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15-01 Daniels Looking for information about death, possible burial site for g-grandfather Austin Daniels - b c1812 Virginia, who is listed in 1892 Humboldt County Voter Records, but lived in Trinity in 1870 with Fitch family. No record of death in Humboldt. Thanks for any help Maureen 08/02/15
15-01 Reese I am just inquiring after any information about my family. My grandfather, Thomas E. Reese, lived on Deer Lick Springs, in Trinity County. I believe he lived to be 102 yrs old. I was too young to understand the importance of this and the wealth of knowledge and/or experience he had in life going literally from horse & buggy, to automobile, to man on the moon; quite amazing. I would love to know more about him and his family, some whom I know still reside there. Erin 03/23/15
14-02 Moreira, Siligo Looking for any information about the Siligo or Moreira families. Peter G.Siligo (b: 1896 Italy) married Anna Moreira (b: 1902 Portugal) lived in Lewiston, Trinity County. Amarie 08/09/14
14-01 Peters I have received a request from Germany to research the family of Roluf and Emilie Peters who migrated to Trinity County in the 1870's. Anyone having any information on the German Peters family will be shared with the requester - Mr. Jensen from Hamburg. Btw, I have found the son, Robert Emil, in the Great Register for Sutter County. There was also a daughter, Mathilde Annette, b. 1873.Lynne 07/17/14