Solano County

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William H. Witherow, manager of the Evans & Pyle hardware store at Fairfield and a member of the board of trustees of this county town, one of the active and influential figures in the general commercial and civic life of the place, is a native son of California, a member of one of the pioneer families here, and all his life has been spent in this state, a resident of Solano county since 1912. Mr. Witherow was born in Shasta county on April 20, 1886, and is a son of Samuel N. and Susan V. (Darrah) Witherow, the latter of whom is still living, now a resident of Richmond, California. She also was born in Shasta county and is a daughter of S. H. Darrah, who had come to California in the early '50s, crossing the plains in a covered wagon, and had established his home in Shasta county.

The late Samuel N. Witherow, who died at his home in Shasta in 1924, was born in the fine old Quaker town of Danville in central Indiana and was there reared. As a young man, in the early '70s, he came to California and located at Shasta, where he became engaged in teaching school and where after his marriage he established his home. He took an active part in the general affairs of that city and county, was an influential figure in the political life of the community and in 1894 was elected clerk of Shasta county. By successive reelections he was re-tained in that office and was thus serving at the time of his recent death, this public service having covered a period of thirty years.

Reared in Shasta county, William H. Witherow had his schooling there and early became interested in mercantile operations. Affer some practical experience in mercantile business at Kennett and at Coram in his home county he closed out his interests there and in 1912, he then being twenty-six years of age, came to Solano county and became employed as a clerk in the store of B. & L. Wing at Suisun. Not long afterward he transferred his connection to the store of H. Rummelsberg & Son at that place and was engaged as manager of the grocery department of that store for nine years or until he moved to Fairfield and here became engaged in business on his own account, opening at that place a hardware store on Texas street. In 1923 he sold that store to Evans & Pyle and has since been connected with the same as manager. In 1922 Mr. Witherow was elected a member of the town board and has since been serving in that important public capacity, head of the street department of the board's operations.

In 1909, at Redding, William H. Witherow was united in marriage to Miss Gertrude Green, who was born in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, daughter of A. G. Green, and who has been a resident of California since 1908. Mr. and Mrs. Witherow have a pleasant home at Fairfield and are helpful participants in the city's general social affairs. Mr. Witherow is a member of the Masonic order, raised a Master Mason in Reading Lodge No. 254 at Redding in his old home county. Upon coming to Solano county he took a demit from his home lodge and has since been a member of the Masonic lodge at Suisun (No. 55), of which he now is the worshipful master. He was one of the active promoters of the Lions Club at Fairfield, organized in 1924, and was elected first president of the same. Mr. Witherow is recognized as one of the real "live wires" in the promotion of the general interests of his home town and is a consistent "booster" of all proper movements having to do with the advancement of the common welfare in that favored community.

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