Thirty-Six Smaller Cemeteries in Tulare County:

Allensworth; Alpaugh; Antelope; Aukland; Benware; Buckeye; Cordray Mountain; Cramer; Crook-Ilanstine; Deadman's Canyon; Deer Creek; Drum Valley; Elbow Creek; Eshom Valley; Flagg-Webb; Frazier Valley; Galley Mountain; Kaweah Colony; Lemon Cove; Lone Oak; Long Valley; Mineral King; Oak Grove; Pohut; Redbanks; Redwood Canyon; Saucelito; Squaw Valley; Stokes/Tagus; Tailhot Boot Hill; Taurusa; Traver; Tule River Indian Reservation; Whitaker Forest; White River; Wilcox;and Yokohl Valley

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Cemetery             Surname         First Name         Born         Died         Remarks
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Alpaugh              ADAMS           Clinton DeWitt     1852         1918         hus of Mary Adams
Alpaugh              ADAMS           Mary               1851         1916         dau of Thomas Hadley
Cramer               AINSWORTH       Andrew E.          1877         1899         Mrs. M. A. Richardson's first husband
Cramer               AINSWORTH       Andrew T.          1850         1881         Mrs. M. A. Richardson's son
Cramer               AINSWORTH       Florence           1887         1890         cild of Mariona Ainsworth
Cramer               AINSWORTH       Laura                           1882         died of scarlet fever
Cramer               AINSWORTH       Marcia             1879         1880         Mrs. M. A. Richardson's dau.
Cramer               AINSWORTH       William                                      cild of Marion Ainsworth
Alpaugh              AKE             Jessie             1841         1917         hus of Emily Ake
Cramer               ALBY            Mr.                             1880         old soldier, lived on Rancheria Creek
Deer Creek           ANDERSON        Martha Mrs.        1841         1909         dau. of James & Margaret Stevenson McDaniel
Elbow Creek          ARCHER          A. J.              1894         1913
Elbow Creek          ARCHER          Caleb J.           1844         1913         son of Winston & Rebeca Robinson Archer
Elbow Creek          ARCHER          infant                          1913         dau of A. W. & Nettie Winslow Archer
Elbow Creek          ARCHER          J. W.              19 Oct 1839  24 Jun 1916
Elbow Creek          ARCHER          James M.           1842         1916         son of Andrew M & Rebecca Robinson Archer
Elbow Creek          ARCHER          William Frank      1882         1907         son of C. J. & Sarah Robinson Archer
Galley Mountain      ARMSTRONG       Charlie                         1888
Allensworth          ARMSTRONG       Ferdonia                        14-Nov-32    85y 
Eshom Valley         ARNETT          William J.                                   son of Benjamin F. Arnett
Eshom Valley         ARNOLD          J. Hays            1859         1904
Lone Oak             ARNOLD          James              1841         1886         hus of Mary Meadows
White River          ARNOLD          John
Lone Oak             ARNOLD          Richard                         1900         bro of James Arnold
Eshom Valley         ARNOLD          Warren D.
Lone Oak             AUSTIN          A. H.                           1891
Cramer               AXE             Cromwell           1812         1875         hus of Prisilla; par of Eleanor Cramer
Cramer               AXE             Priscilla          1815         1869
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Frazier Valley       BAGLEY          Infant                          1910         son of W. R. & Tillie Banks Bagby
Wilcox               BARLOW          Eustace            1871         1894
Eshom Valley         BARTON          Clarence           1900         1968         son of Clara Moelk
Lone Oak             BARTON          Hazel                                        10 mos. Dau of Montgomery & Hattie DeMasters Barton
Eshom Valley         BARTON          Stephen            1876         1882
Antelope             BASSINGPASS     Grace              1887         1907
White River          BECKWITH        John                            1889
White River          BEEBE           Elmer                                        no cemetery record
Alpaugh              BEESON          Meredith           1912         1913         son of Clarence & Blanche Wells Beeson
Elbow Creek          BENNETT         Ethyl                           1913         dau of G. M. & Rosa Burgess Blaylock
Elbow Creek          BENNETT         Katherine          1865         1939
Elbow Creek          BENNETT         Ralph              1891         1897
Elbow Creek          BENNETT         Rufus              1907         1907
Elbow Creek          BENNETT         Silas              1868         1926
Benware              BENWARE         James A.           1872         1917         son of James B. Benware
Benware              BENWARE         James B.           1835         1906
Benware              BENWARE         Jessie A.          1866         1919         son of James B. Benware
Benware              BENWARE         Lizzie Miss        1875         1895
Benware              BENWARE         Nancy              1836         1915         wife of James B. Benware
White River          BIGELOW         Alex D.                         1878
White River          BIGELOW         George                                       son of A. D. Bigelow
White River          BIGGS           children                        1877         5 children in diptheria epidemic
White River          BIGGS           David              1878
White River          BIGGS           DeWitt C.                                    hus of Mary Biggs
White River          BIGGS           Mary                            1895
Alpaugh              BILLINGS        Rollo                           1914         infant of W. N. Billings
Lone Oak             BIRD            Florence Barton
Eshom Valley         BLACKMAN        Bert                            1895
Lone Oak             BLAIR           infant                          1883         infant of Polly Blair
Lone Oak             BLAIR           Polly Holmes                    1883
Eshom Valley         BLANCHARD       Tressie                         1878
Elbow Creek          BLAYLOCK        Luther                          1914         son of G. M. & Rosa Burgess Blaylock
Elbow Creek          BLAYLOCK        Steven
Antelope             BOAS            Ellen Mrs.         1834         1911         dau of Sam & Eliza Clauson Hopping
Antelope             BOAS            Frank              1875         1890         moved from Lone Oak 1908
Antelope             BOAS            Helen              1906         1908         drowned in Bravo Lake
Antelope             BOAS            Howard             1898         1908         drowned in Bravo Lake
Antelope             BOAS            Ira                1895         1908         drowned in Bravo Lake
Wilcox               BOND            Dexter             1868         1869         son of Levi & Sylvia Bond; moved to Porterville 1891
Wilcox               BOND            Levi               1825         1877         moved to Porterville 1891
Flagg-Webb           BRADEN          twin children                   1878         children of Sam & Melissa Hicks Braden
Cramer               BRADEN          Walter                                       son of Wm. Braden; bro of M. A. Richardson
Eshom Valley         BRECKENRIDGE    John                                         first burial; killed by indians
Antelope             BROTHERTON      Margaretta Coop    1837         1910
Alpaugh              BROUGHTON       Gertrude           1888         1914         dau of J. W. Sawyer
Alpaugh              BROUGHTON       Hubert             1911         1914         son of George & Gertrude Sawyer
Antelope             BROWN           infant                          1907         son of W. V. Brown
Redbanks             BROWN           infant                                       son of James & Mary Brown
Alpaugh              BROYLES         Bruno J.           1847         1919         son of Charles & Sophia La Costa Broyles
Cramer               BURGAN          Mr.                                          husband of Sarah
Cramer               BURGAN          Nat V.             1844         1890
Cramer               BURGAN          Sarah Mrs.         1817         1885
Allensworth          BUSH            Mariah             1860         1918         dau of David & Priscilla Polk Kennedy
Allensworth          BYRD            Fannie      10 May 1871    30-Mar-30
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Elbow Creek          CALCOTE         Allen King         11 Feb 1830  7 Dec 1911   son of Stephen Calcote
Elbow Creek          CALCOTE         baby               1894         1894
Elbow Creek          CALCOTE         children                                     children of A. K. and D
Elbow Creek          CALCOTE         Deliah             28 Jan 1840  21 Apr 1903  wife of A. K. Calcote; dau of Henry Harrell
Elbow Creek          CALCOTE         Etta Merle         1895         1897
Elbow Creek          CALCOTE         Fred Jr.                        1918         son of Fred & Josephine Calcote
Elbow Creek          CALCOTE         James              28 Feb 1861  1 Oct 1887   grandson of Margaret Chrisman
Aukland              CALHOUN         Silly              1879         1914
Alpaugh              CALLISTER       Elizabeth          1844         1914         dau of William & Jane Christian Corlett
Antelope             CAMPBELL        Eliza Mrs.         1844         1912
Alpaugh              CASE            Clifford           1916         1916         infant of Royle & Edna Stenner Case
Lone Oak             CHATTEN         Ralph                                        bro of Fred Chatten
Tailhot Boot Hill    CHESCOTT                                                     indian girl ward of Jack Gordon
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        Anderson Vito      1865         1891         son of H. T. Chrisman
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        Effie Ovilla       3 Aug 1878   22 Jun 1892  dau of Gabriel & Polly Chrisman
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        Elizabeth          25 Nov 1843  7 Sep 1882   wife of H. T. Chrisman; niece of Basil Parker
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        Gabriel            9 Feb 1833   28 Apr 1905
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        Henry Tyler        19 Nov 1830  16 Mar 1893
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        infant                          1863         sone of Elizabeth
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        Polly              19 Nov 1849  21 Oct 1930  wife of Gabriel Chrisman
Elbow Creek          CHRISMAN        Sarah E.           27 Oct 1881  27 Jul 1882  dau of Gabriel & Polly Chrisman
Elbow Creek          CHRISTIAN       Douglas            1894         1917
Elbow Creek          CHRISTIAN       Margaret C.        1857         1925         grandmother
Elbow Creek          CHRISTIAN       Margaret E.        1822         188_
Elbow Creek          CHRISTIAN       Robert             1852         1937         father
Eshom Valley         CLARKSON        Lois Wooley        1901         1979
Allensworth          COACHMAN        Jessie             1871         1946
Eshom Valley         COOPER          Albert S.          1825         1911
Alpaugh              COPPAGE         Ida Mrs.           1822         1919         wife of F. C. Coppage
Cordray Mtn          CORDRAY         Shadrick
Eshom Valley         CORTNER         Amzi          5/15/1829         5/27/1912
Eshom Valley         CORTNER         Leonard            1910         1972
Allensworth          COSEY           Elsie              1866         1942
Cramer               CRAMER          Eleanor            1838         1893
Cramer               CRAMER          Legrand            1858         1862         son of Jacob & Eleanor Cramer
Cramer               CRAMER          Orlando            1860         1903         son of Jacob & Eleanor Cramer
Cramer               CRAMER          Walter             1862         1862         son of Jacob & Eleanor Cramer
Saucelito            CRANSTON        Floyd
Antelope             CRAWFORD        Feby Mrs.          1844         1905
Lone Oak             CREASON         Perry
Crook-Ilanstine      CROOK           Dave                                         most burials in 1880's
Crook-Ilanstine      CROOK           Wiley                                        most burials in 1880's
Traver               CROOKS          Mary Mrs.                       1893
Eshom Valley         CROSE           Alice
Lone Oak             CROWLEY         Elizabeth                                    wife of James Crowley
Lone Oak             CROWLEY         George W.                                    son of James & Elizabeth Crowley
Lone Oak             CROWLEY         Joseph S.                       1863         son of James & Elizabeth Crowley
Lone Oak             CROWLEY         Lee                             1864         son of G. W. & Louisa Crowley
Lone Oak             CROWLEY         Louisa             1869         1932         wife of G. W. Crowley
White River          CUMMINGS        Amanda Mrs.                     1882
White River          CUMMINGS        Burr                                         son of Amanda Cummings
Allensworth          CURENGER        Velma              1903         1923
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Alpaugh              DAHL            Clifford           1912         1912         son of Oliver & Henrietta Cants Dahl
Allensworth          DATSON          Walter J.          1912         1912         son of Walter H. Dodson
Tailhot Boot Hill    DAUGHTERY       Dan                                          killed in brawl
Allensworth          DAVIS           Dolly Mrs.         1843         1920         b. in VA
Drum Valley          DAVIS           Lulu               1908         1913         dau. of Charles & Sarah Scott Davis
Long Valley          DAVIS           Mary Mrs.                       1910         wife of Charles Davis
Drum Valley          DAVIS           Virgil                          1938         son of John Davis
Alpaugh              DAY             Ralph              1877         1912         son of W. B. & Mary Brought Day
Lone Oak             DEAN            George                          1891
Flagg-Webb           DEAN            William                                      husband of Willamette Flagg Dean
Eshom Valley         DEINLEIN        Charlotte
Eshom Valley         DEINLEIN        Ralph              1908         1972
Elbow Creek          DEPEW           infant                          1907         infant of T. D. Depew
Eshom Valley         DeWITT          Verna
Kaweah Colony        DILLON          George                          1890
Eshom Valley         DOWNING         baby
Eshom Valley         DOWNING         Jane
Squaw Valley         DOWNING         Joseph             1825         1894
Mineral King         DUGGAN          Robert
Flagg-Webb           DUNCAN          Sarah Jane Mrs.    1829         1906
Eshom Valley         DUNN            B. G.         1/21/1859    12/8/1938
White River          DYER            John
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Kaweah Colony        EAHRLER         Professor                       1886
Drum Valley          ELAM            Susana             1843         1881         wife of W. R. Elam
Drum Valley          ELAM                               1874         1883         dau. of T. P. & E. Elam
Traver               ELDER           Marie Ann          1839         1895         wfie of Theo Elder; dau of J. Kellerhaus
Kaweah Colony        ELFRITTI                                        1890         grave not located but died at Colony
Alpaugh              ELLIS           Josephine          1913         1913         infnat of J. H. & Josephine Buchan Ellis
Elbow Creek          ELWOOD          Clifford           1882         1883
Elbow Creek          ELWOOD          Mary               1862         1898         probablyis Mary Elwood Rush
Alpaugh              EPPERSON        Orville            1917         1917         infant of Hiram & Rotha Stewart Epperson
Antelope             ESCANDIAN       Rosie              1907         1907
Redwood Canyon       EVANS           Eugene             1875         1875         inf son of Chris & Molly Byrd Evans
Redwood Canyon       EVANS           infant                          1875         inf son of Tom Evans
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Antelope             FERRED          Richard                         1919         inf of Thomas & Hazel Shipley Ferres
Oak Grove            FIFE            Alpheus            1849         1916
Eshom Valley         FILBERT         baby
Eshom Valley         FILBERT         Callie
Eshom Valley         FILBERT         Edna
Flagg-Webb           FLAGG           Clara              1877         1882         dau of James & Georgianna Richardson Flagg
Flagg-Webb           FLAGG           Georgianna         1851         1888         wife of James Flagg
Flagg-Webb           FLAGG           Hiram              1887         1894         son of James & Georgianna Richardson Flagg
Flagg-Webb           FLAGG           James P.           1841         1903         2nd wife was Willamette Dean
Flagg-Webb           FLAGG           Laura Jean         1875         1903
Flagg-Webb           FLAGG           Roswell P.                      1872         inf of James & Georgianna Richardson Flagg
Antelope             FOSTER          Belle Miss         1811         1891         inf of
Tule River Ind Res   FRANCISCO       Dick               1842         1939
Tule River Ind Res   FRANCISCO       Louisa Mrs.        1854         1954         wife of Dick Francisco
White River          FREEBURN        Minty                           1901         dau of William Freeburn
Antelope             FULTY           Irwin O.                        1912
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Deer Creek           GARDNER         Dolores            1903         1907         dau. of Manuel Gardner
Tule River Ind Res   GARFIELD        Bennie             1915         1962         son of Mrs. Annie Garfield
Tule River Ind Res   GARFIELD        Marie              1876         1960
Tule River Ind Res   GARFIELD        Mary               1908         1919
Tule River Ind Res   GARFIELD        Sam
Saucelito            GAYE            D. N. Le
Drum Valley          GEORGE          Captain            1804         1916         Mono Indian
Alpaugh              GINGERY         Lillian            1893         1913         dau of G. G. & Mary Dressler Ginger
White River          GOLDEN          children                        1894         killed in team accident
Lone Oak             GOODIN          Martha             1860         1865         dau of W. S. & Eliza Blair Goodin
Lone Oak             GOODIN          Mary               1858         1865         dau of W. S. & Eliza Blair Goodin
Tailhot Boot Hill    GORDON          Jack                            1864
Cramer               GOUDY           Hank                                         died about 1887
Eshom Valley         GREGORY         Kay
Allensworth          GRIGSBY         B. F.              1853         1915
Allensworth          GROSS           Mary Mrs.          1866         1918
White River          GUTHRIE         Jennie             1890         1892         dau of John & Mary White Guthrie
White River          GUTHRIE         Lester             1885         1946         son of John & Mary White Guthrie; hus of Florence Manter Guthrie
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Traver               HAIGHT          N. W.              1842         1906
Wilcox               HAKES           Joe
White River          HALL            Walter                          1891         son of Alma & Etta Parker Hill
Alpaugh              HAMILTON        Annie              1871         1914
Lone Oak             HAMILTON        infant                          1889
Lone Oak             HAMILTON        Mrs.                            1889
Lone Oak             HAMILTON        Rommie
Antelope             HAMPTON         James              1830         1912         inf of J. R. & Frances Meel Fulty
Elbow Creek          HARRELL         Casterana                       1868
Elbow Creek          HARRELL         Henry
Elbow Creek          HARRELL         John                            1878
Eshom Valley         HART            Michael            1858         1908
Eshom Valley         HART            Sarah              1833         1912
Cramer               HAWKINS         Boy                             1882         child of Tom Hawkins; died scarlet fever
Cramer               HAWKINS         Girl                            1882         child of Tom Hawkins; died scarlet fever
White River          HAWLEY          James A.           1873         1892
Flagg-Webb           HAYDEN          Louise             1821         1881         wife of Geo. Warren Hayden; was also wife of Roswell Richardson
Lone Oak             HEDGEPETH       Joel Mrs.
Cramer               HENDERSON       Jeanette           1854         1875         related to Ainsworth
Allensworth          HERCULES        Mario              1913         1914
Alpaugh              HERMAN          Wilhema            1863         1910         wife of W. H. Herman; dau of James McInn
Tule River Ind Res   HERMIO          Minnie Mrs.                     1919
Taurusa              HERRINGTON      Z. F.              1836         1891
Elbow Creek          HICKS           infant boy                      1906         age 6 months
Eshom Valley         HILL            A. B.
Eshom Valley         HILL            C. Edward          1872         1957
Eshom Valley         HILL            Lizzie
Galley Mountain      HITCHCOCK       George             1854         1937
Alpaugh              HODGIN          Jonathan           1836         1913
Eshom Valley         HORR            Edna Thomas                     1964
Frazier Valley       HOTCKISS        Burr               1831         1913         son of Amos Hotckiss
Elbow Creek          HOUSTON         Israel             30 Jun 1830  20 May 1888
Elbow Creek          HOUSTON         John A.            1864         1919         son of Isreal & Sarah Dunn Houston
Elbow Creek          HOUSTON         Josephine          18 Dec 1862  30 Jul 1869
Elbow Creek          HOUSTON         Sarah              1842         1868         wife of Isreal Houston
Alpaugh              HOWELL          J. M.              1851         1912
Alpaugh              HUFFER          Henrietta Mrs.     1856         1911         dau of R. N. & Polly Ann Cortner Hughsmith
Alpaugh              HUFFER          Joseph             1851         1914
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Buckeye              ICHO            Addie                           1914         child of Henry & Maggie Icho
Buckeye              ICHO            Frances            1913         1916         child of Henry & Maggie Icho
Buckeye              ICHO            Olsa                            1916         child of Henry & Maggie Icho
Crook-Ilanstine      ILANSTINE       Anna                                         most burials in 1880's
Crook-Ilanstine      ILANSTINE       Fred                                         most burials in 1880's
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Long Valley          JACK            Schoolhouse        1871         1911         son of Squaw Valley Charlie
Tailhot Boot Hill    JONES           Thomas                          1880         shot by James Utley

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Elbow Creek          KEENER          Alice              1899         1919         dau of G. M. Blaylock; wife of Robert Keener
Elbow Creek          KEENER          James              1852         1950
Elbow Creek          KEENER          Mary               1863         1902         wife of James Keener
White River          KELLER          Hnery              1837         1884
Eshom Valley         KENRIDGE        Brother
Antelope             KERBER          Lizzie             1900         1912         dau of A. & Katie Stranger Kerber
Traver               KERR            Elizabeth Mrs.                  1893         wife of Samuel Kerr
Lone Oak             KESTERSON       Mr.                                          77 years on 1900 census
Lone Oak             KESTERSON       Mrs.
White River          KILBRETH        James              1820         1892
White River          KILBRETH        James H.           1864         1886
Frazier Valley       KINCAID         Mary                            1904         wife of James A. Kincaid
Allensworth          KING            May                1911         1918         dau of Thomas & Lillie Orr King
Eshom Valley         KIRKLAND        Louisa
Eshom Valley         KIRKLAND        M. A.
Eshom Valley         KIRKLAND        Violet
Eshom Valley         KIRKLAND        Walter E.                       1880         age 17
Alpaugh              KNIGHT          James              1895         1918         son of J. W. & Annie Gale Knight
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Traver               LAHAN           H. F.              1843         1903
Eshom Valley         LAMB            John                            1894
White River          LAMBERT         George                          1892
Tailhot Boot Hill    LANE            Dan                             1863         shot by John Robinson
Elbow Creek          LANGRICK        George             1835         1900         b. 22 Dec 1835; d 25 Aug 1900
Kaweah Colony        LARSON          Andrew                          1890
Tule River Ind Res   LAWRENCE        Henry              1861         1959
Tule River Ind Res   LAWRENCE        Henry              1848         1946
Tule River Ind Res   LAWRENCE        Mollie
Elbow Creek          LEBAN           Ann                1873         1900
Elbow Creek          LEDBETTER       Elizabeth          1860         1900
Elbow Creek          LEDBETTER       James              1827         1908
Frazier Valley       LEHMANN         Gustave            1844         1884
Elbow Creek          LEWIS           Greenbury          5 Dec 1882   3 Oct. 1888  son of T. J. Lewis
Elbow Creek          LEWIS           Mr. & Mrs. T. J.
Antelope             LINDSAY         Marvin                          1912         inf of Lewis Lindsay
Eshom Valley         LOVERN          John                            1879
Eshom Valley         LOVERN          Mary                            1879
Long Valley          LOWERY          Elizabeth Mrs.     1832         1920         dau. Of James & Elizabeth Foster Parsons
Galley Mountain      LOWERY          Mr.
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Kaweah Colony        MacKEY          David
Alpaugh              MADSEN          George W.          1913         1914         son of Hans & rachel Blakely Madsen
Tule River Ind Res   MANUEL          Albert             1897         1962
Tule River Ind Res   MANUEL          Lawrence                        1953
Antelope             MARQUIS         Donal              1910         1911         son of E. R. & Irene Stanford Marquis
Allensworth          MARSHALL        Patsy Mrs.         1837         1912         dau of James & C. Pool Calahan
Kaweah Colony        MARTIN          infant                                       infant of P. J. Martin
Antelope             MARX            Robert Mrs.        1887         1909         dau of Marcellus & Eliza Pogue Brown
White River          MATLBY          Andrew             1833         1904
White River          McCABE          Robert             1842         1894         hus of Fanny Guthrie McCabe
White River          McCANN          John                            1923
White River          McCANN          Peter                           1921         bro of John McCann
Aukland              McCOY           infant                          1914         son of R. V. & Vedee Williams McCoy
Antelope             McCRACKEN       W. H.              1861         1913         son of Nathaniel McCracken
Flagg-Webb           McDOUGAL        John A. W.         1855         1897
Flagg-Webb           McDOUGAL        Nancy              1857         1933
Antelope             McFADZEAN       John                            1894         obit in Visalia Time Delta 13 June 1894
Elbow Creek          McGEE           Henry                           1891
Lone Oak             McGINNIS        Abraham            1827         1897         hus of Rhoda Meadows
Lone Oak             McGINNIS        Annie June                                   child of Abraham & Ehoda McGinnis
Lone Oak             McGINNIS        John Henry                      1899         child of Abraham & Ehoda McGinnis
Lone Oak             McGINNIS        John Meadows                                 child of Abraham & Ehoda McGinnis
Lone Oak             McGINNIS        Oscar                                        child of Abraham & Ehoda McGinnis
Lone Oak             McGINNIS        Rose Holly                                   child of Abraham & Ehoda McGinnis
White River          McGORY          Sarah Blair                     1892         dau of W. J. & Ida M. McGory
White River          McGORY          William Jim                     1908
Stokes/Tagus         McHANEY                                                      bro. of Elizabeth Stokes
Antelope             McKEE           William            1845         1911         son of John & Sarah McKee
White River          McNULTY         Andrew             1833         1904
White River          McNULTY         Henry                           1902
Alpaugh              MEAGER          Hubert             1912         1912         son of E. P. & Margaret Scott Meager
Alpaugh              MERRILL         Belle Mrs.         1873         1919
Alpaugh              MERRILL         Maria                           1913         about 80
Antelope             METCALF         Harriet Mrs.       1854         1911         dau of John & Harriet Wilson Thompson
Wilcox               MILES           Mr.
Eshom Valley         MILLER          baby
Lone Oak             MILLER          Harriet            1812         1882         wife of Zachariah Miller
Lone Oak             MILLER          Zackariah          1800         1877
Eshom Valley         MITCHELL        Sally              1826         1906         dau of Henry & Nancy Blair Mosher
Eshom Valley         MOELKE          Carl                            1956
Eshom Valley         MOELKE          Clara              1881         1974         wife of 1) Bert Barton & 2) Carl Moelke
Eshom Valley         MOELKE          Gustave                                      hus of Josephine
Eshom Valley         MOELKE          Josephine          1876         1956         dau of Elias & Annie Moore
Deadman's Canyon     MONIERS         Alfred                          1887
Eshom Valley         MOORE           Albert H.          1896         1952         son of Elias & Annie Moore
Eshom Valley         MOORE           Annie Hart         1860         1935         wife of Elias Jordan Moore
Eshom Valley         MOORE           baby
Eshom Valley         MOORE           Clifford Ira       1890         1968         son of Elias & Annie Moore
Eshom Valley         MOORE           Elias Jordan       1848         1906         son of Uriah & Easter Jordan Moore
Eshom Valley         MOORE           Frederick
Eshom Valley         MOORE           Ida
Eshom Valley         MOORE           Vincent
Eshom Valley         MOORE           William W.                      1909
Alpaugh              MURDOCK         James              186_         1915         son of George & Myrtle Benedict Murdock
Flagg-Webb           MURPHY          Ephhriam                                     father of Henry Murphy
Long Valley          MURRAY          Frank              1847         1907
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Lemon Cove           NED             Sally                           1920         about 100 years of age
Eshom Valley         NEWELL          O. W.
Flagg-Webb           NORTHRUP        C. E.              1867         1917         son of E. C. Northrup; hus of Anna Northrup
Flagg-Webb           NORTHRUP        Lottie             1905         1915         dau of C. E. Northrup
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Antelope             OSBORN          Charles            1878         1910
Alpaugh              OSBORN          infant                          1918         dau of James & Dora Hollingsworth Osborn
Eshom Valley         OSBORNE         baby
Eshom Valley         OSBORNE         Bill
Eshom Valley         OSBORNE         Crawford           1895         1978
Eshom Valley         OSBORNE         George
Eshom Valley         OSBORNE         George
Eshom Valley         OSBORNE         girl               1891         1911         dau of Bob Osborne; died from burns
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Elbow Creek          PARKER          Jerry Mrs.                      1894         sister of Mrs. Maggie Parker
Tailhot Boot Hill    PARKER          John                            1896         asked to be buried in Boot Hill
Eshom Valley         PENDOLA         Robert                          1950
Galley Mountain      PEPPERS         Shelby             1817         1894
Eshom Valley         PERRY           Samuel             Mar. 1844    6 July 1900  born in NJ
White River          PETERS          Hazel                           1892         inf of Oliver & Mrs. Peters
Galley Mountain      PEYTON          Mr.
Cramer               PHARISS         Buford             1880         1882         died of scarlet fever
Cramer               PHARISS         Mary               1876         1901
Kaweah Colony        PIERCE          Mrs.                            1890
Allensworth          PIERSON         Annie              1 Jul 1882      15-Apr-28
Galley Mountain      PINNELL         Peter              1831         1878
Tailhot Boot Hill    POER            Dan                             1862         Shot by Matt Wells
Antelope             POGUE           John W. C.         1839         1907         son of John & Sarah McConnell Pogue
Lone Oak             POGUE           Melvina Josephine  1856         1865         dau of John & Sarah Blair Pogue
Antelope             POGUE           Nancy Mrs.         1843         1891         wife of J. W. C. Pogue
Lone Oak             POGUE           Sarah Blair        1836         1872
Pohut                POHUT           Henry                           1938         son of Joe & Mary Pohut
Pohut                POHUT           Jessie A.          1908         1908         dau of Joe & Mary Pohut
Pohut                POHUT           Joe                             1938         Husband of Mary Pohut
Pohut                POHUT           Mary               1865         1960
Pohut                POHUT           William                                      son of Joe & Mary Pohut
White River          POPPEL          Henry                                        no cemetery record
Allensworth          POWELL          Carlos             1859         1914
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Alpaugh              RADER           Deloris                         1913         dau of J. H. & Louise Wiliams Rader
Alpaugh              RADER           Earl                            1912         son of J. H. & Louise Wiliams Rader
Alpaugh              RADER           Harold                          1912         son of J. H. & Louise Wiliams Rader
Antelope             RAGLE           Floy Mrs.          1874         1909         wife of John Ragle
Antelope             RAGLE           Lucinda            1839         1905
Antelope             RAGLE           Maggie             1891         1907         dau of Wesley & Maggie Shipley Ragle
Antelope             RAGLE           W. C.                           1895         obit in Visalia Time Delta 25 Apr 1895, age 65
Allensworth          RAINBOW         Nancy Mrs.         1861         1920         wife of Nimrod Rainbow
Allensworth          RAINBOW         Nimrod             1866         1920         son of Thomas Rainbow
Alpaugh              REEP            John               1852         1917         son of John & Sarah Beal Reep
Elbow Creek          RHINNHARD       J. J.              1853         1900
Flagg-Webb           RICHARDSON      Roswell            1797         1877         father of Georgianna Flagg
Elbow Creek          ROAARK          Mary Mrs.          1824         1900         also stone in Visaia Cemetery
Elbow Creek          ROADCAP         F. V. Mrs.         1854         1900
Lone Oak             ROBINSON        Andrew             1812         1882
Lone Oak             ROBINSON        Cinderella
Elbow Creek          ROCKWELL        Martha             1872         1897
Lone Oak             RODGERS         Cinderella                      1889
Galley Mountain      RODIGEO         Mr.                             1903
Tule River Ind Res   RODILEZ         Manuel             1892         1961
Alpaugh              ROVENSTINE      Harry                           1914         infant of Bert & Pearl Wilkins Rovenstine
Elbow Creek          ROWLAND         J. H.              1804         1900
Eshom Valley         ROWLEY          Richard                         1971
Elbow Creek          RUNYON          Earl               10 Aug 1877  11 Sep 1899  son of Luther Runyon
Elbow Creek          RUNYON          Elsie              26 Jun 1889  5 Jan 1893   dau of Luther Runyon
Elbow Creek          RUNYON          Ernest             25 Apr 1884  10 Apr 1902  son of Luther Runyon
Elbow Creek          RUNYON          Zadie              14 Feb 1856  22 Mar 1912
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Albert             1870         1929         son of Isaac & Mary Rush
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Alvin              1872         1873         son of Lloyd & Mary Rush
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Ely                1871         1877         son of Lloyd & Mary Rush
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Greenbury          1859         1882
Elbow Creek          RUSH            John               1862
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Lloyd              1897         1902
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Mary               1829         1909         dau of Greenbury Parker; wife of Isaac Rush
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Mary Elwood        1862         1898
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Neta               1906         1906
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Ralph              1891         1897
Elbow Creek          RUSH            Rufus              1907         1907
Elbow Creek          RUSSELL         Goldman            1891         1921         son of G. H. Russell
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Tule River Ind Res   SANTIAGO        Mary               1858         1953
Tule River Ind Res   SANTOS          Tony J.            1912         1912
Eshom Valley         SAWYER          Israel             1822         1909
Alpaugh              SCHNEIDER       Virginia                        1916         inf dau of Raymond & Margaret Dimmit Schneider
Long Valley          SCOTT           Julia              1853         1907
Antelope             SCOTT           Martin Van Buren   1836         1897
Allensworth          SCOTT           William                       8-Feb-30       84y, 1m, 13d
Frazier Valley       SHERMAN         Clara                                        wife of  Elliott Sherman
Frazier Valley       SHERMAN         Elliott                         1908         son of Elliott & Clara Rodgers Sherman
Frazier Valley       SHERMAN         Ephram             1841         1916
Frazier Valley       SHERMAN         James              1902         1960         son of M. C. Sherman
Frazier Valley       SHERMAN         James M.           1857         1912         son of Elliott & Clara Rodgers Sherman
Alpaugh              SHORT           Ruth                            1915         inf of J. W. & Minnie Hudson Short
Traver               SIMPSON         Phoebe             1873         1895
White River          SLINKARD        Clark              1885                      son of R. J. & Ellen Slinkard
White River          SLINKARD        Ellen              1861         1926         wife of R. J. Slinkard
White River          SLINKARD        R. J.              1845         1901
Alpaugh              SMITH           Charlie                         1917         infant of Hiram Smith
Allensworth          SMITH           Fanny                      28 Nov 1929       2y, 7m, 28d
Allensworth          SMITH           Frank              1852         1911
Traver               SMITH           infant                          1904         son of Mr. & Mrs. William Smith
Allensworth          SMITH           Robert             1893         1912         son of Cyrus & Julia Williams Smith
Lone Oak             SNOWDEN         H. C.                           1890
Lone Oak             SNOWDEN         S. N.                           1893
White River          SPRAGUE         Joe S.                          1892         bro fo Mrs. Oliver Peters
Antelope             STAFFORD        Monty              1878         1907         son of W. S. & Margaret Northline Stafford
Eshom Valley         STAPP           baby girl                       1918         dau of Leslie & Virginia Stapp
Eshom Valley         STAPP           Virginia           1892         1952         wife of Leslie Stapp
Alpaugh              STARK           Ruth               1910         1912         dau of W. A. & Celia Elliott Stark
Kaweah Colony        STEWART         Louise Mrs.        1829         1916
Eshom Valley         STIMSON         Floyd              1915         1974
Eshom Valley         STIMSON         Roy                             1974
Stokes/Tagus         STOKES          Eliz. Melissa      1869         1885         dau of Yancy & Amanda Stokes
Stokes/Tagus         STOKES          Elizabeth                       1872         wife of Yancy B. Stokes
Stokes/Tagus         STOKES          Jane Amack                                   second wife of Yancy B. Stokes
Stokes/Tagus         STOKES          John Wesley        1837
Stokes/Tagus         STOKES          Levi               1842                      son of Yancy B. Stokes
Stokes/Tagus         STOKES          Rachel Gibson
Stokes/Tagus         STOKES          Yancy B.           1814         1891
Yokohl Valley        STREET          Jim                1833         1910         bro of Joe Street
White River          STUVERVANT      Mr.                                          no cemetery record
Antelope             SWANK           Edith              1883         1908         dau of J. W. & Fannie Silsby Swank
Antelope             SWANK           Ethel              1887         1905         dau of J. W. & Fannie Silsby Swank
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Cramer               TALLEY          Aaron              1872         1904
Cramer               TALLEY          Hazel              1874         1888
Cramer               TALLEY          James F.           1859         1880
Cramer               TALLEY          John               1869         1930's
Cramer               TALLEY          John
Cramer               TALLEY          Nancy              1875         1876
Elbow Creek          THOMAS          Cecil N.           1896         1911         son of Jesse & Mattie Depew Thomas
Elbow Creek          THOMAS          Clarinda           1845         1919         wife of Delbert Wiley Thomas; dau of Henry & Casterene Tillman Harrell
Elbow Creek          THOMAS          Dubart Wiley       1826         1888         hus of Clarinda Harrell Thomas
Eshom Valley         THOMAS          Laura Jean         1890         1976         wife of W. A Thomas; dau of Elias & Annie Moore
Elbow Creek          THOMAS          Mary               1859         1920         wife of Alex Thomas
Galley Mountain      THOMAS          Sam
Elbow Creek          THOMAS          Wiley              1840         1919         son of Thomas Wiley Thomas
Elbow Creek          THOMAS          Wiley Dubart       1878         1919         son of Dubart Wiley & Clarinda Harrell Thomas
Eshom Valley         THOMAS          William A.     7/1/1885     9/7/1932
Eshom Valley         TIDWELL         Velma
Eshom Valley         TOLER           Martin
Kaweah Colony        TOUSLEY         Charles Mrs.       1829         1890
Lone Oak             TOUT            Ida Parker
Lone Oak             TOUT            John Mrs.
Eshom Valley         TULLER          Willis
Eshom Valley         TURK            Irene              1890         1893         dau of Samuel & Hattie Turk
Eshom Valley         TURK            Louise                          1893         dau of Samuel & Hattie Turk
Traver               TYLER           Bertha             1891         1896

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White River          UHL             Gertrude           1883         1899
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Tule River Ind Res   VALARIO         Mike               1906         1962
Tule River Ind Res   VALDEZ          Benj.              1876         1936
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Crook-Ilanstine      WALKER          Mr.                                          most burials in 1880's
Eshom Valley         WARNICK         Dodothy
Galley Mountain      WARREN          Mr.
Elbow Creek          WATSON          James              1824         1910
Eshom Valley         WEATHERS        Ben Franklin                17 Jan 1904      age 83; buried beside wife "who died some time ago"
Flagg-Webb           WEBB            Melissa Braden                  1878         wife of Sam Braden
Flagg-Webb           WEBB            sam                1830         1910         son of John & Margaret Hicks Braden
Elbow Creek          WEGMAN          Caroline           1820         1903
Elbow Creek          WEGMAN          George             1820         1897
Allensworth          WELLS           Andrew             1914         1914         son of Oscar & Lillian McClain Wells
Allensworth          WELLS           Charles N.         5 Apr 1895   6-Jan-49  WWI; CA Pioneer Infantry
Lone Oak             WELLS           John                            1889
Elbow Creek          WENNERHOLD      Eliza              1787         1875
White River          WHALEY          Samuel                          1889
Tule River Ind Res   WHEATON         Andrew             1875         1953
Tule River Ind Res   WHEATON         Mary                            1919
Tule River Ind Res   WHEATON         Tom
Whitaker Forest      WHITAKER        Horace             1830         1910
White River          WHITE           Jennie                                       dau of Rad White d. about 1892
White River          WHITE           Milton                          1875
White River          WHITE           Minnie                          1880
Kaweah Colony        WIGGINGTON      Frank
Wilcox               WILCOX          Alfred             1828         1871         bro of Abel, John & Sardis Wilcox
Wilcox               WILCOX          Carlos             1860         1873         son of Sardis & Sarah Bond Wilcox
Drum Valley          WILCOX          Dinkley Mrs.                    1949         wife of Jim Wilcox
Wilcox               WILCOX          Douglass           1857         1883         son of Sardis & Sarah Bond Wilcox
Drum Valley          WILCOX          George             1900         1918
Drum Valley          WILCOX          Jim                             1944
Wilcox               WILCOX          Sarah Bond         1822         1911
Wilcox               WILCOX          Sardis             1818         1861         hus of Sarah Bond Wilcox
Alpaugh              WILSON          Vivian                          1914         infant of K. K. & Neva Porter Wilson
Eshom Valley         WOLLEY          children
Allensworth          WOODS           Arthur V.                   26-May-34        82y, 6m, 27d
Allensworth          WOODS           Elvia Mrs.         1882         1917         wife of J. B. Woods; dau of James Davis
Allensworth          WOODS           infant                          1917
Elbow Creek          WOODWARD        F. F.                           1899
Antelope             WRIGHT          George W.          1818         1908
Elbow Creek          WROUGHT         William            1833         1905         son of Thomas Wright
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