of success along that line. Mr. De Weese is an enthusiastic Odd Fellow, connected with the subordinate lodge at San Pablo, with Mt. Moriah encampment and with the canton at Vallejo, and has been "through the chairs" in this popular fraternal order.

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