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Transcription of

The Western Shore Gazetteer and Commercial Directory,
For the State of California…, Yolo County,

Compiled and published annually
C. P. Sprague & H. W. Atwell,
Woodland, Yolo County, 1870, pp. 495-538.

Transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo
(Feel free to use the following transcription for your personal use or your non-profit web sites.)

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General Tables – Business Directory (Page 1).


J. C. BALL, District Attorney, Woodland.


EDWARDS, H. W., Woodland.

FROST & BUSH (C. S. FROST, E. R. BUSH), Woodland.

SIBLEY, P. H., Woodland.

SNOWBALL, J. W., Knight's Landing, Post-office, Grafton.

SPRAGUE, C. P., Woodland.

HARTMAN, H. C.; Post-office, Davisville.

DALEY, John, Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

NIXON, John, Hungry Hollow; Post-office, Cache Creek.

JACOBS, J. W., residence 2 miles west from Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

THOMPSON, J., Woodland.

JOHNSON, James, Woodland.

O'NEAL, James, Davisville.

RULAND, Samuel, Woodland.


ALLEN, Thomas, Railroad Station Agent, Davisville.

BERG, Emauel, News Agent, Woodland.

FISKE, George D., Fire and Life; Real Estate; New England Mutual Life Insurance Company; Phoenix Fire Insurance Company; Home Fire Insurance Company; Sacramento Savings Bank; office in FISKE & SPRAGUE's building, Woodland.

GILLMAN, C. H., California Pacific Railroad, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

GRIFFITH & CO., Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo; for BAKER & HAMILTON, Sacramento.

MACKIE, James F., Agent for California Pacific Railroad at Woodland.

STORER, O. W., Washing-Machine Agent, Woodland.

COOLEY, J. S., "Universal Washing-Machine" Agent, Capay Valley; Post-office, Capay.

RUGGLES, A. C., Home Mutual Insurance; office, Post-office building Woodland.

McCORMICK, James, People's Fire and Marine Insurance Company, San Francisco, and for STOUTENBURG's Winery, Woodland.

SILL, G. E., Liverpool and London and Globe Fire Insurance Company, Woodland.

FROST, C. S., Union Insurance Company, and Real Estate, Woodland.

RUGGLES & MACHEFERT, FLORENCE Sewing-Machine, Woodland.

EATON & GREENE, WHEELER & WILSON's Sewing-Machine, Main street, Woodland.

BUSH, C. W., Pacific Fire Insurance Company and Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, Woodland.

THOMPSON, Wm. P., Manhattan Fire Insurance Company, Woodland.

SMITH, J. K., Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Woodland.

GRAY & WOOD, Agents for BAKER & HAMILTON's Agricultural Implements, Main street, Woodland.

FREEMAN, Giles, Agent Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Woodland (HAYWARD & FLINT, San Francisco, General agents)


PEOPLE'S BAKERY, Knight's Landing; Louis PROVOST, proprietor.

WOODLAND BAKERY, Woodland; SCHLEUR & SEIBER, proprietors.

PIONEER BAKERY, Davisville; Andrew SEPOLD, proprietor.

FARMERS' BAKERY, Knight's Landing; Henry PROVOST, proprietor.


AKERS, T. B., Buckeye.

BISHOP, William S., Davisville.

BROCKWAY, C. P., Washington.

CASSIDY, James, Occidental, Davisville.

DAVIDSON, S. T., Philadelphia Saloon, Woodland.

DENNISON, E. M., Empire Saloon, Woodland.

DOTY, John, LANG's Saloon, Capay Valley.

KYLE, Robert H., Woodland.

PETERSON, John, Woodland.

RAHM, George T., Knight's Landing.

SIMMONS, F. A., Bella Union Saloon, Woodland.

TURNER, John, Davisville.


ABBEY, J. A., 5 miles SW from Buckeye; Post-office, Buckeye.

ALLEN, Charles, Woodland.

BAKER, James, Woodland.

BENHAM, Robert, Merritt Station; Post-office, Woodland.

BEATTY, John; Post-office, Woodland.

BILL, Henry, 3 miles W from Prairie Post-office.

BAKER, L. P., Knight's Landing.

BAXTER, James, Woodland.

CHRISTY, H., Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

CLEMENS, J. E., Davisville; Post-office, Davisville.

CRAYTON, William I., Washington.

DUBOICE, Charles P., 14 miles SW from Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

DUNPHRY, Dexter, Woodland.

DUNNEGAN & CO., DUNNEGAN's ranch; Post-office, Antelope.

ELLIOTT, C., Woodland.

FITZGERALD, Peter, Woodland.

FRAZIER, D. A.; Post-office, Antelope.

FREEMAN, William B., Washington.

GRUBB, C. W., 4 1/2 miles SW from Knight's Landing.

HILLER, John R., Woodland.

KELLER, Joseph, Cottonwood; Post-office, Cache Creek.

KENT, Morris, mouth of Capay Valley; Post-office, Capay.

LAFFERTY, J., mouth of Capay Valley; Post-office, Capay.

GARNETT, James, Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

GILL, Henry, Cottonwood; Post-office, Cache Creek.

HOGEBOOM, R., Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

HOGEBOON, L., Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

HOWE, James, Davisville.

IRELAND, S. W., Cacheville.

JACOBS, Erastus, 7 miles NW from Cacheville.

KAUFMAN, August, Plainfield; Post-office, Woodland.

HAYS & McGRATH; Post-office, Buckeye.

HOWARD & PETERS, Olive street, Davisville.

HOUNLINE, Charles, 16 miles NW from Cacheville; Post-office, Antelope.

HARVERLINE, Charles, Hungry Hollow.

McCLURE, James, Hungry Hollow; Post-office, Cacheville.

PETITT, Asa, Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

PROCTOR, John, Woodland.

WHITE, Seth, Woodland.

PRASTER, A. J., Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

WILKINSON, L., Antelope.

YORICK, X., Antelope.

MURPHY, J. H., Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

MANAHEN, M., Knight's Landing.

McLEAN, Alexander, Woodland.

McNEILL, William H., 7 miles SW from Woodland.

McKENZIE, Kenneth, SCOTT's Ranch.

McKENNA, N. J., Woodland.

MAXWELL, Charles, Knight's Landing.

MAGAN, Arthur, Davisville.

NEWCOMB, O. C., Woodland.

O'CONNOR, Phillip, Woodland.

PERRY, Henry, Woodland.

PETERS, William, Davisville.

PACKWOOD, C., Woodland.

POWERS, Thomas, Woodland.

RABIES, C., Antelope.

READY, B. F., Plainfield.

ROUB, James, Washington.

ROBERTSON, W. J., Davisville.

SULLIVAN, Thomas B., Washington.

SHAFER, John, Woodland.

TAYLOR, William B., Davisville.

TRACE, Daniel, 6 miles N from Cottonwood; Post-office, Cache Creek.

WALDFAGLE, Jacob, Antelope.

WEBSTER, David, 8 miles SW from Woodland.

WEBSTER, E. A., Plainfield.

WILKERMAN, Antelope.

YORICK, H. George, Antelope.

ERVIN & SOVEREIGN, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.


EMPIL, James H., Davisville.

JOHNSON, James, Knight's Landing.

JONES, Samuel S., Woodland.

BURRELL, W. H., Washington.

RENO, Robert, Woodland.

SPEIGHTS, N. E., Knight's Landing.

SOUZER, Phillip, Davisville.

SMITH, H. H., Cacheville.

SIMPSON, A., Davisville.


SCOTT, John, Woodland.

SCOTT, Jacob, Woodland.

CLARK, Thomas L., Cacheville.

DARNEY, Patrick S. Buckeye.

GILMAN, Andrew J., Cottonwood.

GASTICK, Abram, Cottonwood.

GUMPER, John, Davisville.

HILL, Thomas, Knight's Landing.

LEMEREUX, Paul, Cacheville.

LEROWE, Robert, Knight's Landing.

MADDUX, Wesley, Woodland.

POCKMAN, John, Woodland.

SHANNON, N. P., Knight's Landing.

TAYLOR, George, Davisville.


FLANDERS, Mrs. William M., Main street, Woodland.

POWELL, Mrs., Washington Hall, Woodland.

UPDEGRAFF, Mrs., lodging-house, Knight's Landing.


SCHERLEY & MILLER, Yolo Brewery, Woodland.

WIRTH BROTHERS, Woodland Brewery, Woodland.

Solomon HAUSER, Cash PRENCE, Mart WALDER, Woodland.


DAY, Lot S., Cacheville.

CRAFT, L. F., Woodland.

ELDER, John F., Antelope.

ELLIOTT, Nathan, Woodland.

ST. PETERS, Peter, Woodland.

WOOD, John, Washington.


BELSTERLING, William, Knight's Landing.

FENNER, P. C., DUNNIGAN's ranch; Post-office, Antelope.

GREGORY, Thomas, Davisville.

HOLLINGSWORTH, John, Woodland.

SHELLHAMMER, Usual, Woodland.

WARING, Amos, Washington.

WILCOXON, Jefferson, Washington.

LAUGENOUR & BROWNELL, Knight's Landing.

WRIGHT, William Carsan, Knight's Landing.

GERLASH, Adam, Woodland.


MAGEE & REED, north side Main street, two doors east of Capitol Hotel, Woodland.

FREEMAN, F. S., Main street, Woodland.

ADAMSON, Henry, Main street, Woodland.

FLEISHMAN & KAUFMAN, north side Main street, Woodland.


ARNOLD, A. J., Knight's Landing.

ASBURY, James, two shops, Woodland.

CROCKER, George F., Woodland.

GWINN, O. M., Knight's Landing.

HEINES, J. R., Cacheville.

KORN, Louis, Woodland.

LEE, Austin, Davisville.

LEINDBERGER, Henry, Washington.

MARDEN, W. H., Davisville.

STEINMITZ, Martin, Woodland.

SCHOED, B., Woodland.

SCHULTE, Bernard, Cacheville.

THAUM, Frederick, Buckeye.

WILCOX, W. S., Knight's Landing.

YAGER, Chris., Washington.


HERSHEY, David, 7 miles NW from Cacheville.

HUBBARD, Chauncy, 7 miles NW from Washington.

KEEFER & ZURBRICK, SWINGLE' ranch, Sink of Putah Creek, spring calves; Post-office, Davisville.

KING, A. J., KING's Mount, Elk Slough; Post-office, Freeport.

KNEES, A., Knight's Landing.

LAUGENOUR, Thomas, Post-office, Grafton.

LANKEN, Michael, Post-office, Sacramento.

MERRITT BROTHERS, Willow Slough; Post-office, Woodland.

STEPHENS BROTHERS, Cottonwood; Post-office, Cache Creek or Woodland.

GRIFFIN, Joseph; Post-office, Buckeye.

BENNETT, R. M.; Post-office, Davisville.

PIERCE, G. W.; Post-office, Davisville.

GORDON, H.; Post-office, Sacramento.

BRYTE, Mike, Washington; Post-office, Sacramento.

CAMPBELL, Baaz; Post-office, Prairie.

CAVE, J. H., Merritt Island; Freeport; Sacramento.

COIL, Charles, Woodland.

COMSTOCK, E.; Post-office, Sacramento.

CONRAD, Samuel, Washington; Post-office, Sacramento.

CHILES, I. S.; Post-office, Davisville.

CHILES, J. W.; Post-office, Woodland.

CHILDS, C.; Post-office, Sacramento.

CRAMER, George; Post-office, Yolo.

DANFORTH, Thomas; Post-office, Capay.

DAVIS, Charles; Post-office, Capay.

DEXTER, L.; Post-office, Buckeye.

ELY, Benjamin, Buckeye.

ENOS, S. M.; Post-office, Davisville.

TRUMPLER, L.; Post-office, Freeport, Sacramento County.

WRIGHT, Carson; Post-office, Grafton.

SCOTT, George W., Post-office, Cache Creek.

BULLOCK, J. P., Woodland.

FRAZIER, D., Woodland.

SMITH, J. K.; Post-office, Yolo.

SMITH, J. B.; Post-office, Yolo.

TRYON, D.; Post-office, Davisville.

GWINN, F. S.; Post-office, Grafton.

EVERETT, P. G.; Post-office, Capay.

FERAN, Henry, Elk Slough; Onisbo, Sacramento County.

FOWLER, Nelson; Post-office, Woodland.

GOODALE, D.; Post-office, Capay.

GREEN, J. B.; Post-office, Richland, Sacramento County.

McGREGOR, Peter; Post-office, Sacramento.

MARSHALL, A.; Post-office, Silveyville, Solano County.

MARDEN, H. H., Davisville; general dealer in Cattle.

NELSON, C., general dealer, Woodland.

WRISTEN, Julius, Sacramento.

RYON BROS., Willow Slough; Post-office, Woodland.


JOHNSON, William, Cottonwood.

McNEIL, William H., 6 miles SW from Woodland.

HAYES & McGRATH, Buckeye.

PHILLIPS, H. F., Buckeye.

WEBSTER, E. A., Plainfield.

REYNOLDS, W. T., Cacheville.

BEACH, C. L., Woodland.

DINSMORE, Robert, Woodland.

FORD, S. E., G. W. SCOTT's ranch.

KIRN, Fred., ELLIOTT's shop, Woodland.

FITZ SIMMONS, T., Davisville.

PLUMMER, J., Knight's Landing.

ROBERTSON, W. J., Davisville.

BENHAM, Robert, Merritt Station.

ELLIOTT, C., Woodland.

ERVIN & SOVEREIGN, Knight's Landing.

PRASTER, A. J., Cacheville.


EASTHAM, John, Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

HARRIS, George, Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

HARRIS, G. V., Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

MOORE, Elkannah, Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

GRIER, J. J., Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

MYRICK, G. W., Woodland.

FORBES, J. E., Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

PIERCE, H. A., 5 miles W from Woodland.

ALLISON, James, Woodland.

AMESBURY, James, Woodland.

HOPKINS, Dwight, residence Woodland.

EDSON, Henry, Knight's Landing.

JACOBS, T. A. & George, Woodland.

MYERS, Martin, Woodland.

MYRICK, George W., Woodland.

MILLER, Peter, Woodland.

METZGAR, F., 5 miles W from Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

McKAY, John, Woodland.

McCUE, C. Davisville.

McCONNELL, J., Woodland.

OGDEN, A. T., Woodland.

PARR, N. F., Davisville.

PECK, Orrin, Davisville.

PECKHAM, J., Davisville.

SWEET, William G.; Post-office, Davisville.

SWEET, Z. T.; Post-office, Davisville.

FORD, S. E., Cottonwood.

LUTZZELBERGER, Christian; Post-office, Cache Creek.

SEIGAL, John, Cottonwood; Post-office, Cache Creek.

MYERS, B. F.; Post-office, Cache Creek.

COON, Melza W., ; Post-office, Woodland.

LAMOREE, E. L., Davisville.

EARLE, Asa C.; Post-office, Buckeye.

BOGGS, Leonard, Woodland.

CHRISTY, T., Woodland.

SIBLEY, James, Woodland.

SHANAHAN, D. N., Davisville.

SANDERS, James S.; Post-office, Davisville.

TILLEY, John, Woodland.

TIPTON, Sylvester, Washington; Post-office, Sacramento.

TORRANCE, M. H., Woodland.

TOURTILLOTT, Jacob D.; Post-office, Woodland.

TUTTLE, J.; Post-office, Grafton.

WESTJOHNS, Henry A.; Post-office, Grafton.

ZERING, J.; Post-office, Sacramento.

ASHER, William, Woodland.

MARJISON, Alonzo, Woodland.

McKAY, John, Woodland.

McCONNELL, Jackson, Woodland.

CONNELLY, Francis, Woodland.

MYERS, Martin, Woodland.

BOGGS, A. L., Woodland.

LELAND, J. H., Woodland.

ALLEN, Josiah; Post-office, Sacramento.

ASHER, James, Woodland.

ARNOLD, J. K., Woodland.

BELL, John E., Washington; Post-office, Sacramento.

BOSBY, Aaron, Davisville.

BOSBY, William H., Davisville.

BLAIR, E., Post-office, Capay.

FALLENBEE, George A., Davisville.

GAMMILL, William M., Woodland.

GRIER, John; Post-office, Yolo.

HALL, Joseph, Woodland.

HILL, Thomas, ship-carpenter and boat-builder, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

HOLTON, E. R.; Post-office, Cache Creek.

HOPKINS, A. S., Woodland.

HUNT, William T., Woodland.

JACOBS, F. A., Woodland.

JACOBS, George, Woodland.

KNIGHT, W. L.; Post-office, Sacramento.

LAMOREE, E. L.; Post-office, Davisville.

LELAND, J. H., Woodland.

LUTZ, Louis; Post-office, Grafton.

EDSON, Henry C.; Post-office, Grafton.

FORBES, J. E.; Post-office, Yolo.

GRAHAM, Joseph, Davisville.

HALL, James; Post-office, Sacramento.

HALL, Isaac, ship-carpenter; Post-office, Sacramento.

HALL, G. P., ship-carpenter; Post-office, Sacramento.

HARRIS, George; Post-office, Yolo.

HARRIS, G. V.; Post-office, Yolo.

HARRIS, Charles W., Davisville.

JOHNSON, Ben. F.; Post-office, Davisville.

KEELE, Isaac; Post-office, Grafton.

KIUST, Lago; Post-office, Yolo.

LUTZ, Henry; Post-office, Grafton.

MURRY, Robert; Post-office, Sacramento.


DUNCAN, John; Post-office, Sacramento.


FISHER, Levi; Post-office, Woodland.


DAMERON, G. M., 2 1/2 miles S from Cottonwood.

EAKLE, H. H., 8 1/2 miles SW from Woodland.

SCOGGINS, D. F., 8 miles SW from Buckeye.

GOAN, Emanuel, Elk Slough.

SCOTT, G. W., Cottonwood.

LAUGENOUR, Thomas, near Woodland.

McGREGOR, Peter, 3 1/2 miles below Washington.

RYAN BROTHERS, on Willow Slough.

SMITH, J. R., 5 miles NW from Cacheville.

TRYON, D., 5 miles NE from Davisville.

TRUMPLERS, L., on Sacramento river, 30 miles SE from Woodland.

BULLOCK, J. P., Woodland.


HODGDEN, Captain W., contracts to raise and move buildings, Washington; Post-office, Sacramento.

ELLIOTT, N., brick and building material, and erects brick buildings; Post-office, Woodland.

CRAFT, L. F., brick and building material, and erects brick or frame buildings, complete, Woodland.

SIBLEY, James, to build frame buildings and furnish material; Post-office, Woodland.

SMITH, Samuel, to build frame buildings and furnish material; Post-office, Grafton.

LANG, John, to furnish brick in any desired quantity; Post-office, Capay.

MATHEW BROS., Washington, to excavate, fill, build roads, levees, etc.; Post-office, Sacramento.

STAMP, Alex., Woodland, to build frame buildings, and furnish material.


SMITH & BROGAN, Woodland.

PARKER, George H., Woodland.

KRELLENBERG, Peter, Woodland.

G. W. HARRINGTON, Woodland.


BYNUM, E., County Clerk, Woodland.

ADLER, Michael, Woodland.

BILLUPS, Wm. McC., Davisville.

BONHAM, A. B., Davisville.

BOULWARE, J. T., Woodland.

BOWEN, A., Overland House, Woodland.

BURNS, D. M., Capitol Hotel, Woodland.

BUSH, C. W., Cashier, Bank of Woodland.

BRADSHAW, T. A., book-keeper and accountant, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

BROWN, E. W., book-keeper, DRESBACH & Co., Davisville.

COLE, George I., book-keeper and grain-buyer for HUNT & THOMAS, Woodland.

GIDDINGS, C. J., County Clerk's office, Woodland.

HETICH, George, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

HILLER, John A., Davisville.

HORNING, Jacob, freight clerk, depot, Davisville.

HUNT, Charles, Washington; Post-office, Sacramento.

KLAYS, Frederick, Davisville.

LERCH, R., Woodland.

LOOMIS, George, Woodland.

MERRY, George A., Davisville.

OTIS, E. P., Davisville.

PENDEGAST, S., Woodland.

PIERCE, T. B., Davisville.

PLANT, L. J., Davisville.

POCKMAN, T. C., Woodland.

READ, J. T., book-keeper for REED & MAGEE, Woodland.

DAVIDSON, Robert, Book-keeper for F. S. FREEMAN, Woodland.

ROBINSON, J. H., baggage-clerk, railroad, Washington; Post-office, Sacramento.

STEELE, Isaac C., Davisville.

SUSSMAN, M., HOFFMAN's, Cottonwood.

SIBLEY, S., GRAY & WOODS, Woodland.

TEBBS, Thomas, Woodland.

WALKER, Charles C., Davisville.

WILCOX, W., Washington.

WISHART, Wm., Woodland.

WRIGHT, Wm., clerk Union Hotel, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.


BRYTE, Mike, Washington, one hundred cows; Post-office, Sacramento.

COMSTOCK, E., residence 10 miles SE from Woodland; Post-office, Sacramento.

CANNADY, Wm. J., residence 6 miles NW from Buckeye, twenty cows; Post-office, Buckeye.

CARY, H. S., residence 3 miles SE from Davisville, one hundred cows; Post-office, Davisville.

CAVE, J. H., residence on Merritt Island, thirty cows; Post-office, Freeport, Sacramento County.

ENOS, S. M., Tule House, 6 mile (sic) NE from Davisville, one hundred cows; Post-office, Davisville.

GIDDINGS, E., Woodland, twenty-five cows.

GREEN, J. B., on Sacramento River, eighty cows; Post-office, Richland, Sacramento County.

HERRINGER, J., residence Elk Slough, near Sacramento River, 25 cows.

HALL, Henry, SWINGLE Ranch.

HILLER, Samuel, Woodland.

KRULL BROS., Elk Slough, 28 miles SE from Woodland, thirty cows.

KEFERT, Jacob, twenty-five cows; Post-office, Freeport, Sacramento County.

KEEFER & ZUBRICK, rent of George W. SWINGLE, one hundred cows.

SCOTT, Charles W., 5 miles SW from Cottonwood, twenty-two cows; Post-office, Cache Creek.


HADLEY, Harvey, Cacheville, Post-office, Yolo.

PIERCE, T. B., Davisville.



HAIGHT, E. J., Davisville.

GLASSCOCK, Peter, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.

REED & MAGEE, Woodland.


HASTINGS, Ben., Woodland.

PROCTOR, C. W., Davisville.

McCLEARY, J. S., Woodland.


ANDREWS, George W., residence Woodland.

GALBRAITH, Alexander, Woodland.

WESCOTT, O. B., Woodland.

WILLETT, Eli, Knight's Landing; Post-office, Grafton.


SAUNDERS, William, Yolo Democrat; Woodland.

WAGSTAFF, A. E., Yolo Mail; Woodland.


BARNES, James, Knight's Landing.

COOPER, James B.; Post-office, Sacramento.

ETCHELL, Wm.; Post-office, Sacramento.

HARRISON, Thomas; Post-office, Sacramento.

HENNING, J. S.; Post-office, Yolo.

HOLT, Chris.; Post-office, Sacramento.

MATTHEWS, Amos; Post-office, Sacramento.

NORTON, George, Woodland.

TURNER, James, Davisville.

WOODS, John; Post-office, Sacramento.

MESSENGER, W. L., Woodland.


DEMMING, Theodore, three hundred and twenty acres of grain land near Woodland.

FISHER, Mrs. A., one hundred and sixty acres of grain land near Woodland.

HURBUT, D. D., grain land near Cottonwood.

STEPHENS, George D., grain land near Cottonwood.

PIERCE, George A., grain land near Willow Slough.

RUDDOCK, Dr., grain land near Willow Slough.

WILCOXON & FERRISS, grain land near Woodland.

LOWE, Mr., grain land near Cacheville.

SHEPHERD, Mr. (Agent of ARNOLD estate), good grain land in Capay Valley.

MATHEWS BROTHERS, grain and pasture land in Yolo, Colusa and Solano counties, Post-office, Sacramento.


MATHEWS BROTHERS, grazing and grain lands for sale on easy terms, in large or small quantities, in Yolo, Solano, and Colusa counties; cultivated lands, with or without the fallow crop, will be sold on liberal terms - a small part of payment cash, the remainder in five, ten or twenty years. Post-office, Sacramento.

HUNT, G., eleven hundred acres of land near Cacheville, bordering the creek; three hundred acres well wooded; good living water for stock; a very valuable farm for stock- or grain-raising; Division 3; land of best quality. Address G. HUNT, Woodland, or apply on the premises; will sell in quantity to suit purchasers, and on reasonable terms.

CLARK, E., one grain farm, two hundred and twelve acres, in Capay Valley near Capay Post-office, and one stock range of two thousand acres in the foot-hills, 1 1/2 miles from Capay Post-office. Apply to E. CLARK, Woodland or on the premises.

MONTGOMERY, Wm., 3 miles E from Davisville, on Putah Island, six hundred and forty acres, adapted to grain and stock; well watered for stock, and a well of excellent water at the house. Apply to Wm. MONTGOMERY on the premises, or by letter to Davisville Post-office.

MATHENA, Hadley, on Sacramento River, 2 miles below Washington, five hundred acres, Divisions 1 and 2; a portion is fine garden land, well cultivated and improved, the remainder tule grazing land. Apply on the premises to H. MATHENA, or by letter to Sacramento Post-office.

SMITH, J. W., one hundred and sixty acres of good grain land; farm well improved; supplied with wells for watering stock; a well of good water at house. For particulars inquire of J. W. SMITH, 5 miles NW from Cacheville, or by letter to Yolo Post-office.

CLANTON, C., three hundred and twenty acres of good grain land; farm well improved, with a first-class vineyard and orchard. For particulars inquire of C. CLANTON, on the premises, 2 miles S from Woodland.

CURTIS, J. J., farm on Sacramento River, 36 miles SE from Woodland.

HILLER, J. B., three hundred acres of good garden and grazing land. Inquire of J. B. HILLER, Post-office, Sacramento.

BUMP, Nelson, one hundred and seventy-five acres on Sacramento River, Divisions 1 and 2; good garden or grain land. Post-office, Onisbo, Sacramento River.

DANFORTH, George, Mountain ranch, of three hundred and twenty acres, 10 miles NW from Cottonwood; an excellent stock-range. Inquire of G. DANFORTH on the premises; Post-office, Capay.

MARTIN, T. A., 5 miles NE from Davisville, offers his farm of eleven hundred acres for sale; the land lies in Divisions 2 and 3; adapted to grain and pasturage, seven hundred acres of grain land. For particulars, apply to T. A. MARTIN on the premises, or by letter to Davisville Post-office.

KRIFF, Frederick, thirty acres of land on the Sacramento River; nineteen acres garden land, near Washington. Address F. KRIFF, Sacramento.

STEPHENS, G. D., one thousand acres of river land near Fremont. Apply to J. D. STEPHENS, Woodland, or G. D. STEPHENS, Cache Creek Post-office.

LAUGENOUR, J. D., farm of two hundred acres of grain land, 3 1/2 miles W from Knight's Landing; it is well-improved, good buildings, good well of water, and one of the best grain ranches in the county. For terms apply to S. H. LAUGENOUR, on the premises, or by mail or otherwise to J. D. LAUGENOUR, Grafton Post-office (Knight's Landing).

EVANS, R. S., two hundred acres of land, first quality grain land, to be sold at a bargain. For particulars, inquire on the premises; land lies 5 miles NW from Prairie Post-office, 16 miles NW from Woodland.

PIERCE, George A., one hundred and sixty acres of good grain land on Willow Slough, 5 miles SE from Woodland; good buildings; fence hog-tight, two good wells of soft water, and plenty of running water for stock. Apply on the premises, or to C. P. SPRAGUE, Woodland.

McFADYEN, J., near Cottonwood, four hundred acres of very superior grain land, as good as can be found in the county; well wooded, good water. For terms, apply to John McFADYEN, Cache Creek Post-office.

FOX, H., 9 miles SE from Woodland, three hundred and twenty acres choice grain land, well fenced and good water and buildings. Apply to H. FOX, Davisville Post-office.

WATERMAN, S., 6 miles SE from Woodland; offers eight hundred acres of land, Divisions 2 and 3, for sale; thirty acres in cultivation; a good stock ranch, tule range, suitable for summer pasturage. Address by mail at Woodland, or inquire at the premises.


SWINGLE, George, sixteen hundred acres lying on the sink of Putah Creek, Divisions 2 and 3, six hundred acres of excellent grain land, the remainder grazing; well watered by running water (Putah Creek); a very valuable stock and dairy farm; rents for three thousand dollars per annum; rated at sixteen thousand dollars.

WILCOXON & FERRIS have seventeen hundred and eighty-nine acres of good grain land, lying 4 miles W from Woodland; well wooded and watered; it is mostly in grain, by renters; one of the most valuable grain tracts in the county; we average it at fifty thousand dollars; or thirty dollars per acre, which could be readily obtained if the tract were divided up into small farms.

HURLBUT, D. D., near Cottonwood, eighteen hundred and one acres of grain land in three sections, valued at forty thousand dollars; an excellent body of grain land is comprised in the home farm; the tract on the west side of Cottonwood Creek is of less value per acre, though it is average grain land.

McDONALD, James, on Sacramento River, 4 miles SE from Charleston; one thousand nine hundred and thirty acres grain and grazing land, sixteen thousand dollars; an excellent dairy farm.

MARTIN, T. A., 5 miles NE from Davisville; eleven hundred acres, Divisions 2 and 3, offered for sale, seven hundred acres grain land.

NELSON, C., farm on Cache Creek, 3 miles N from Woodland; three thousand acres of grain and grazing land, well watered and wooded; a fine stock farm, thirty-two thousand dollars.

STEPHENS, G. D., & J. D., four thousand acres land, Divisions 1, 2 and 3; a large part grain land, well wooded and watered, Cache Creek running through the grain land; well-improved, good fences and buildings; a superior stock or grain farm; at present used as a stock and grain ranch; one of the best farms in the county; one thousand acres of the land lies on the Sacramento River, a good stock ranch; value of two tracts, one hundred and forty thousand dollars.

HERSHEY, David, 7 miles NW from Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo; a very large tract of grazing land near the Colusa line; eighteen thousand dollars.

HEXT BROS., 5 miles W from Davisville; Post-office, Davisville; fourteen hundred acres land, Division 3; forty-two thousand dollars; grain farm.

HOPPIN BROS., 2 miles NW from Cacheville; twenty-five hundred acres of land, Division 3; fifty thousand dollars; grain and grazing.

MATTHEWS BROS., Washington; in all six thousand one hundred and forty acres of land, suitable for grazing; tule land and hill ranches, thirteen thousand dollars.

RUMSEY, Clinton, in Capay Valley, twelve hundred acres of grain land; would make an excellent stock farm, being well watered by running water (Cache Creek), well wooded; present value, nine thousand dollars.

CLARK, Noble J., one thousand acres grain land, 12 miles NW from Woodland; twenty thousand dollars; Post-office, Grafton.

CLARK, Wm., J., Five thousand two hundred and ninety acres of land (the Buckeye ranch), 3 miles from Antelope Post-office; valuable grain and stock farm; fifty thousand dollars.

DUNNEGAN, A. W., Antelope Post-office, 22 miles NW from Woodland; twelve hundred acres land, grain and stock; twenty thousand dollars.

GORDON, E. E., 8 miles W from Woodland; sixteen hundred acres, stock farm; twenty-five thousand dollars [see stock tables].

GREEN & TRAINOR, three thousand and forty acres of land, grazing, tule; six thousand dollars.

HAINES, Samuel, two thousand seven hundred acres of land, Division 2, used for grazing.

MOORE, James, 5 miles SW from Woodland; eleven hundred and twenty acres of land, Division 3, all under cultivation; one of the best improved grain farms in the county.

ELY, Benjamin, Buckeye; fourteen hundred and sixty acres of land, Division 3, all in cultivation; fourteen hundred and eighty acres of land, Division 4, grazing land; total, two thousand nine hundred and forty acres; fifty-two thousand dollars.

MASON, W. W., 7 miles SW from Woodland; twelve hundred and eighty acres of land, Division 3, all in cultivation; twenty thousand dollars.

BRIGGS, R. C.,; Post-office, Buckeye, nine hundred acres of land, Division 3, all in cultivation; three thousand acres grazing land, Division 4; total, thirty-nine hundred acres; forty-three thousand five hundred dollars.

GREEN, Charles, 8 miles S from Woodland; twelve hundred and eighty acres of grain land; fifty-one thousand two hundred dollars. One of the best-improved and best grain farms in the county.

CAMPBELL, Baaz; seventeen hundred acres of land, Division 3; Post-office, Yolo; twenty-five thousand dollars.

SCOTT, George W., near Cottonwood; Post-office, Cache Creek; seven thousand acres of land; two thousand acres Division 3, grain land; five thousand acres Divisions 4 and 5, grazing land, with a vast adjourning range, valueless to others, owing to the absence of water on the unclaimed lands; the most valuable stock farm in Yolo County, independent of the grain land; seventy-five thousand dollars.

CAMPBELL, William J.; sixteen hundred and forty acres of grain land, well wooded, situated 7 miles N from Buckeye; Post-office, Buckeye; a valuable grain farm; fifty thousand dollars.

CAREY, M. S., 3 miles SE from Davisville; ten thousand one hundred and sixty-two acres grain and grazing land; principal business, stock and dairying; a very valuable farm; fifty thousand dollars.

COIL, Charles, near Woodland; eighteen hundred and fifty acres; grain and stock farm; twenty-five thousand dollars.

CHILES, Isaac S.; sixteen hundred and eighty-two acres of land, 12 miles SE from Woodland; stock and grain farm; fifty thousand dollars.

KEITHLY, William, 4 miles W from Cache Creek Post-office, 16 miles W from Woodland; eleven hundred acres of land, all in cultivation; staple product, wheat; value, thirty thousand dollars.

FREDERICKS, R., 4 miles S from Cache Creek Post-office, 15 miles SW from Woodland; fourteen hundred and forty acres of land, Division 3, all in cultivation.

EDGAR, James, 8 miles NW from Buckeye Post-office, 20 miles SW from Woodland; two hundred acres of land, Division 3, in cultivation; thirteen hundred acres grazing; total, fifteen hundred acres.

CHAPMAN, G. W., 3 1/2 miles W from Buckeye Post-office, 18 miles SW from Woodland; three hundred acres of land, Division 3, in cultivation; eight thousand two hundred and sixty acres of land, Division 2, grazing land; total, eight thousand five hundred and eighty acres.

MAXWELL, Thomas J., Buckeye; one hundred and sixty acres of land, Division 3, in cultivation; eighteen hundred acres grazing; total, nineteen hundred and sixty acres.

GRIFFIN, Joseph, 1 mile S from Buckeye Post-office; nine hundred and forty-five acres of land, Division 3, all in cultivation.


JACKSON's FERRY, George C. JACKSON, Freeport and Yolo shores.

HAWK's FERRY, Samuel HAWK, Sutterville and Yolo shores.

SMITH's FERRY, on Woodland and Marysville road.


BOWER, Wm. B., Washington.

BUCKINGHAM, R. R., Washington.

BUTTERFIELD, M. N., Washington.

BREWER, W. E., Washington.

BROWN, Wm. B., Washington.

CONRAD, John, Washington.

CONRAD, George, Washington.

DENNY, Hugh, Washington.

FOOYS, Wm., Washington.

FOX, Guy; Post-office, Grafton.

JOHNSON, Wm., Washington.

JONES, Wm. R.; Post-office, Grafton.

JOHNSON, Peter E., Washington.

LAUSEN, James, Washington.

LAUSEN, Laurentz, Washington.

McLAREN, John, Washington.

OAKES, Francis, Washington.

OSMOND, J., mouth of Babel Slough.

PETERSON, James, Washington.

PETERSON, H., Washington.

RALL, Philip, Washington.

ROLLINS, F. N., mouth of Babel Slough.

SMITH, C., Babel Slough.

SMITH, John; Post-office, Charleston.

SAUNDERS, J. G., Babel Slough.

THOMPSON, John W., Washington.

WATERS, James, Knight's Landing.

WEDERHOLT, Christopher, Washington.

WHITE, Dedrich, Washington.

WILLSON, George F., Washington.

WILLSON, C., Washington.


HUNTLY, C. B., Woodland.


LINDSAY, Hiram W., 7 miles SW from Woodland; Post-office, Woodland.


SCOTT, G. W., American and half-breeds; Post-office, Cache Creek.

STEPHENS, J. D. & G. D., Cottonwood; American horses; Post-office, Cache Creek.

WILLSON, Samuel, 3 miles NE from Buckeye Post-office.

VINCENT, David, 3 miles NW from Buckeye Post-office.

FINCH, R. R. & Z., 2 1/2 miles SW from Woodland; Post-office, Woodland.

DEXTER, L., 5 miles S from Buckeye Post-office.

BRIGGS, R. C.; Post-office, Buckeye.

OGDEN, A. J., 7 1/2 miles SW from Woodland.

JACOBS, I. W., 2 miles W from Knight's Landing.

LAUGENOUR, Thomas, 3 1/2 miles W from Knight's Landing.

MERRITT BROTHERS, Willow Slough; Post-office, Woodland.

MARDEN, W. H., Davisville.

O'NEAL, James, Davisville; some fine thoroughbred colts.

RYON BROTHERS, on Willow Slough; Post-office, Woodland.

WOODWARD, George, Cacheville; Clydesdale stock; Post-office, Yolo.

WRIGHT, Carson; Post-office, Grafton.

CAMPBELL, Baaz, 10 miles from Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

COIL, Charles, near Woodland; Post-office, Woodland.

CLANTON, Dury, 2 1/2 miles S from Woodland.

DAVIS, Charles, Capay Valley; Post-office, Capay.

DUBOSE BROTHERS, 8 miles below Washington, Post-office, Sacramento.

EVERETT, P. G., Capay Valley; Post-office, Capay.

FOWLER, Nelson, 5 miles NE from Woodland.

GORDON, Joseph, 8 miles NW from Woodland.

GOODALE, David, 6 miles NW from Capay Post-office, Capay Valley.

ELY, Benjamin, Buckeye.

PIERCE, G. W., 5 miles W from Davisville Post-office.

HUBBARD, Chauncey, 7 miles NW from Washington.

HUTTON, J., Cacheville; Post-office, Yolo.

KEITHLY, John, 8 miles S from Woodland.

FORD, J. D., Davisville, Oregon horses

GOODALE, W.; Post-office, Capay.

PACE & CRAMER, 1 mile E from Cacheville.


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