Solano County

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Thomas E. Williams, proprietor and manager of a well appointed general hospital at Vajlejo and widely known throughout Solano county, is a New Englander by birth, a native of the old Bay state, but has been a resident of California since the days of his childhood and thus counts himself quite as much a Californian as any. Mr. Williams was born in the city of Boston and was but a child when he came to California with his parents, the family settling in San Francisco. He had his schooling in the schools of this state and early became attracted to the hotel business, a line which he followed for some years.

It was in 1887 that Mr. Williams became a resident of Vallejo, so that he very properly now is included among the ranks of the "old timers" of that flourishing city. He became engaged in the hotel business here and was thus occupied until in 1914, when he took over the management of the old Vallejo General Hospital and proceeded to put that institution on a modern basis of operation. The success of his management soon became apparent in the overcrowded condition of this institution and he presently found it necessary to lay plans for a larger and thoroughly up to date hospital to accommodate the growing demand in the community for such an institution. It was then that he erected his present attractive and well appointed hospital, a fire proof, modern institution, embracing in its appointments all the latest features of scientific hospitalization, and in July, 1922, occupied the same and has since then devoted his energies to the successful management of the institution. The Williams hospital contains fifty beds, pleasant private wards, and is admirably situated amid delightful surroundings, a degree of comfort there being assured that is most gratifying to those who find themselves under the ministration of the capable staff of physicians and registered nurses attached to the institution, which is the only one of its kind in the county and which admirably supplements the operations of the county hospital at Fairfield. Mr. Williams is a competent and capable manager and he has developed in his hospital a high standard of institutional efficiency.

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