Military Information
with Trinity County CA Connections - WWI Draft Registration

Below you will find a listing of WWI Draft Registrations for Trinity County. As I add more names, the list will grow!! Please note: this may well be incomplete listing. You can research for yourself at your local Family History Center. I have tried to transcribe names and places to the best of my abilities. I have NOT included names for men who's permanent address is NOT located in Trinity County.

According to the library catalog the listing of WWI Draft Registrations for Trinity County:
Trinity County, A - Z FHL US/CAN Film 1544429
View samples of the registration cards: (pdf format)


Name Birth Date Residence
Trinity County CA
Occupation Birthplace
(if listed)
Adams, Harry Alvin 29 Dec 1898 Weaverville Packer   White
Adams, Lee R 12 Oct 1883 Island Mountain Rancher   White
Albiez, Arthur 05 Oct 1890 Hayfork Laborer Hayfork CA White
Albiez, George Ed 15 Sep 1892 Hayfork Laborer Hayfork CA White
Albiez, Herman 20 Jan 1887 Hayfork Farmer Baden, Germany White
Albiez, Karl 05 Dec 1895 Hayfork Laborer Hayfork CA White
Albiez, Otto 26 May 1884 Hayfork Farmer   White
Albiston, Allen Chapman 14 Sep 1885 Helena Farmer   White
Ambrose, Wesley Lloyd 23 Feb 1880 Zenia Storekeeper   White
Anderlini, Josie David 09 May 1893 Lewiston Farmer Lewiston CA White
Arbuckle, Archie Andrew 30 Jul 1897 Weaverville   Callahan Siskiyou CA White
Arbuckle, Howard Lowell 26 Mar 1899 Weaverville Miner   White
Arguello, Harold Eugene 01 Jan 1894 Helena Shoer (Dredge) Weaverville CA White
Armentrout, Everett 21 Sep 1875 Weaverville Farmer   White
Armentrout, John Wesley 05 May 1881 Weaverville Farmer   White
Armentrout, Loag 11 Mar 1877 Weaverville Farmer   White
Armentrout, William West 16 Jan 1885 Weaverville Farmer   White
Arthur, Richard Benjamin 07 Nov 1874 Zenia Laborer   White
Name Birth Date Residence
Trinity County CA
Occupation Birthplace
(if listed)
Bagley, Raymond Blaine 18 Apr 1893 Coffee Miner Grass Valley Nevada CA White
Bailey, Wilber Earl 07 Mar 1878 Hoaglin Carpenter   White
Barker, Amos George 07 Jun 1900 Hay Fork     Indian
Barker, Fowler David 10 Jul 1895 Big Bar Laborer Junction City CA White
Barnickel, Bernhard 04 Sep 1876 Weaverville Druggist   White
Basham, Elbert Howard 26 Oct 1872 Trinity Center Clerk   White
Bassham, Ellis Ainslee 15 May 1885 Trinity Center Farmer   White
Bassham, James Calvin 30 Nov 1895 Trinity Center Farmer French Gulch Shasta CA White
Bassham, Roy Francis 28 Aug 1888 Trinity Center Dredge Miner French Gulch Shasta CA White
Bassham, Russell Kenton 06 Nov 1899 Trinity Center Farmer   White
Bates, Daniel Walker 28 Aug 1886 Trinity Center Clerk Sanger Fresno CA White
Bean, Harold Leslie 10 Mar 1899 Zenia Engineer   White
Belli, Manlio Ventura 10 Nov 1885 Carrville Clerk   White
Bennett, Caspar Robert 19 Jul 1886 Douglas City Miner Douglas City CA White
Bennett, Louis Wilfred 30 Oct 1875 Coffee Miner   White
Bennett, Perry Theodore 13 Mar 1897 Douglas City Laborer Douglas City CA White
Bergstrom, William 01 Nov 1883 Island Mountain Hoist & Frame Engineer   White
Betts, Charles Edward 02 Oct 1880 Caution Ranching   White
Bigelow Jr, William Ralph 15 Oct 1893 Weaverville Butcher Douglas City CA White
Bigelow, Harvey Lowell 27 Dec 1891 Weaverville Butcher Douglas City CA White
Bigelow, Samuel James 16 Apr 1896 Douglas City Farmer Douglas City CA White
Blair, Alvah Edwin 03 Mar 1896 Douglas City Laborer Laytonville Mendocino CA White
Blake, Frank Tilden 21 Apr 1877 Hay Fork Road Builder, Farmer   White
Blaney, Hugh Daniel 20 Apr 1884 Weaverville Clerk   White
Blaney, John James 13 Mar 1879 Weaverville Postmaster   White
Bogh, Hans Andersen 22 May 1892 Junction City Blacksmith Bjart St Denmark White
Botiller, Joseph 19 Mar 1887 Weaverville Laborer   White
Bournan, Charles Elmer 23 Aug 1897 Weaverville Laborer French Gulch Shasta CA White
Bowen, Earl Glen 28 Nov 1888 Douglas City Miner Clarksville Johnson AR White
Bowerman, Frank Leslie 29 Aug 1873 Minersville Farming   White
Box, Andrew Howell 16 Dec 1892 Trinity Center Miner White River Tulare CA White
Box, Reuben Preston 6 Dec 1887 Trinity Center Forest Ranger White River Tulare CA White
Boyce, Edward Henry 18 Feb 1887 Hyampom Farmer Igo Shasta CA White
Boyer, Raymond Francis 2 Sep 1889 Trinity Center Laborer St Louis MO White
Bradbury, Charles Earnest 1 Jun 1881 Junction City Electrician   White
Bradbury, George Henry 6 Aug 1885 Junction City Electrician   White
Brady, Armand Augustus 12 May 1898 Weaverville Woodworkers Helper   White
Brady, Detlef Morris 13 Sep 1892 Weaverville Farmer Weaverville CA White
Bragdon, Harold Hartley 31 Jul 1893 Five Pines Farmer Trinity Center CA White
Bramlet, George Louis 5 Apr 1900 Ruth Laborer   White
Brand, Albert Lawrence 7 Dec 1879 Zenia Farmer   White
Brannan, Julius Henry 3 Sep 1893 Burn Ranch Rancher Weaverville CA White
Brinkman, Lester William 24 Sep 1893 Bridgeville Rancher Eureka Humboldt CA White
Brown, Boyer Ritter 5 Oct 1875 Waverville Mine Foreman   White
Brown, Bee 22 Mar 1894 Island Mountain Laborer Oregon White
Brown, Charles LeRoy 28 Dec 1891 Hayfork Blacksmith Whitmore Shasta CA White
Browning, Oliver Wendel 15 Feb 1879 Minersville Laborer   White
Buckow, Walter Emil 11 May 1889 Trinity Center Electrician Santa Cruz Santa Cruz CA White
Burgard, Jacob John 25 Nov 1872 Ruth Rancher   White
Burger, George Louie 13 Aug 1896 Junction City Ditch Tender Junction City CA White
Burger, Jr., John Adam 13 Feb 1888 Junction City Laborer Buckeye Plumas CA White
Burgess, Albert 5 Jul 1888 Zenia Farmer Zenia CA White
Burgess, Edward Francis 30 Jan 1893 Zenia Teacher Zenia CA White
Burgess, George Ralph 28 Jul 1887 Zenia Farmer Zenia CA White
Burr, Peter Edward 7 May 1875 Lewiston Dredge Superindendent   White
Bushnell, Benjamin Henry 11 Sep 1880 Ruth Stock Raiser   White
Butigan, Steve 23 Dec 1892 Island Mountain Laborer / Machine Helper Herzegovina Austria White
Butler, John Thomas 24 Apr 1883 Burnt Ranch Laborer   White
Campbell, Lindsay 27 Jan 1879 Hayfork Farm Laborer   White
Campbell, Sell 27 Aug 1893 Hayfork unemployed San Diego San Diego CA White
Campbell, Thomas Henry 7 Feb 1874 Weaverville Mail Contractor   White
Care, Charles Albert 22 Dec 1897 Hyampom Laborer Douglas City CA White
Carpenter, Robert Lee 29 Jun 1891 Carrville Construction worker Red Bluff Tehama Ca White
Carr, Charles Albert 20 Nov 1874 Junction City Miner   White
Carr, Clarence Erastus 14 Dec 1892 Carrville Farmer Trinity Center CA White
Carr, Fred Elmer 14 Dec 1886 Weaverville Cobbler Junction City CA White
Carr, George Washington 14 Aug 1900 Hyampom Miner   White
Carson, Jesse W 26 Aug 1882 Ruth Farmer   White
Carter, Robert Marshall 25 Jun 1894 Weaverville Lineman Weaverville CA White
Castleman, Robert Ingersoll 18 Feb 1882 Zenia Farmer   White
Cathey, Robert Lafayette 6 Feb 1878 Trinity Center Farmer   White
Caton, Antone 09 Sep 1876 Weaverville Butcher   White
Caton, John 18 Jun 1878 Lewiston Patrolman   White
Chaney, William Oliver 29 Mar 1897 Hyampom unknown Woodville Curry OR White
Chapman, Earnest Gardner 05 Nov 1882 Weaverville Automobile driver   White
Chapman, Frederick Edward 29 Mar 1892 Trinity Center Dredge Miner Callahan Siskiyou CA White
Chapman, George Phelps 16 Aug 1885 Junction City Miner   White
Chiders, Fred Newton 20 Mar 1884 Hyampom Mail Carrier   White
Clark, Abel Peckham 25 Feb 1873 Coffee Farmer   Indian
Clark, George Welton 22 Jun 1896 Zenia Farm laborer Blocksburg Humboldt CA White
Clark, Gilbert 28 May 1883 Trinity Center Carpenter   White
Clark, Thomas Patrick 19 Mar 1885 Trinity Center Farmer   White
Cleaves, Charles De Forest 10 Jul 1889 Weaverville Stock Raiser Weaverville CA White
Clover, Abe 18 Mar 1875 Hoaglin Rancher   White
Collins, Maurice William 14 Nov 1874 Douglas City Miner   White
Connelly, Roy Christopher 10 Jul 1880 Carrville Miner   White
Conway, William Edmund 1 Sep 1886 Trinity Center Bartender Junction City CA White
Cooper, Archie Allen 12 Mar 1876 Douglas City Miner   White
Costa, Joseph 20 Oct 1887 Weaverville Farmer   White
Coster, Willie Andrew 12 Nov 1886 Lewiston Farming & stock raising Centerville Shasta CA White
Coumbs, Thomas Wallace 26 Oct 1899 Weaverville HS Student   White
Coumbs, Walter Scott 5 Nov 1884 Junction City Miner   White
Cox. Walter Miles 3 Nov 1894 Zenia Farm hand Holton Jackson KS White
Craft, George Jewell 8 May 1892 Trinity Center Dredge Miner Gazelle Siskiyou CA White
Cragan, Abijah H 7 Jan 1883 Island Mountain Rancher   White
Craig, James 24 Dec 1876 Trinity Center Logger England White
Crews, Archie Berlen 29 Dec 1898 Hayfork Farm Laborer   White
Crews, Charles Henry 18 Nov 1889 Hayford Stockraiser Red Bluff Tehama CA White
Crews, Elmer Clair 22 Apr 1892 Hayfork Farmer Gridley Butte CA White
Crews, Vernon Robert 11 Sep 1900 Hayfork Farm Laborer   White
Crews, Wilbert Laurel 14 Mar 1890 Hayfork Farmer Red Bluff Tehama CA White
Cross, Earl 27 Feb 1892 Ruth Stockraiser Rohnerville Humboldt CA White
Crum, Aubrey Miller 19 Feb 1895 Lewiston Farmer Shasta Shasta CA White
Crum, Charles Thomas 6 Sep 1885 Lewiston Farmer   White
Cruthis, Ira Thomas 7 Apr 1876 Douglas City Farmer   White
Cuff, Charles Evans 16 Aug 1899 Peanut Farmer   White
Cuff, Ellery Esau 21 Apr 1896 Peanut Laborer Alturas Modoc CA White
Cuff, Richard William 23 Apr 1892 Peanut Laborer Alturas Modoc CA White
Cummings, Howard Stuart 22 Jun 1894 WEaverville Rancher Bone Gap Edwards IL White