Trinity County - in the 'news'...

14 May 1851 - The Sacramento Transcript: The Longest Way Round the Shortest Way Home. — To show the conveniences of travel established on some routes through our State, in comparison with those of others, we would jot down the following which has come within our notice. A friend of ours wishing to go from Trinity county across into the next county, Shasta, the two most northern counties of our State, found that the trip could be more conveniently, expeditiously, and comfortably made, by taking one of the ocean steamers at Humboldt Bay, running down two or three hundred miles to San Francisco, then round up the Sacramento river to this city, thence to Colusa by steam, and thence a hundred or so miles with mules, up into Shasta. This is a case of going from New York to Buffalo, by way of New Orleans

04 Oct 1851 - The Daily Alta: Important Arrest -- A man named Asabel Brown charged with murdering one Forsyth, in Trinity county between the forks of Trinity river, in the month of May last, was arrested by Lieut. Deal of the police, last evening. Mr. Shelton, a resident of that county, informs us that he was present when the occurrence too place and that he saw Brown stab Forsyth inflicting the wound that cause his death. Brown immediately afterwards escaped, and had not since been heard of until last evening.

Mr. Bowers, also from Trinity county, is in town, and being aware that Brown was in the city, has been on the alert, and on espying the culprit, immediately informed the officer, who arrested him in front of the theater. He was taken to the Station House, where he is now confined in close custody. He is said to be a desperate character and notorious scoundrel. Papers and letters have been found upon his person which will throw some light upon his previous history, when his case comes on for trial. He is a Virginian by birth. Forsyth is formerly a resident of Iowa.

08 Oct 1851 - Sacramento Daily Union: The Trinity Tragedy. -- Asabel Brown charged with the murder of Forsyth, in Trinity county, is still confined in the Station House of this city. The Sheriff of Trinity is here, and will shortly remove the prisoner to the place where the murder was committed.

09 Oct 1851 - Sacramento Daily Union: The Trinity Tragedy. -- Mr. John Tracy has given us some facts in relation to the stabbing of Forsyth by Asabel Brown, now under arrest in this city, which greatly lessens if it does not altogether justify the course pursued by the latter. Mr. T. overheard the difficulty which originated from a dispute at cards. Forsyth first struck Brown, when the latter clinched him and inflicted the wound which caused the death of the former. Brown is represented to us by Mr. T, as being by no means a quarrelsome man, and in the altercation which took place between the parties, he conversed in an ordinary tone of voice and was apparently not disposed to become unnecessarily excited. The occurrence too place at Weaverville, Trinity county, thirty-four miles from Shasta City,

19 May 1857 - Daily Alta California: Desperate Fight With A Grizzly - James Wilburn, a packer, well known about Bald Hills, had a most desperate encounter with a grizzly, on Hay Fork of trinity river, one day last week. He was out hunting, about a mile and a half from his residence, when he came suddenly upon an immense grissly. He at once put a large sized piece of cold lead into his bearship, which caused him to seek shelter in a dense thicket. Of course Jim followed, and, catching a glimpse of bruin's ugly countenance, again raised his rifle and pulled trigger, but the cap failed to do its work. At this moment the grizzly discovered his persecutor and started for him with terrible growls and murdrous intent. Quick as lightning Jim brought a revolver to bear upon him, and put five balls in his carcass, and was in the act of administering the sixth, when the bear with his paw knocked the pistol out of his hands. However, the desperate hunter was not yet disarmed. He still had a large knife, which he drew, and then came the tug of war. They went at it knife and paw -- struck over and under, and occasionally indulged in a "side-winder," that favorite stroke of bruin. At last the knife, which had been playing all about the vitals, proved the victor, and with a savage growl, this monarch of a California woods yielded up his life to the Maker of bears, and his carcass, which weighed about one thousand pounds, to the victorious hunter. He did not die, however, without taking a horrible revenge, and Jim Wilburn's trigger finger will never endanger the life of another bear. He won the battle at a terrible cost. The bear bit off his arm above the elbow, and injured him severely otherwise. We are informed that he is lying in a very dangerous condition. -- Shasta Courier, 16th.

24 July 1858 - The Sacramento Union: Miners' County Convention in Trinity. — Weaverville, July 23rd. The Miner's County Convention is held to-day. The following delegates were chosen on Thursday night to represent Weaverville Precincts in the Convention: Sydney Hill - Wm. A. Lloyd, Martin Keefe; Weaverville - M.T. Crawford, Isaac Cox; East Weaver - Joseph Hutchinson West Weaver - H.A. Marshall; Democrat Gulch - N. Hoffman. The Democratic County Convention meets on Monday, July 26th. It has been recommended that the primary meetings in various precincts be held to-morrow. The Central Committees of Siskiyou, Shasta and Trinity meet at Trinity Center on Thursday, July 29th.

Miss Mary Vanderhoff of Hayfork, Trinity county, was discharged from the St. Caroline sanitarium yesterday morning, though she is not completely recovered from the gunshot wound inflicted upon her in hayfork on the morning of Feb. 23 by her lover, John Kelly, who then killed himself. Miss Vanderhoff was shot through the shoulder and was brought to this city a week after the shooting. She is at last out of danger, though she will still have to report daily to the physician to have her would dressed.
23 June 1911 - The Red Bluff News: Tom Hayden is Found Guilty Nogard Murder. — Weaverville, June 15. -- Thomas Hayden was found guilty this afternoon of murder in the second degree after a deliberation of ten hours. On the first ballot the jury stood seven to five for guilty of murder. He will be sentenced next Friday. The attorneys for Hayden gave notice of an appeal. During an altercation over a stock range Hayden shot and killed Harris Norgaard and wounded his brother, Cevera Norgaard, a boy thirteen years of age. The trouble occurred in the southwestern part of the county, near the Mendocino line. The killing of Norgaard and the trial of Hayden has caused much interest in Trinity county. The courtroom in this city has been crowded with spectators during the trial. At the closing arguments yesterday, the courtroom was crowded and there were a hundred women present.