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This is a list of the Tuolumne County biographies that were published in the book A History of Tuolumne County, California, Compiled from the Most Authentic Records (B. F. Alley, San Francisco, 1882), unless otherwise noted. These biographies are available in full-text form by clicking on a specific name. In cases where, instead of first names, only initials were provided in the book, first and middle names have been provided here (whenever possible) using census records of Tuolumne County, vital records of Tuolumne County, and/or other Tuolumne County historical documents as source material. Obvious misspellings and typographical errors in the book have been corrected whenever possible. Corrections and additions to names listed in the book are {shown in brackets}.

The entire book, A History of Tuolumne County, California, has been digitized and may be viewed by following this link.

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Abbott, A. { Austin Abbott }
Arnold, Nathan A.

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Bacon, John B.
Baker, Greenburry C.
Baldwin, D. M. (Dr.) { David M. Baldwin }
Barber, Henry P.
Barclay, S. C. { Stephen C. Barclay }
Barry, R. C. (Maj.) { Richard C. Barry }
Beauvais, A. B. (Capt.) { Andrew B. Beauvais }
Beckwith, W. C. { William C. Beckwith }
Bell, James
Bemis, O. L. { Oliver L. Bemis }
Benham, J. A. { John A. Benham }
Birney, Thomas C. (Hon.)
Bishop, N. { Nelson Bishop }
Bixel, Joseph
Blair, Spencer
Blake, C. E. (Dr.) { Charles E. Blake }
Bluett, John F.
Bolts, John F.
Bowman, John
Bradford, S. S. { Samuel S. Bradford }
Brown (Dr.) { William T. Brown }
Brown, C. C. { Charles Carroll Brown }
Bull, Horace
Burden, C. { Charles Burden }
Butterfield, B. F. { Benjamin Franklin Butterfield }

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Cabezut, J. M. { Jose Maria Cabezut }
Cady, J. S. { John S. Cady }
Campbell, W. A. { William A. Campbell }
Carter, C. H. { Charles H. Carter }
Cavis, Joseph H. (Judge)
Chaffee, J. A. { John A. Chaffee }
Chamberlain, C. H. (Judge) { Charles Henry Chamberlain }
Chamberlain, J. P. { Jason P. Chamberlain }
Champney, A. D. { Almon D. Champney }
Cheatham, Frank (Col.)
Christman, E. L. { Enos L. Christman }
Clemens, Samuel L. { Mark Twain }
Clough, Edwin H.
Coffroth, James W.
Colby, A. { Alonzo Colby }
Colby, E. H. { Edmund H. Colby }
Coles, J. L. { John L. Coles }
Cowie, John
Culbertson, G. F. { George Franklin Culbertson }
Cullers, F. C. { Francis Clinton Cullers }
Cunningham, Z. H. { Zina Hyde Cunningham }

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Dart, John P.
Dinsmore, William G.
Divoll, James G.
Dorsey, Caleb
Douglass, John B.
Duchow, William A.
Dwinelle, Samuel H.

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Eichelroth, W. E. (Dr.) { William Egidius Eichelroth }
Evans, George S. (Gen.)
Evans, Thomas J.

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Fales, Nathaniel
Fallon, Owen
Ferral, John
Ferral, Robert (Judge)
Fitzgerald, O. P. (Rev.) { Oscar Perin Fitzgerald }
Foot, M. { Matthew Foot }
Francisco, Albert N.
Fraser, Daniel

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Gale, O. P. (Judge) { Oliver Perry Gale }
Galvin, E. R. { Edward Rutledge Galvin }
Gibbs, W. D. { William Dulaney Gibbs }
Gibbons, W. P. (Dr.) { William Peter (or Peters) Gibbons }
Goodwin, J. A. { James Arthur Goodwin }
Gorham, W. J. { William James Gorham }
Grady, John H.
Green, Alonzo (Capt.)
Greenwood, Otis
Griffiths, Edward Crane
Gross, F. J. { Francis Joseph Gross }
Gunn, L. C. (Dr.) { Lewis Carstairs Gunn }

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Hale, George W.
Hall, J. { Josiah Hall }
Harmon, S. S. (Rev.) { Silas Solon Harmon }
Harper, Charles L.
Harris, W. N. { William Nathan Harris }
Heslep, Joseph
Hesleps, The (Brothers - Joseph, George W. and Frank)
Hibbing, William
Hubbard, Winslow
Hubbs, Paul K.
Hunter, E. F. { Hunter, Edward Fenwick }
Hunter, John H.
Hyde, Moses H.

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Jarvis, L. F. { Leonard Fitz Edward Jarvis }
Jolly, John
Jones, J. M. (Judge) { James McHall Jones }
Jones, John P.

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Keith, J. W. { John Wilson Keith }
Kelly, Patrick
Kephart, Henry
King, John

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Lampson, R. M. (Dr.) { Royal Mills Lampson }
Latimer, J. B. { James Butler Latimer }
Levy, David
Levy, Luis
Lombardo, C. (Capt.) { Constantino Lombardo }
Long, William G. (Hon.)
Long, Mr. (Rev.)
Lopez, Theodore
Lyons, E. G. { Ernest G. Lyons }

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McCarthy, J. W. { John Willard McCarthy }
McDonald, Calvin B.
McGarvey, Robert
McNeil, H. B. { Henry Bascom McNeil }
McPherson, Forbes
McPherson, G. W. { George Wayne McPherson }

Macomber Brothers { George Addison Macomber - Frederick Soper Macomber - Henry Shepherd Macomber }
Major, J. W. { Joseph William Major }
Mansfield, William
Marshall, Edward C. (Hon.)
Miller, Sol { Solomon Miles Miller }
Mills, James
Minor, S. B. { Simon Bolivar Minor }
Mulford, Prentice
Muller, Eugene

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Palmer, H. { Henry Palmer }
Parsons, Edmond
Pease, Henry M. { Henry Martindale Pease }
Pease, C. S. { Charles Stone Pease }
Perrin, Otis
Potter, I. J. { Isaac Justus Potter }
Pownall, Joseph (Dr.)
Preston, A. B. { Alvin Bacon Preston }

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Quint, Leander

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Randall, Charles H. (Judge)
Raymond, Robert S.
Robinson, R. A. { Robert Austin Robinson }
Rodgers, Edwin A. (Hon.)
Rooney, J. F. (Hon.) { John Francis Rooney }
Rosekrans, H. M. { Henry Mosher Rosekrans }
Rudorff, W. G. { William Gustave Rudorff aka William George Rudorff }
Rutherford, Charles B.

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Sampson, John A.
Sedgwick, John
Sevening, Henry
Sewell, Daniel
Smith, J. H. { Joseph Henry Smith }
Smith, W. P. { William Paul Smith }
Solinsky, C. W. H. { Christian William Hugo Solinsky }
Solomon, P. L. (Maj.) { Perrin L. Solomon }
Soulsby, Ben { Benjamin Soulsby }
Stair, Alexander
Stetson, John B.
Stoddart, Thomas R. (Col. or Capt.)
Stone, W. S. { Willis Shackelford Stone }
Street, H. L. { Harlow Lounds Street }
Street, C. L. { Charles Levi Street }
Stuart, J. W. { Joseph Warren Stuart }

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Tannahill, James
Thompson, Henry
Tibbits, J. P. (Dr.) { John Power Tibbits }
Trask, P. M. { Prentice Mellen Trask }
Twain, Mark (see Clemens, Samuel L.)
Twist, E. N. { Elias Newton Twist }

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Van Harlingen, John

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Walker, John (Dr.)
Wells, Thomas W.
Wheeler, C. C. { Charles Carroll Wheeler }
Williams, H. W. { Henry William Williams }
Wilson, William
Wing, Gideon
Wing, Stephen (Hon.)
Witt, Thomas J.
Wright, George

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Yancey, T. M. { Tryon Milton Yancey }

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