Located above Springville, on the old Joseph Duncan ranch. It is a private burial plot and has about 20 burials. The first burial was about 1905. The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list.

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DOREY	Maude I b 27 Aug 1885 d7 Mar 1970 on same headstone	A-5
		missing in action S/Sgt Robt M Dorey b 27 Sep 1917  headstone d 20 Dec 1942

DOREY	Ted E b 5 Feb 1912 d 29 Feb 1984		headstone

DUNCAN	Joseph b 31 Aug 1827 d 1908		A-2

DUNCAN	Joseph Kelsey b 1862 d 1952		D-1

DUNCAN	Lon J b 11 Jan 1854 d 17 Jan 1929		A-4

DUNCAN	Sarah J Pugh b 26 Oct 1829 Tenn d 1906	A-1

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EIDSON	Alice Violet b 1899 d 13 Nov 1965 Springville	D-??
		bur 24 Feb 1966 kin Evelyn Snider		headstone

EIDSON	Ellis William b 19 Jan 1902 d 29 Jan 1959 Vet WW I	B-6

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HARDING	Deesee E b 1878 d 1946 mother Laura Duncan Henderson  C-5

HARDING	Elmo (daughter) d 1909 father John A Harding	B-1

HARDING	John A b 1860 d 1935		C-4

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LINDLEY	Edward Virgil b 6 Jan 1903 d 1 Nov 1977	D-6
		bur 4 Nov 1977  kin Elizabeth Lindley   Vet WW II	headstone

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McDONALD	Earl I b 1880 d 1913		B-2

McDONALD	Fredonia Ann Duncan b 1858 d 17 Jan 1940	B-3
		husband James McDonald		headstone

McDONALD	James E b 1845 d 1929		B-4

McDONALD	Joseph Emmett b 11 Jan 1899 d 6 Dec 1973 bur 12 Jan	C-6
		1974  Vet WW I   kin Mrs May McDonald	headstone

McDONALD	Lawrence Edgar b 21 Jan 1895 d 3 Mar 1973 Westminster B-9
		CA bur 5 May 1973 Vet W W 1 kin Bernice Osborn	headstone

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SHINDO	Muriel Dorey b 30 Jan 1922 d 31 Mar 1975 Palo Alto CA A-6
		bur 4 Apr 1975 kin William Shindo Reedley Ca	headstone
		headstone Pat Dorey Shindo

SNIDER	Wesley William b 4 Jun 1896 d 20 Jan 1975	C-3
		bur 8 Mar 1975 Vet W W I kin Evelyn Snider	headstone

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WILKINSON	Bertha b 1882 d 1970		B-8

WILLIAMS	Eula M b 20 Oct 1884 d 21 May 1968 bur 24 May 1968	B-7
		son Max Smith		headstone

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