Did you know?

The City of Corning was also called Scatterville, Farmington and Riceville.

The community of Paskenta is actually older than the county, with the first American flag being raised at the Sam Dexter Ranch on 4 July 1855 with about 50 people in attendance!


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More about Tehama County ...

Ever wondered what the City of Corning used to be called?? The Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society has a wonderful page of little known information about Tehama County. If you ever are stumped as to what a city or distruct was called, check out their web page.

Neighbors and friends

There are plenty of neighbors for residents of Tehama County to visit. They include:


  • Shasta County (to the north)
  • Glenn and Butte Counties (to the south)
  • Trinity and Mendocino Counties (to the east)
  • Plumas County (to the west)

TehamaCounty Mendocino County Trinity County Shasta County Glenn County Butte County Plumas County
Click the county name to go to that county for Shasta, Clenn, Butte, Trinity, Mendocino and Plumas.

Cities and Towns

  • Capay
  • Corning
  • portions of Cottonwood
  • Flournoy
  • Gerber-Las Flores
  • Kirkwood
  • Lake California
  • Los Molinos
  • Manton
  • Mill Creek
  • Mineral
  • Paskenta
  • Rancho Tehama Reserve
  • Red Bluff
  • Tehama
  • Vina



Red Bluff Municipal Airport and Corning Municipal Airport are two general aviation airports.

Mass Transportation

Tehama Rural Area Express (TRAX) operates local service in Red Bluff and service to Los Molinos and Corning. Greyhound buses stop in Red Bluff.

Major Highways

  • Interstate 5 markerInterstate 5
  • Interstate 5 markerState Route 32
  • Interstate 5 markerState Route 36
  • Interstate 5 markerState Route 89
  • Interstate 5 markerState Route 99