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Transcription of

The Western Shore Gazetteer and Commercial Directory,
For the State of California…, Yolo County,

Compiled and published annually
C. P. Sprague & H. W. Atwell,
Woodland, Yolo County, 1870.

Transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo
(Feel free to use the following transcription for your personal use or your non-profit web sites.)

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County Officers.

Judge, J. W. ROBERTSON, Snelling.

Clerk, James E. HICKS, Snelling.

Sheriff, Samuel M. BROWN, Snelling.

Under-Sheriff, John A. KENDRICK, Snelling.

Treasurer, George TURNER, Snelling.

Surveyor, W. G. COLLIER, Snelling.

Superintendent Common Schools, M. C. MONROE, Snelling.

Assessor, James H. COX, Snelling.

District Attorney, R. H. WARD, Snelling.

Supervisors - A. HARRELL, Plainsburg; J. B. COCONOUR, Snelling; J. K. MEARS, Dover.

District Judge, A. C. BRADFORD, Mariposa.

(Merced County) Township Officers.

Township No. 1 - Justices: L. W. TALBOTT, Snelling; A. BOYCE, Hopeton. Constables: Bob. NORTHFIELD, Snelling; W. L. SILLMAN, Hopeton.

Township No. 2 - Justices: M. SMYTHE, Plainsburg; Jon. SIMONS, Plainsburg. Constable: None.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, William H. RUMSEY, Monterey.

Clerk, W. M. R. PARKER, Monterey.

Sheriff, Thomas WATSON, Monterey.

Treasurer, Juan B. CASTRO, Monterey.

Surveyor, H. M. HAYES, Hollister.

Superintendent Common Schools, E. MALDERMAN, Castroville.

Public Administrator and Coroner, S. E. PARDEE, Monterey.

Assessor, W. V. McGARVEY, San Juan.

District Attorney, W. H. WEBB, Monterey.

Supervisors - S. M. BLACK, Castroville; G. W. BRYANT, Castroville; E. A. REYNOLDS, San Juan; John SHEEHY, Watsonville; Reuben MOREY, Monterey.

District Judge, S. B. McKEE, Oakland, Alameda Co.

(Monterey County) Township Officers.

Monterey Township - Justices: S. E. PARDEE, B. V. SARGENT, Monterey. Constables: George AUSTIN, W. D. ROBINSON, Monterey.

Alisal Township - Justices: D. W. ASHBY, E. M. READING, Salinas City. Constables: J. H. HARRIS, Frank HAMILTON, Salinas City.

Castroville Township - Justice: R. E. WILLIAMS, Castroville. Constable: None.

Pajaro Township - Justice: T. S. ROBERTS, Watsonville. Constable: Joseph PELISSIER, Watsonville.

San Juan Township - Justices: J. O. HERITAGE, San Juan; Thomas M. DAVIS, Hollister. Constables: Joseph DUNNING, San Juan; L. BOSWELL, Hollister.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, H. L. LEAVITT, Bridgeport.

Clerk, A. W. CROCKER, Bridgeport.

Sheriff, Z. B. TINKUM, Bridgeport.

Under-Sheriff, David HAYS, Bridgeport.

Treasurer, A. H. ALLEN, Bridgeport.

Superintendent of Common Schools, A. W. CROCKER, Bridgeport.

Coroner, I. S. KIKENDALE, Coleville.

Assessor, R. G. WATKINS, Bridgeport.

District Attorney, Sidney HUNTOON, Bridgeport.

Supervisors - E. C. KELTY, Benton; Lloyd GOODNOW, Coleville.

District Judge, Theron REED, Havilah.

(Mono County) Township Officers.

Bridgeport Township - Justices: J. D. DAWSON, W. CALKINS, Bridgeport.

Benton Township - Justice: A. MACK, Benton; Constable: H. H. DEVINE, Benton.

Coleville Township - Justices: S. A. SAWYER, J. T. POE, Coleville. Constable, M. S. SNOW, Coleville.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, Robert CROUCH, Napa City.

Clerk, C. B. SEELEY, Napa City.

Sheriff, A. B. WALKER, Napa City.

Under-Sheriff, G. N. CORNWELL, Napa City.

Treasurer, A. G. BOGGS, Napa City.

Surveyor, W. E. STONEY, Napa City.

Superintendent of Common Schools, G. W. FORD, Napa City.

Public Administrator, J. D. BLANCHER, Napa City.

Coroner, M. B. POND, M. D., Napa City.

Assessor, B. W. ARNOLD, Yountville.

District Attorney, T. J. TUCKER, Napa City.

Supervisors - Joseph MECKLINBERG, Calistoga; E. N. BOYNTON, Napa City; John FINNELL, Monticello.

District Judge, Wm. C. WALLACE, Napa City.

(Napa County) Township Officers.

Napa Township - Justices: G. W. TOWLE, E. D. SAWYER, Napa City. Constables: F. M. HACKETT, Robert J. WEST, Napa City.

Yount Township - Justices: A. C. McDONNELL, Yountville; R. C. GILLESPIE, Monticello. Constables: T. B. HOPPER, Yountville; E. A. PEACOCK, Monticello.

Hot Springs Township - Justices: J. H. ALLISON, St. Helena; L. N. DUVAL, Pope Valley. Constables: James McGEE, St. Helena; W. H. LESTER, Calistoga.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, A. C. NILES, Nevada.

Clerk, J. J. ROGERS, Nevada.

Sheriff, John H. DICKSON, Nevada.

Under-Sheriff, John McBROWN, Nevada.

Treasurer, Julius GREENWALD, Nevada.

Surveyor, H. S. BRADLEY, Nevada.

Superintendent Common Schools, A. MORSE, Nevada.

Public Administrator, Charles McELVEY, Nevada.

Coroner, W. C. POPE, Grass Valley.

Assessor, J. J. DORSEY, Grass Valley.

District Attorney, J. I. CALDWELL, Nevada.

Supervisors - George B. NEWELL, Sweetland; James MUNROE, Nevada City; John HUSSEY, You Bet.

District Judge, T. B. REARDON, Nevada.

(Nevada County) Township Officers.

Grass Valley Township - Justices: P. H. PAYNTER, M. H. FUNSTON, Grass Valley. Constables: W. H. MONTGOMERY, J. E. P. WILLIAMS, Grass Valley.

Nevada Township - Justices: John CALDWELL, J. C. PALMER, Nevada. Constables: J. B. GRAY, N. M. BARNETT, Nevada.

Rough and Ready Township - Justices: A. L. BAGLEY, W. H. McFARLAND, Rough and Ready. Constables: James WOODS, James HUIT, Rough and Ready.

Bridgeport Township - Justices: C. W. DANNALS, Sweetland; J. SLOTLAR, San Juan. Constables: Robert HIECKINS, J. A. ROSS.

Little York Township - Justices: W. C. BARKER, M. O. SHEPHERD, You Bet. Constables: John HARMON, John REAGAN, You Bet.

Meadow Lake Township - Justices: T. C. PLUNKETT, Aaron BELL. Constables: Jr. R. CROSS, Truckee; J. D. HYLTON.

Bloomfield Township - Justices: Levi AYERS, Columbia Hill; A. A. SMITH, North Bloomfield. Constables: W. BRIGHAM, J. M. BUSH.

Washington Township - Justices: F. BATTICE, Washington; F. FREEMAN, Omega. Constables: Wm. SLINGER, Omega; Samuel CRAWFORD, Washington.

Eureka Township - Justices: James BALLARD, Eureka; S. L. BLACKWELL, Moore's Flat. Constables: J. B. CONN, Eureka; J. McCORMACK.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, D. W. SPEAR, Auburn.

Clerk, G. G. SEWELL, Auburn.

Sheriff, B. D. DUNHAM, Auburn.

Treasurer, O. W. HOLLENBECK, Auburn.

Surveyor, Young DOUGHERTY, Auburn.

Superintendent Common Schools, J. T. KINDADE, Rocklin.

Public Administrator, Thomas JAMISON, Auburn.

Assessor, J. C. BOGGS, Auburn.

District Attorney, H. H. FELLOWS, Auburn.

Supervisors - J. D. PRATT, Roseville; W. H. KINDER, Gold Run; Wm. VAN VACTOR, Iowa Hill.

District Judge, T. B. REARDON, Auburn.

(Placer County) Township Officers.

Township No. 1 - Justices: W. A. THOMAS, J. D. NASH. Constables: R. J. FLETCHER, L. L. CROCKER.

Township No. 2 - Justices: James MOORE, Joseph MYRES. Constables, James BARON, G. W. HURST.

Township No. 3 - Justices, R. C. POLAND, Matthew CAMPBELL. Constables: Wm. M. CRUTCHER, Sam. COGSWELL.

Township No. 4 - Justices: Wm. W. MUNSON, N. R. D. TRAPHAGEN. Constables: Asa PLANT, W. S. COOK.

Township No. 5 - Justices: W. McCLANAHAN, Thos. DODDS. Constables: J. H. WILKINS, R. WILLIAMS.

Township No. 6 - Justices: Joseph TAYLOR, Henry LONG. Constables: Joseph BLACKBURN, J. Bleaks.

Township No. 7 - Justices: P. STONE, G. W. SNYDER. Constables: J. B. CARDER, H. H. CROCKER.

Township No. 8 - Justices: J. M. BARDWELL, J. J. HYLAND. Constables: Seth LABREE, R. KINKAID.

Township No. 9 - Justices: John CLYDESDALE, G. G. LEWIS. Constables: B. HARRIS, D. M. WALKER.

Township No. 10 - Justices: H. W. STARR, David LONG. Constables: G. GRAY, G. L. HOTCHKISS.

Township No. 11 - Justices: George HAGAR, H. D. UNDERWOOD. Constables: L. P. MOREHOUSE, J. PARKS.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, A. P. MOORE, Quincy.

Clerk, F. B. WHITING, Quincy.

Sheriff, J. C. BORING, Quincy.

Under-Sheriff, J. C. CHAPMAN, Quincy.

Treasurer, A. W. KEDDIE, Quincy.

Surveyor, S. S. BOYNTON, Quincy.

Superintendent Common Schools, W. T. BYERS, Quincy.

Public Administrator, S. B. HINDS, Quincy.

Assessor, D. L. HAUN, Quincy.

District Attorney, Charles E. SMITH, Quincy.

Supervisors - J. S. CARTER, Crescent Mills; M. D. SMITH, Meadow Valley.

District Judge, Charles F. LOTT, Oroville.

Township Officers.

Plumas Township - Justices: Thomas F. HERSEY, J. R. WYATT, Quincy. Constable: None.

Mineral Township - Justice: Hamp BROWN, Spanish Ranch. Constable: Wm. CROWELL, Spanish Ranch.

Seneca Township - Justice: John H. SEAGRAVES, Prattville. Constable: None.

Quartz Township - Justice: J. H. WHITCRAFT, Summit. Constables: J. P. BENY, Sol. BABB, Mohawk Valley.

Washington Township - Justice: W. S. JACKSON, Onion Valley. Constable: Wm. WOOD, Onion Valley.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, R. C. CLARK, Sacramento.

Clerk, W. B. C. BROWN, Sacramento.

Sheriff, J. S. WOOD, Sacramento.

Under-Sheriff, A. S. WOOD, Sacramento.

Treasurer, Alfred SPINKS, Sacramento.

Surveyor, A. G. WINN, Sacramento.

Superintendent Common Schools, Dr. A. TRAFTON, Sacramento.

Public Administrator, William SHATTUCK, Sacramento.

Coroner, J. P. COUNTS, Sacramento.

Assessor, F. R. DRAY, Sacramento.

District Attorney, J. K. ALEXANDER, Sacramento.

Supervisors - John DOMINGO, Joseph BAILEY, Wm. BECKMAN, J. H. GROTH, J. S. MEREDITH, Sacramento.

Township Officers.

Sacramento Township - Justices: A. H. LYNCH, B. N. BINGAY, William ELLIS, Sacramento. Constables: W. A. FAYLOR, J. R. SHELLERS, William McCRACKEN, Sacramento.

American Township - Justice: George CONE, Sacramento. Constable: C. A. EVERETT, Sacramento.

Brighton Township - Justices: J. H. WOLF, J. ROUTIER, Brighton. Constable: J. J. ORN, Brighton.

Center Township - Justice: J. G. GIVENS, Arcade. Constable: Peter VAN MAREN, Arcade.

Cosumnes Township - Justice: J. G. W. HEATH, Michigan Bar. Constable: John CONRAN, Michigan Bar.

Lee Township - Justice: S. B. MOORE, Cosumnes. Constables: O. W. SAUNDERS, W. W. WADE, Cosumnes.

Sutter Township - Justices: L. M. LINCOLN, Sutterville. Constable: Amos G. BUTLER, Sutterville.

Granite Township - Justices: R. M. CLARKEN, Joseph DELANEY, Folsom. Constables: T. J. HILL, John SHANNON, Folsom.

Mississippi Township - No election.

Natoma Township - Justices: Thomas STEVENSON, Mormon Island. Constable: John McCOMBER, Mormon Island.

Alabama Township - Justice: J. M. SHORT, Galt. Constable: Curtis BOLTON, Hicksville.

Dry Creek Township - Justice: J. O. KANE, Hicksville; J. L. FIFIELD, Galt. Constable: H. C. SWAIN, Hicksville.

Franklin Township - Justices: P. R. BECKLEY, Hiram JOHNSON, Franklin. Constables: E. MARLETTE, Henry DALRYMPLE, Franklin.

Georgiana Township - Justice: George KNOTT, Walnut Grove. Constable: No election.

San Joaquin Township - Justices: M. DART, Elk Grove; J. H. ATKINS, A. K. LONG, Sheldon. constable: W. A. SIMONS, Elk Grove.

* * * * * * *


City and County Officers.

Sheriff, P. J. WHITE.

County Clerk, J. HANNA.

Recorder, W. L. HIGGINS.

Assessor, L. ROSENER.

Treasurer, Otto KLOPPENBURG.

Tax-Collector, A. AUSTIN.

License Clerk, E. BUCKLEY.

District Attorney, H. H. BYRNE.

Assistant District Attorney, T. W. FREELON.

Street Commissioner, S. J. ASHLEY.

Fire Marshal, J. L. DURKEE.

Chief Engineer, C. ACKERSON.

Superintendent of Industrial School, J. C. PELTON.

Auditor, Monroe ASHBURY.

Superintendent of Public Schools, J. H. WIDBER.

Justices - James C. PENNIE, T. W. TALIAFERRO, F. A. SAWYER, Chas. CORKERY, Michael COONEY.

Police Judge, W. D. SAWYER.

Prosecuting Attorney, D. LOUDERBACK.

Chief of Police, P. CROWLEY.

Captains of Police, W. Y. DOUGLASS, W. H. SILVERTHORNE.

Captain of Harbor Police, W. H. KENTZELL.

Captain of Detective Force, I. W. LEES.

Chief's Clerk, J. SHORT.

Property Clerk, W. CULLEN.

Detectives - Captain, I. W. LEES; H. H. ELLIS, B. F. BOHEN, L. SELINGER, J. TOWLE, A. W. STONE, A. CLARK.


* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, A. D. BOREN, San Bernardino.

Clerk, Sydney P. WAITE, San Bernardino.

Sheriff, N. NOBLE, San Bernardino.

Under-Sheriff, F. G. J. MARGETSON, San Bernardino.

Treasurer, H. YAGER, San Bernardino.

Surveyor, M. WALLACE, San Bernardino.

Superintendent Common Schools, Henry C. BROOKE, San Bernardino.

Public Administrator, Albert RODGERS, San Bernardino.

Coroner, Alex. KIER, Jr., San Bernardino.

Assessor, A. J. CURRY, San Bernardino.

District Attorney, Hulett CLARK, San Bernardino.

Supervisors - John GARNER, N. J. PISHON, David SEELY, San Bernardino.

District Judge, Murry MORRISON, Los Angeles.

Township Officers.

San Bernardino Township - Justices: J. H. WAGNER, E. W. PUGH, San Bernardino. Constable: N. KAVANAUGH, San Bernardino.

San Salvador Township - Justice: B. F. MATTHEWS, San Bernardino. Constable: W. E. BECKSTED, San Bernardino.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, Thomas H. BUSH, San Diego.

Clerk, George A. PENDLETON, San Diego.

Sheriff, James McCOY.

Under-Sheriff, Philip CROSTHEWAITE, San Diego.

Treasure, Jose G. ESTUDILLO, San Diego.

Surveyor, James PASCOE, South San Diego.

Superintendent Common Schools, H. H. DOUGHERTY, South San Diego.

Coroner, Edward BURR, San Diego.

Assessor, William SMITH, South San Diego.

District Attorney, W. T. McNEALY, San Diego.

Supervisors - G. W. B. McDONALD, E. D. FRENCH, J. C. RILEY, South San Diego; Thomas P. SLADE, San Diego; John FORSTER, San Luis Rey.

District Judge, Murry MORRISON, Los Angeles.

Township Officers.

San Diego Township - Justices: H. C. SKINNER, South San Diego; William A. WARDER, San Diego. Constables: Frederick JONES, A. M. YOUNG, South San Diego.

Agua Caliente Township - Justices: Eli MURPHY, Hiram TRUE, San Diego. Constable: J. P. CHAMBERS, San Diego.

Milquatay Township - Justice: C. KLINE, Milquatay.

San Luis Rey Township - Justice: Edward IRVINE, San Louis Rey.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, W. E. GREENE, Stockton.

Clerk, August MUNTER, Stockton.

Sheriff, George H. CASTLE, Stockton.

Under-Sheriff, R. W. STEVENSON, Stockton.

Treasurer, H. S. SERGEANT, Stockton.

Surveyor, John WALLACE, Stockton.

Superintendent Common Schools, W. R. LEADBETTER, Stockton.

Public Administrator, Charles BELDING, Stockton.

Coroner, M. H. BOND, Stockton.

Assessor, C. H. COVEL, Stockton.

District Attorney, W. S. MONTGOMERY, Stockton.

Supervisors - H. M. FANNING, J. F. CHASE, Stockton; J. H. HICKEY, Hawk's Corners.

District Judge, S. A. BOOKER, Stockton.

Township Officers.

Police Judge of the City of Stockton, J. M. LONG.

Stockton Township - Justices: A. G. BROWN, R. W. BRUSH, Stockton. Constables: O. G. LANGMAID, George PERRY, Stockton.

O'Neal Township - Justices: H. FISHER, C. S. STEVENS. Constables: T. GARNER, Sol. LIGHT.

Liberty Township - Justice: C. P. BROWN, Constable: J. H. WILLIAMS.

Elkhorn Township - Justice: A. S. THOMAS. Constable: T. DAVIS.

Elliott Township - Justices: Daniel GILLIS, J. M. SMITH. Constables: John HUDSON, L. A. JAMES.

Douglass Township - Justices: J. R. FENNEL, John CAMPBELL. Constables: W. G. PRATHER, D. M. BIGELOW.

Castoria Township - Justice: S. GOWER. Constable: G. W. SAMPSON.

Tulare Township - Justices H. M. PECK, J. HUTCHINGS. Constables: J. A. PECK. J. HALSTEAD.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, H. TEMPLETON, Redwood City.

Clerk, John E. TATER, Redwood City.

Sheriff, John FREEMAN, Redwood City.

Treasurer, S. S. MERRILL, Redwood City.

Surveyor, A. S. EASTON, San Mateo.

Superintendent Common Schools, H. N. NUTTING, Redwood City.

Assessor, H. E. LEA, Spanishtown.

District Attorney, A. TEAGUE, Redwood City.

Supervisors - Owen McMAHAN, School House Station; C. A. MURRY, San Mateo; George WENTWORTH, Redwood City; Hugh KELLEY, Searsville; James BYRNES, San Mateo; John GARRETSON, Pescadero.

District Judge., E. W. McKINSTRY, San Francisco.

Township Officers.

Township No. 1 - Justice: J. G. COOPER, School House.

Township No. 2 - Justice: J. E. SKIDMORE, San Mateo. Constable: Eugene WALKER, San Mateo.

Township No. 3 - Justices: G. W. FOX, Jesse JEWELL, Redwood City.

Township No. 4 - Justice: John GREER, Woodside.

Township No. 5 - Justice: Samuel WALKER, Spanishtown.

Township No. 6 - Justices: John NOLAN, J. Q. SPRAGUE, Pescadero.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, Lawrence ARCHER, San Jose.

Clerk, John M. LITTLEFIELD, San Jose.

Sheriff, Nicholas R. HARRIS, San Jose.

Under-Sheriff, Samuel W. BORING, San Jose.

Treasurer, Martin CORCORAN, San Jose.

Surveyor, Adolphus H. PARKER, San Jose.

Superintendent Common Schools, Nicholas FURLONG, San Jose.

Public Administrator, Wm. M. LOVELL, San Jose.

Coroner, Luke ROBINSON, Santa Clara.

Assessor, Henry PHELPS, San Jose.

Supervisors - W. H. PATTON, Gilroy; W. H. HALL, San Jose; S. J. JAMISON, Los Gatos; David CAMPBELL, Milpitas; I. M. BATTEE, San Jose.

District Judge, Samuel Bell McKEE, Oakland, Alameda County.

Township Officers.

San Jose Township - Justices: J. W. JOHNSON, W. F. STEWART, San Jose. Constables: Jacob MOSER, Charles T. COTTRELL, San Jose.

Santa Clara Township - Justices: S. DILLEY, M. S. WILSON, Santa Clara. Constables: J. E. HAIGHT, J. VALLIER, Santa Clara.

Fremont Township - Justice: E. McLAUGHLIN, Mountain View. Constable: E. VAN BUREN, Mayfield.

Redwood Township - Justices: H. D. BARTLETT, Lexington; I. M. WHIPPLE, Saratoga. Constables: J. T. INGRAM, M. B. CLARK, Saratoga.

Alviso Township - Justices: H. B. FAIRFIELD, H. WADE, Alviso. Constables: F. P. GWINN, C. W. LOVE, Alviso.

Milpitas Township - Justices: A. A. FRENCH, J. R. WELLER, Milpitas. Constables: J. J. SKEMERGHORN, John POMEROY, Milpitas.

Burnett Township - Justices: L. L. TOURTILLOTT, San Felipe; N. G. FINLEY, Sherman. Constable: T. FISHER, Twelve-Mile House.

Gilroy Township - Justices: Perry DOWDEY, Fred TAYLOR, Gilroy. Constables: P. F. HOEY, I B. WAGNER, Gilroy.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, F. J. MAGINNIS.

Clerk, F. A. THOMPSON.

Assessor, Jose de J. ELIGALLE.

District Attorney, W. T. WILLIAMS.

Sheriff, A. PORTER.

Treasurer, F. W. FROST.

Surveyor, W. H. NORWAY.

Superintendent Public Schools, J. C. HAINES.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, Albert HAGAN.

Clerk, A. BROWN.

Sheriff, A. L. ROUNDTREE.

Treasurer, S. W. BLAKELY.

Superintendent Public Schools, H. E. McKINNEY.

Public Administrator, J. S. MATTISON.

Assessor, N. TAYLOR.

District Attorney, Julius LEE.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, William L. BEEBEE, San Luis Obispo.

Clerk, Charles W. DANA, San Luis Obispo.

Sheriff, Jose A. DE LA GUERRA, San Luis Obispo.

Under-Sheriff, E. R. MORRIS, San Luis Obispo.

Treasurer, William C. DANA, San Luis Obispo.

Surveyor, R. R. HARRIS, San Luis Obispo.

Superintendent Common Schools, P. A. FORRESTER, San Luis Obispo.

Public Administrator, Andronicus SOTO, San Luis Obispo.

Coroner, Frederick OTT, San Luis Obispo.

Assessor, James BUFFUM, San Luis Obispo.

District Attorney, N. D. WITT, San Luis Obispo.

Supervisors - D. W. JAMES, Hot Springs; F. F. LETCHER, Cambria; John M. PRICE, San Luis Obispo.

District Judge, Pablo DE LA GUERRA, Santa Barbara.

Township Officers.

San Simeon Township - Justice: George S. DAVIS, Cambria. Constable: George LUIGO, Cambria.

Salinas Township - Justice: Charles KNOWLTON, Hot Springs. Constable: J. G. GRIFFIN, Hot Springs.

San Luis Obispo Township - Justices: J. J. SIMMLER, R. H. CHOATE, San Luis Obispo. Constable: J. J. SCHIEFFARLEY, San Luis Obispo.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, C. C. BUSH, Shasta.

Clerk, Grant J. TAGGART, Shasta.

Sheriff, Thomas GREENE, Shasta.

Under-Sheriff, William JACKSON, Shasta.

Treasurer, Samuel COOPER, Shasta.

Surveyor, Q. N. ADKINS, Shasta.

Superintendent Common Schools, W. L. CARTER, Shasta.

Public Administrator and Coroner, John SCHULER, Shasta.

Assessor, C. W. TAYLOR, Shasta.

District Attorney, Clay W. TAYLOR.

Supervisors - Henry JONES, Loren SCOTT, J. N. LOGAN.

District Judge, A. M. ROSBOROUGH, Yreka.

Township Officers.

Township No. 1 - Justices: G. R. KNOX, A. L. DOWNER, Shasta. Constable: O. H. HOLTON, Shasta.

Township No. 2 - Justice: E. DICKINSON, French Gulch. Constables: None.

Township No. 3 - No officers elected.

Township No. 4 - Justices: L. L. J. HASTINGS, A. J. CURTISS, Burgettville. Constables: None.

Township No. 5 - Justice: A. FENDER, Millville. Constables: None.

Township No. 6 - Justice: W. N. GUPTILL, Millville.

Township No. 7 - Justice: W. W. STEWARD, Roaring River. Constable: W. M. CLEAVELAND, Roaring River.

Township No. 8 - Justice: H. H. SHUFFLETON, Jamesville. Constable: J. FORSTER, Cottonwood.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge G. HARRIS, Downieville.

Clerk, H. STRANGE, Downieville.

Sheriff, I. CAMPBELL, Downieville.

Treasurer, H. SPAULDING, Downieville.

Surveyor, C. W. HENDEE, St. Louis.

Superintendent Common Schools, I. H. THORPE, Howland Flat.

Public Administrator, J. WHITE, Goodyear's Bar.

Coroner, A. JUMP, Downieville.

Assessor, J. A. LARRIN, Downieville.

District Attorney, J. GALE, Downieville.

Supervisors - John WEIL, Downieville, D. T. COLE, Mountain House; C. F. SMITH, Gibsonville.

District Judge, P. W. KEYSER, Marysville.

Township Officers.

Butte Township - Justices: W. KIMBALL, Downieville; S. H. BEARD, Sierra City. Constables: S. T. BURTON, John HUGHES, Downieville.

Sierra Township - Justices: A. ATWOOD, Sierraville; J. R. THOMPSON, Loyalton. Constables: A. A. HYATT, Sierraville; H. P. NEWTON, Loyalton.

Forest Township - Justices: R. S. WESTON, Forest City; J. CLUTE, Alleghany. Constables: J. F. BRADBURY, Alleghany; G. P. FIELDS, Forest City.

Lincoln Township - Justices: F. SHERMAN, Brandy City; T. B. PARKE, Snake Bar. Constables: H. R. PERRY, J. SUNDERHAN, Goodyear's Bar.

Eureka Township - Justices: G. MEREDITH, T. I. JULIAN, Fir Cap. Constables: W. WALKER, W. FRANK, Fir Cap.

Table Rock Township - Justices: J. R. WALLS, C. A. SCOTT, Table Rock. Constable: N. B. FISH, Table Rock.

Gibson Township - Justices: G. WINCHELL, W. JOHNSON, Gibsonville. Constable: F. MILLER, J. WIEGAND, Gibsonville.

Sears Township - Justices: J. EVELAND, St. Louis; J. P. LLOYD, Port Wine. Constables: H. HEWITT, W. HOGAN, Port Wine.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, William McCONAUGHY, Yreka.

Clerk, Austin HAWKINS, Yreka.

Sheriff, John C. BURGESS, Yreka.

Under-Sheriff, J. M. C. JONES, Yreka.

Treasurer, R. O. DeWITT, Yreka.

Surveyor, A. M. JONES, Yreka.

Superintendent Common Schools, G. K. GODFREY, Yreka.

Public Administrator, S. E. STONE, Yreka.

Assessor, W. J. ROOT, Fort Jones.

District Attorney, Edwin SHEARER, Yreka.

Supervisors - J. S. MATHEWS, Fort Jones; W. G. RIDER, S. S. WILLIAMS, Yreka.

District Judge, A. M. ROSBOROUGH, Yreka.

Township Officers.

Yreka Township - Justices: T. A. BAUTZ, E. P. BROWN, Yreka. Constables: Samuel PATRICK, J. M. C. JONES, Yreka.

Cottonwood Township - Justice: H. B. OKEY, Henley. Constable: Robert CHAMBERS, Henley.

Humbug Township - Justice: I. H. W. BARRY, Humbug. Constable: Patrick McGARVEY, Humbug.

Scott Bar Township - Justices: S. FARRELL, Fort Jones; J. M. TRIMBLE, Oro Fino. Constables: Patrick MARKEY, Fort Jones; A. ATKINS, Oro Fino.

Rough and Ready Township - Justices: L. TAFA, Rough and Ready; E. H. HALL, Callahan's Ranch. Constable: D. H. SHAW, Rough and Ready.

Surprise Valley Township - Justices: J. C. BOWMER, Lake City; J. H. WHIPPLE, Eagle Creek. Constables: J. W. CRULTY, Lake City; William HUDSPETH, Eagle Creek.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, C. W. LANGDON, Santa Rosa.

Clerk, W. R. MORRIS, Santa Rosa.

Sheriff, Samuel POTTER, Santa Rosa.

Under-Sheriff, T. H. PYATT, Santa Rosa.

Treasure, G. T. PAULI, Santa Rosa.

Surveyor, J. B. WOOD, Healdsburg.

Superintendent Common Schools, G. W. JONES, Santa Rosa.

Public Administrator, G. P. NOONAN, Santa Rosa.

Assessor, A. J. GORDON, Healdsburg.

District Attorney, A. P. OVERTON, Santa Rosa.

Supervisors - J. D. GRANT, Healdsburg; J. H. GRIGGS, Santa Rosa; J. M. PALMER, Petaluma.

District Judge, Wm. C. WALLACE, Napa City.

Township Officers.

Santa Rosa Township - Justices: Z. MIDDLETON, John BROWN, Santa Rosa. Constables: H. G. PARKS, W. L. WILSON, Santa Rosa.

Sonoma Township - Justices: S. AKERS, Wm. ELLIS, Sonoma. Constable: N. J. T. LONG, Sonoma.

Petaluma Township - Justices: A. MORSTADT, Joshua SNOW, Petaluma. Constables: Frank ADELL, J. H. KNOWLES, Petaluma.

Vallejo Township - Justice: John POWELL, Petaluma. Constable: Z. W. BRANSFORD, Petaluma.

Cloverdale Township - Justices: J. L. BERIEUX, D. B. MORGAN, Cloverdale. Constable: Elijah RAY, Cloverdale.

Analy Township - Justices: B. B. BERRY, W. G. LEE, Sebastopol. Constables: Amos PETIT, A. W. SCALES, Sebastopol.

Bodega Township - Justices: W. H. MENEFEE, Thomas MURRAY, Analy. Constables: Samuel W. STUMP, Matthew Mason.

Washington Township - Justice: C. F. PARMER, Geyserville.

Salt Point Township - Justices: Albert ARMSTRONG, A. B. WOODWARD. Constable: J. K. PRICE.

Russian River Township - Justice: J. Oliver OGLE, Windsor. Constables: G. H. ESMOND, C. LINDSAY, Windsor.

Mendocino Township - Justices: S. M. HAYS, John PRICE, Healdsburg. Constables: W. P. SNOOK, D. D. PHILLIPS, Healdsburg.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, A. ELKINS, Knight's Ferry.

Clerk, L. B. WALTHALL, Knight's Ferry.

Sheriff, John L. MILNER, Knight's Ferry.

Under-Sheriff, R. C. MAY, Knight's Ferry.

Treasurer, G. W. TOOMBS, Knight's Ferry.

Surveyor, G. B. DOUGLASS, Knight's Ferry.

Superintendent Common Schools, B. F. HAISLIP, Tuolumne City.

Coroner, H. K. COVERT, Tuolumne City.

Assessor, A. H. JAMISON, Knight's Ferry.

District Attorney, T. A. COLDWELL, Knight's Ferry.

Supervisors - H. G. JAMES, Tuolumne City; C. DORSEY, Knight's Ferry; D. HARTMAN, HORR's Ranch.

District Judge, Samuel A. BOOKER, Stockton.

Township Officers.

Empire Township - Justices: B. G. WEIR, Tuolumne City, Wm. H. DAVIS, Paradise City. Constable: Wm. G. ROSS, Tuolumne City.

San Joaquin Township - Justices: A. G. STONESIFER, Hill's Ferry; G. H. COPELAND, Grayson. Constable: Wm. L. VAN WINKLE, Grayson.

Branch Township - Justices: J. D. MORLEY, HORR's Ranch; John REEDY, La Grange. Constables: A. H. DAVIS, J. S. CLARKE, La Grange.

Emery Township - Justices: A. M. VALPEY, E. T. STONE, Knight's Ferry.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, J. H. CRADDOCK, Yuba City.

Clerk, S. S. RUSSELL, Yuba City.

Sheriff, Frederick COOPER, Yuba City.

Under-Sheriff, H. W. DORR, Yuba City.

Treasurer, T. D. BOYD, Yuba City.

Surveyor, J. T. PENNINGTON, Yuba City.

Superintendent Common Schools, J. H. CLARK, Yuba City.

Public Administrator and Coroner, P. E. DRESCHER, Nicolaus.

Assessor, M. C. HUNGERFORD, Meridian.

District Attorney, S. J. STABLER, Yuba City.

Supervisors - J. H. ESSELSLYNE, J. W. WELSH, Yuba City; D. O'MAHONY, Nicolaus.

District Judge, Phil. W. KEYSER, Yuba City.

Township Officers.

Yuba Township - Justice: C. H. MURPHY, Yuba City. Constable: L. R. LAMBERT, Yuba City.

Nicolaus Township - Justices: J. M. ALGER, W. WOODRUFF, Nicolaus. Constables: D. D. STEWART, W. F. PRITCHETT, Nicolaus.

Butte Township - Justices: J. JONES, Meridian; G. N. SMITH, Yuba City. Constables: None.

Vernon Township - Justices: D. ABDILL, Nicolaus; W. M. BACKERBY, Grafton. Constables: None.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, O. B. POWERS, Suisun.

Clerk, Wm. J. CASTIGAN, Suisun.

Sheriff, Isaac HOBBS, Vallejo.

Under-Sheriff, A. APPLEBY, Suisun. Treasure, J. B. LEMON, Suisun.

Surveyor, W. W. FITCH, Suisun.

Superintendent Common Schools, W. H. FRY, Vaca Station.

Public Administrator, S. DECKER, Vacaville.

Coroner, C. E. HOLBROOK, Benicia.

Assessor, N. B. S. COLEMAN, Maine Prairie.

District Attorney, George A. LAMONT, Suisun.

Supervisors - J. W. HOWARD, Silveyville; S. BRECK, Suisun; John CALLENDER, Vallejo.

District Judge, W. C. WALLACE, Napa City.

Township Officers.

Vallejo Township - Justices: C. W. RILEY, O. A. MUNN, Vallejo. Constables: H. LAMBERT, J. G. HUDSON, Vallejo.

Benicia Township - Justices: G. H. RIDDELL, James BERRY, Benicia. Constables: Jerry O'DONNELL, J. ROXBURG, Benicia.

Green Valley Township - Justices: C. WILSON, c. E. SHILLABER, Bridgeport. Constables: J. HICKMAN, J. M. LEMON, Bridgeport.

Suisun Township - Justices: J. D. BROWER, E. F. GILLESPIE, Suisun. Constables: M. V. OWEN, H. W. BLANCHARD, Suisun.

Vacaville Township - Justices: W. A. DUNN, Z. L. GOWER, Vacaville. Constables: H. EVERSOLE, L. B. HAWKINS, Vacaville.

Silveyville Township - Justices: J. C. MERRIFIELD, A. W. ALLEN, Silveyville. Constables: M. A. MORRISON, V. A. TAPSCOTT, Silveyville.

Tremont Township - Justices: J. F. CLOUTMAN, B. J. BUTHRIE, Davisville, Yolo County. Constable: R. BRONSON, Davisville, Yolo County.

Maine Prairie Township - Justices: W. G. WYMAN, J. B. JAMISON, Maine Prairie. Constables: M. RYCHARD, W. S. DRYDEN, Maine Prairie.

Rio Vista Township - Justices: R. THRUSH, M. S. STONE, Rio Vista. Constables: W. S. JOHNSON, J. D. INGERSOLL, Rio Vista.

Montezuma Township - Justices: J. FERRILL, W. MARKHAM, Collinsville. Constable: William McMEANS, Collinsville.

Denverton Township - Justices: J. B. CARRINGTON, O. D. ARNOLD, Denverton. Constables: C. E. GARFIELD, David WALLACE, Denverton.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, Charles P. BRAYNARD, Red Bluff.

Clerk, Brit. DE SHIELDS, Red Bluff.

Sheriff, John S. HALE, Red Bluff.

Under-Sheriff, G. W. VESTAL, Red Bluff.

Treasurer, R. S. BETTIS, Red Bluff.

Surveyor, James MASTERSON, Red Bluff.

Superintendent Common Schools, George JEFFRESS, Red Bluff.

Assessor, John L. JACKMAN, Tehama.

District Attorney, P. B. NAGLE, Red Bluff.

Supervisors - Loomis WARD, F. J. BURGE, A. LOCKWOOD, Red Bluff.

District Judge, Charles F. LOTT.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, A. J. FELTER, Weaverville.

Clerk, John W. PHILBROOK, Weaverville.

Sheriff, John JACKSON, Weaverville.

Under-Sheriff, Jacob PAULSEN, Weaverville.

Treasurer, Peter PAULSEN, Weaverville.

Superintendent Common Schools, C. W. SMITH, Weaverville.

Public Administrator and Coroner, W. H. BACHELDOR.

Assessor, John G. SANBORN.

District Attorney, E. P. LOVEJOY.

Supervisors - R. N. DAVIDSON, Weaverville; J. F. HOADLEY, Lewiston; Wm. McCOLLUM, Cox's Bar.

District Judge, A. M. ROSBOROUGH, Yreka.

Township Officers.

Township No. 1 - Justices: C. B. CROWNINSHIELD, Weaverville; A. R. EARL, Douglas City. Constables: James G. SMITH, J. C. Wood, Weaverville.

Township No. 2 - Justice: A. C. GEORGE, Junction City. Constable: L. RAAB.

Township No. 3 - Justice: Charles SCHUTZE, North Fork. Constables: None.

Township No. 4 - Justice: Ellis FLOWERS, Cañon City. Constable: Thomas SCANLAN.

Township No. 5 - Justice: J. H. VANDERHOFF, Hay Fork. Constables: None.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, Charles H. RANDALL, Sonora.

Clerk, R. E. GARDINER, Sonora.

Sheriff, J. A. S. TROUT, Sonora.

Under-Sheriff, S. M. MILLER, Sonora.

Treasurer, D. M. KENFIELD, Sonora.

Surveyor, W. S. COOPER, Sonora.

Superintendent Common Schools, C. L. METZGAR, Columbia.

Public Administrator and Coroner, C. BURDEN, Sonora.

Assessor, T. C. BIRNEY, Columbia.

District Attorney, E. A. RODGERS, Sonora.

Supervisors - Abner REED, Sonora; E. PARSONS, Columbia; W. WHEELOCK, Jamestown.

District Judge, Samuel A. BOOKER, Stockton.

Township Officers.

Township No. 1 - Justices: James LETFORD, John SHAW, Sonora. Constables: M. KENNEY, Geo. STEMMETZ, Sonora.

Township No. 2 - Justices: J. HARRINGTON, Columbia; A. BULLERDICK, Shaw's Flat. Constables: Pat. SMITH, T. M. BYRNE, Columbia.

Township No. 3 - Justices: C. B. CUTTING, Chinese; A. B. PRESTON, Jamestown. Constable: A. M. HILL, Chinese.

Township No. 4 - Justices: M. McGEHEE, Big Oak Flat; W. L. OSBREY, Don Pedro's Bar. Constables: J. DONAHUE, Don Pedro's Bar; J. WOOTEN, Big Oak Flat.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, S. A. SHEPPARD, Visalia.

Clerk, W. F. THOMAS, Visalia.

Sheriff, A. H. GLASSCOCK, Visalia.

Under-Sheriff, W. W. BOWEN, Visalia.

Treasurer, Wiley WATSON, Visalia.

Surveyor, J. M. JOHNSON, Visalia.

Superintendent Common Schools, S. G. CRAYTON, Visalia.

Coroner, Dr. D. L. PICKETT, Farmersville.

Assessor, W. J. ELLIS, Visalia.

District Attorney, R. C. REDD, Visalia.

Supervisors - C. R. WINGFIELD, Tule River; James BARTON, David STRONG, Visalia.

District Judge, A. C. BRADFORD, Mariposa.

Township Officers.

Township No. 4 - Justices: N. O. BRADLEY, Arthur SHEARER, Visalia. Constables: W. W. BROWER, J. M. MONTGOMERY, Visalia.

Township No. 5 - Justice: M. P. WHATLEY, Farmersville. Constable: Thomas BROWN, Farmersville.

Township No. 6 - Justices: G. A. WILLIAMSON, J. T. H. GRAY, Tule. Constables: A. P. OSBORN, Stacey TAYLOR, Tule.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, James JOHNSON; Woodland.

Clerk, Ed. BYNUM, Woodland.

Sheriff, J. P. BULLOCK, Woodland.

Under-Sheriff, W. A. HENRY, Woodland.

Treasurer, A. C. KEAN, Woodland.

Surveyor, J. I. UNDERHILL, Woodland.

Superintendent Common School, R. R. DARBY, Woodland.

Public Administrator, Giles E. STILL, Woodland.

Coroner, J. T. LILLARD, Davisville.

Assessor, J. J. AMMONS, Woodland.

District Attorney, J. C. BALL, Woodland.

Supervisors - L. B. RUGGLES, Woodland; Edward ROBERTS, Knight's Landing; George H. SWINGLE, Davisville.

District Judge, L. RAMAGE, Sacramento.

Township Officers.

Cache Creek Township - Justices: Elias PETERSON, Woodland; S. N. MERING, Cacheville. Constables: Robert HINES, Cacheville; A. W. TUCKER, Woodland.

Grafton Township - Justices: H. M. HOYT, Knight's Landing; Milton DALE, Prairie. Constables: Robert HUSTON, Knight's Landing; J. B. DUNGAN, Prairie.

Putah Township - Justices: James O'NIEL, E. L. BROWN, Davisville. Constables: John MORGAN, L. C. DRUMMOND, Davisville.

Washington Township - Justices: W. W. CROUSE, John STEVENSON, Sacramento Post-office. Constable: S. HAWK, Sacramento Post-office.

Buckeye Township - Justices: Wm. SIMS, J. W. LOWRY, Buckeye. Constable: H. COOPER, Buckeye.

Merritt Township - Justice: A. W. GRAHAM, Freeport Post-office, Sacramento County.

Cottonwood Township - Justices: R. PAINTER, Capay; E. E. PERKINS, Cottonwood. Constables: W. S. WARE, Capay; H. B. JOHNSON, Cottonwood.

* * * * * * *


County Officers.

Judge, S. M. BLISS, Marysville.

Clerk, B. EILERMAN, Marysville.

Sheriff, Matt. WOODS, Marysville.

Treasurer, J. F. EASTMAN, Marysville.

Surveyor, J. JOHNSON, Marysville.

Superintendent Common Schools, A. A. McALISTER, Marysville.

Public Administrator, W. L. LAWRENCE, Marysville.

Coroner, E. HAMILTON, Marysville.

Assessor, H. C. NEWBERY, Marysville.

District Attorney, William G. MURPHY, Marysville.

Supervisors - R. S. JENKINS, N. D. RIDEOUT and Daniel McGANNY.

District Judge, Phil. W. KEYSER.

Township Officers.

Marysville Township - Justices: L. R. SELLON, J. H. TENNENT, Marysville. Constables: P. P. POLLEY, L. L. RUFFNER, Marysville.

Linda Township - Justice: C. B. HANSARD, Marysville. Constables: J. M. DOOM, P. HEENAN, Marysville.

West Bear River Township - Justices: Charles CAUTHRON, S. OLIVER, Wheatland. Constables: Benjamin PRICE, W. A. WIMBERLY, Wheatland.

East Bear River Township - Justice: B. F. DAM, Wheatland. Constables: F. KERSHENER, J. B. COVER, Wheatland.

Long Bar Township - Justice: James L. HALL, Brown's Valley. Constables: William M. JEFFORD, William NELSON, Brown's Valley.

Park's Bar Township - Justice: Moses ROBBINS, Oregon House. Constable: Thomas SKINNER, Oregon House.

Foster's Bar Township - Justices: L. S. CAMPHER, Alfred SOWARD, Oregon House.

New York Township - Justices: R. M. JOHNSON, George BATTS, Brownsville. Constable: J. BAIRD, Browsville.

Slate Range Township - Justice: A. DE CRAY, Camptonville. Constable: J. B. STONE, Camptonville.

* * * * * * *


(Headings for material below from table: County – District – District Courts – County Courts.)

Alameda - 3 - Th'd Monday February, June and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Alpine - 16 - First Monday April and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Amador - 11 - S'nd Monday March, June, September and December - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Butte - 2 - 2'nd Monday March and Dec.; fourth Monday July - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Calaveras - 11 - S'nd Monday January, April, July and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Colusa - 10 - First Monday, May, September and December - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Contra Costa - 15th - Th'd Tuesday April, July and November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Del Norte - 8 - S'nd Monday May, August and November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

El Dorado - 11 - S'nd Monday Feb. and May; third Monday Aug. & Nov. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Fresno - 13 - Th'd Monday February, June and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Humboldt - 8 - S'nd Monday March, June, September and December - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Inyo - 16 - First Monday May and November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Kern - 16 - Th'd Monday May and November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Klamath - 8 - S'nd Monday April, July and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Lake - 7 - Th'd Monday April; second Monday November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Lassen - 2 - First Monday June; second Monday October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Los Angeles - 17 - First Monday February, May, August and November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Marin - 7 - First Monday March and July; third Monday Nov. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Mariposa - 13 - First Monday March, July and November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Mendocino - 7 - S'nd Monday April; 3d Monday July; 1st Monday Nov. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Merced - 13 - F'rth Monday January, May and September - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Mono - 16 - Th'd Monday April and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept. Nov.

Monterey - 3 - First Monday April and October - S'nd Monday January, April, July, October.

Napa - 7 - First Monday February, June and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Nevada - 14 - S'nd Monday March, June, September and December - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Placer - 14 - Monday February May, August and November - First Monday March, June, September, December.

Plumas - 2 - S'nd Monday May; fourth Monday September - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Sacramento - 6 - First Monday Feb., April, June, August, Oct. and Dec. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

San Diego - 17 - First Monday April; second Monday July and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

(San Diego) - 4 - First Monday February, May, August and November.

San Francisco - 12 - First Monday January, April, July and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

(San Francisco) - 15 - First Monday March, June, September and December.

San Joaquin - 5 - First Monday Feb., May, August; third Monday Oct. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

San Luis Obispo - 1 - First Monday December, April and August - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

San Mateo - 12 - Th'd Monday March; fourth Monday June, Sept., Dec. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Santa Barbara - 1 - First Monday January, May and September - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Santa Clara - 3 - S'nd Monday January, May and September Th'd Monday, February, May, August, November.

Santa Cruz - 3 - S'nd Monday April, August and December - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Shasta - 9 - S'nd Monday March, June and November - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Sierra - 10 - First Monday April; 2d Monday July; 4th Monday Oct. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Siskiyou - 9 - Th'd Monday January, May and September - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Solano - 7 - Th'd Monday January, May and September - Th'd Monday April, August, December.

Sonoma - 7 - Th'd Monday February, June and October First Monday January, April, July, October.

Stanislaus - 5 - S'nd Monday January, April and September - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Placer - 16 - F'rth Monday February and June; third Monday Oct. - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Tehama - 2 - S'nd Monday Feb. and Nov.; fourth Monday June - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Trinity - 9 - S'nd Monday April, August and December - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Tulare - 13 - F'rth Monday February, June and October - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.

Tuolumne - 5 - First Monday March and July; third Monday Nov. First Monday January, May, September.

Yolo - 6 - Th'd Monday January, May and September - First Monday January, April, July, October.

Yuba - 10 - Th'd Monday January, May and September - First Monday January, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.



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