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Transcription of

The Western Shore Gazetteer and Commercial Directory,
For the State of California…, Yolo County,

Compiled and published annually
C. P. Sprague & H. W. Atwell,
Woodland, Yolo County, 1870.

Transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo
(Feel free to use the following transcription for your personal use or your non-profit web sites.)

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Marriages in Yolo County
(1850 through 1870)

Please Note: I have capitalized the surnames below so you can more easily read them, but they are not presented that way in the book.


The following is a literal copy of the register of marriages that have taken place in this county since March, 1851. Owing to frequent delays in returning the certificates for filing, the dates seem to be somewhat mixed, as will be noticed in the copy:

(Page 179)
Lafayette GALL and Emily SMITH, March 28th, 1850.
John SPITLER and Mary ST. JOHN, May 20th, 1850.
Charles B. SHIRLING and Lucinda STEWART, September 5th, 1850.
Leonard TULLY and Elizabeth CHILDS, December 4th, 1850.
Daniel GRAYSON and Frances BOWLES, December 26th 1850.
William G. BIBB and Sarah E. HUNT, May 4th, 1851.
E. A. HARRIS and S. M. STEWART, October 5th, 1851.
E. C. LANE and Matilda A. WORKS, December 16th, 1851.
Elias GUTHERY and M. BOOZ, November 5th, 1852.
J. D. ANDERSON and Melissa A. HUNT, November 22d, 1852.
Thomas GORDON and Mary REYLANDS, October 13th, 1852.
Louis BUDLE and F. C. CHRISHOLM, December 22d, 1852.
Charles F. REED and C. KNIGHT, February 15th, 1853.
Daniel HIGH and Mrs. E. WEAVER, February 17th, 1853.
Wilson ADAMS and T. F. MORRIS, March 6th, 1853.
J. W. SNOWBALL and Lucy KENDALL, March 24th, 1853.
Harrison MEACHAM and M. J. STEWART, April 17th, 1853.
J. P. HOYT and Susanna KIMPSAY, August 21st, 1853.
James LILLARD and Mary A. MEARS, October 9th, 1853.

(Page 180)
James MATEAR and Anna P. ROBINSON, November 15th, 1853.
Retain HAYDEN and Jane LAUGHLIN, October 25th, 1853.
W. R. MILSAP and Lucinda A. JOHNS, October 23d, 1853.
E. GAUGHNOUR and Margaret DITTS, October 16th, 1853.
J. M. GARROUTTE and Mary J. PEDLER, January 29th, 1854.
Thomas K. HAYS and Emily ANDREWS, April 20th, 1854.
Jacob N. RICE and M. GLOASSCOCK, April 20th, 1854.
A. HAMILTON and M. OLIVER, April 30th, 1854.
George HUBBARD and Emma JUNKINS, June 8th, 1854.
B. J. NORDYKE and E. J. NORDYKE, July 30th, 1854.
John ADAMS and Polly ADAMS, October 1st, 1854.
Walter S. HUSTON and Sarah E. ROBERTSON, November 14th, 1854.
A. GRIFFITH and Mary BRUSH, December 17th, 1854.
P. PRATHER and S. DINWIDDIE, December 28th, 1854.
John S. CAPPS and Elizabeth A. MORRIS, February 2d, 1855.
Carey BARNEY and Margaret COLLINS, February 2d, 1855.
James CARPENTER and Martha A. SUMMERS, March 8th, 1855.
John CEIGLAR and Amanda ADAMS, March 14th, 1855.
Samuel E. PAXTON and L. J. BOGGS, April 1st, 1855.
John BALDWIN and Louisia KIRK, March 9th, 1855.
Jesse J. WELCH and Martha BROWNING, February 22d, 1855.
R. B. BLOWERS and Olive C. FOSTER, February 11th, 1855.
George W. ANDREWS and Rachel A. CLANTON, August 2d, 1855.
U. SHELLHAMMER and Nancy E. LAWSON, May 1st, 1855.
Jacob E. STRAIN and Catherine BRADFORD, September 13th, 1855.
James S. CHANDLER and Amanda J. ELLIOTT, October 3d, 1855.
Henry CAPILAS and Sarah BARNES, October 4th, 1855.
John D. LAWSON and Jane BROWNING, September 16th, 1855.
William H. DAVIS and C. A. GILBERT, September 20th, 1855.

(Page 181)
Benjamin H. HOAG and A. M. CONRAD, August 19th, 1855.
Benjamin F. BURR and I. E. PORTERFIELD, October 25th, 1855.
C. E. HINTON and Larica OLDS, November 14th, 1855.
Joseph H. HARLAN and Grace H. BARNES, November 15th, 1855.
George W. COTTIN and Anna S. FOWLER, October 4th, 1855.
M. FAUKER and Mary MARKS, September 27th, 1855.
Robert O. SMITH and C. P. HOLMAN, February 6th, 1856.
E. JACOBS and Sarah E. PORTERFIELD, March 27th, 1856.
F. W. TAYLOR and Catherine J. BECK, December 30th, 1855.
James L. BERGER and Nancy L. LAMBERT, April 13th, 1856.
Goldman MILSAP and Nancy J. CLARK, April 10th, 1856.
William DOWNIND and Ellen WILLARD, February 29th, 1856.
J. SHEPHERD and Isabella OLIVER, December 30th, 1955 (sic).
I. DODGE and Susan HARLAN, April 20th, 1856.
John C. LEMUN and Mary J. HUFF, April 24th, 1856.
Walter MILSAP and Amanda J. LOW, May 8th, 1856.
William GORDON and Mrs. Ann CORRUM, June 16th 1856.
John W. PORTERFIELD and E. J. ALEXANDER, May 22d, 1856.
Elisha K. BARNES and Elizabeth BROWNING, May 29th, 1856.
James M. HOLMES and Nancy CHICHESTER, June 12th, 1856.
John McCLAIN and Harriet RICHMOND, June 22d, 1856.
Caleb E. WHITE and Rebecca A. MOODY, October 21st, 1856.
George M. ALLEN and Phelinda BAGGS, September 4th, 1856.
Jacob HEVEL and E. M. HARBIN, October 5th, 1856.
Joseph MILLER and Josephine PARAVAGUA, November 5th, 1856.
Poranson HICKOX and Nellie EGAN, November 14th, 1856.
B. B. ROGERS and Eliza J. VROOMAN, December 1st, 1856.
Henry FURRY and Iremia DAY, November 16th, 1856.

(Page 182)
B. H. BECKFORD and Catherine TYRNEY, January 8th, 1857.
John DUMONT and Sylvania L. BLOWERS, December 21st, 1856.
B. Y. WATSON and M. A. STRODE, January 8th, 1856 (sic).
Edward LEE and A. F. LEE, February 14th, 1857.
B. J. GUTHRIE and Betsy J. JUDD, December 11th, 1856.
Garrett M. GRAY and Lydia J. BROOKS, May 7th, 1857.
F. G. GRAY and M. J. COX, April 26th, 1857.
Russell DAY and Eliza STEWART, April 19th, 1857.
John S. TUTT and Mary E. GORDON, July 16th, 1857.
W. W. HANNUM and Eunice A. MATIER, August 8th, 1857.
W. B. SMITH and Susannah AVERY, September 20th, 1857.
James P. SMITH and Martha A. AVERY, September 21st, 1857.
John M. GWINN and Elmira KIRK, September 10th, 1857.
Edward ROBERTS and Julia A. HATCH, October 1st, 1857.
Patrick O'BRIEN and Sarah J. MUSICK, August 13th, 1857.
Patrick FLANNAGAN and Elizabeth FOWLER, October 25th, 1857.
Robert HARRIS and Orilla BILLINGS, October 20th, 1857.
T. A. BILLINGS and C. MORELAND, December 9th, 1857.
William B. GIBSON and Mary J. COOK, December 23d, 1857.
J. WEINEMILLOW and Catherine GOULD, January 19th, 1858.
George WOODWARD and Mary BEMMERLY, December 27th, 1857.
August WEBER and M. ANDERFROM, February 7;th, 1858.
R. E. TUTT and Margaret GORDON, January 14th, 1858.
J. S. CAMPBELL and Frances M. CANOTE, February 25th, 1858.
Lewis C. DRUMMOND and Eliza REID, April 20th, 1858.
B. M. HOTCHKISS and A. M. BLOWERS, April 25th, 1858.
J. H. BOARDMAN and Cecelia PURDY, April 6th, 1858.
E. H. GRAVES and Jane H. PETTINGROAD, April 11th, 1858.
Valois LEATHERS and Rosema STODDARD, November 19th, 1857.

(Page 183)
George W. FREEMAN and Mary L. BLACK, March 19th, 1857.
Jonathan PHILLIPS and Hannah E. ROBERTS, November 12th, 1857.
Columbus DINWIDDIE and Silence DINWIDDIE, February 11th, 1858.
H. CORNELL and Harriett H. MASTERS (?), September 5th, 1857.
Charles COIL and Ellen W. POND, March 8th, 1858.
J. B. HARTSOUGH and Eliza STORES, July 1st, 1858.
George ANDREWS and Sarah BEAMER, June 27th, 1858.
Jacob CRISS and Martha J. AULD, March 25th, 1858.
S. G. W. STAPLES and Emily LAFFERTY, March 21st, 1858.
C. C. CLARK and Mary E. MYERS, August 8th, 1858.
John ROLLS and M. ELEY, August 15th, 1858.
Henry POCKMAN and Ann GLASSCOCK, August 24th, 1858.
James LANE and Nancy J. HOOPER, August 15th, 1858.
J. W. ROBERTSON and Clara D. WILLARD, September 9th, 1858.
N. SCHARDIN and Mary H. POLAR, September 9th, 1858.
William J. REED and Sarah J. ROBERTS, September 30th, 1858.
George KINNEY and C. BAILEY, October 13th, 1858.
George TRAVIS and Amelia ANDREWS, October 5th, 1858.
Franklin S. FREEMAN and Gertrude G. SWAIN, October 4th, 1858.
John DEXTER and Nancy SCOGGINS, November 15th, 1858.
Louis GUTHRIE and Mary ARNOLD, November 11th, 1858.
John SHERMAN and Hannah MARKFROM, November 19th, 1858.
L. HOLLENBECK and Eliza SIMMS, November 21st, 1858.
B. S. BEQUETTE and Catherine KRAFT, December 11th, 1858.
José LOPEZ and Isabella MARTIN, December 14th, 1858.
Jacob WADISH and Elizabeth BOOS, January 5th, 1859.
W. M. GAMMEL and Mary J. HARBIN, February 11th, 1859.
J. W. TUTTLE and Mary L. WRIGHT, February 5th, 1859.
Thomas W. GUTHRIE and E. DANIELS, March 3d, 1859.

(Page 184)

Huston GALOWAY and Mary ALEXANDER, April 14th, 1859.
David B. MOSBY and C. SCHANMAN, April 14th, 1859.
Henry FURRY and Laura A. BARNS, April 10th, 1859.
Hiram HULBERT and Harriett HUBER, March 10th, 1859.
Samuel GREGORY and Sarah E. CALAMIES, July 4th, 1859.
John NEWBAUER and Mary CORDELL, August 6th, 1859.
A. C. RUGGLES and M. E. RINEHART, March 13th, 1859.
George WATT and Susan A. PEDLER, August 7th, 1859.
John J. AMMONS and Mary E. WRIGHT, August 9th, 1859.
J. D. CLAMBERS and Miriam LEACH, July 14th, 1859.
Austin J. STORES and Louisa YOUNG, September 21st, 1859.
W. N. TORBETT and Mary A. CLANTON, September 28th, 1859.
Goerge SHARPNECK and Sarah A. STOCKS, December 8th, 1859.
A. GAUTHIER and Josephine ARNOLD, December 20th, 1859.
Jacob RHYERD and Catherine EAKELS, January 15th, 1860.
Chester JAKEWETH and J. RANES, February 26, 1860.
L. TRUMPLER and Barbery GREGORY, March 20th, 1860.
William GRAY and Harriet EAKLE, March 4th, 1860.
A. J. GIBSON and E. E. MONTGOMERY, April 23d, 1860.
Samuel KIRKHAM and M. R. CHANDLER, May 3d, 1860.
Dexter DUNPHY and Lydia WILLARD, June 2d, 1860.
Robert McKINNEY and Mary MONTGOMERY, August 4th, 1860.
D. M. C. THOMPSON and Sarah McCALL, September 30th, 1860.
Thomas F. HUGHES and Cornelia WRIGHT, September 30th, 1860.
John BEMMERLY and Agnes WEIMAR, October 14th, 1860.
Henry PHILLIPS and Mary E. MELHISER, November 11th, 1860.
John LAUGENOUR and Emma C. WATKINS, December 27th, 1860.
Benjamin FUNK and Anna B. POCKMAN, January 1st, 1861.
Simon W. HOPKINS and Mary A. NORTON, December 23d, 1860.
Emmet MASTERS and Tabitha SMITH, November 15th, 1860.

(Page 185)
Hugh MONTGOMERY and A. E. VALLANDINGHAM, February 10th, 1861.
Ignats MAEGER and Sophie KUMMER, September 25th, 1861.
William BARRETT and Susan B. BROWN, February 17th, 1861.
James GOSE and Susan A. McNEIL, February 20th, 1861.
H. H. SCOTT and Margaret EAKLE, January 1st, 1861.
John WOHLFROM and Barbara KELLER, March 19th, 1861.
William MITCHELL and Hattie UPDEGRAFF, October 10th, 1859.
F. MORSE and Lydia CURTIS, April 20th, 1861.
L. R. HOPKINS and Mary A. LOWE, August 12th, 1860.
G. L. LUDDINGTON and M. E. VALLANDINGHAM, April 30th, 1861.
James BLACK and Margaret TENNIS, July 1st, 1861.
John REID and Clarissa BIXLER, September 16th, 1861.
Landon GLASSCOCK and Malinda C. SHOCKLEY, September 23d, 1861.
James T. LILLARD and Susan S. HOG, October 8th, 1861.
O. L. BASHFORD and Melseva GUM, September 19th, 1861.
George W. PARDY and C. BECKFORD, October 15th, 1861.
Samuel CHETHAM and M. A. FRANCISCO, December 11th, 1860.
Morton McGRIFF and E. BREWSTER, January 30, 1861.
Joseph POCKMAN and Betsy V. CRAWFORD, April 21st, 1861.
E. W. DOLLARHIDE and Nancy B. LANE, February 19th, 1860 (sic).
H. H. HORD and E. A. HARLING, August 1st, 1860 (sic).
T. B. HUNTLEY and F. LEHMAN, October 5th, 1860 (sic).
William ROSE and Phoeba A. BETTS, October 27th, 1861.
Frank R. ENOS and F. ISABELLE, December 2d, 1861.
Levi C. LANE and A. A. WRIGHT, November 27th, 1861.
C. F. GREGORY and Mary A. HAWKINS, November 21st, 1861.

(Page 186)
John C. DRUMMOND and Sarah F. REED, November 24th, 1861.
George W. HOFFMAN and Mary E. ST. LOUIS, January 1st, 1862.
James A. DOUGLAS and Sarah A. MOORE, October 24th, 1861.
John LANE and Albina SHELLHAMMER, November 3d, 1861.
Joseph SCHUDER and Mary EAKLE, January 26th, 1862.
John J. BERRY and Mary M. MILLER, February 17th, 1862.
C. B. TOWILL and Mary HOLTON, December 28th, 1861.
W. H. COOK and S. E. ROWLES, February 18th, 1862.
Louis MURDOCK and Mary MIZE, December 25th, 1861 (sic)
Rea ROSE and Ann AGNEW, January 23d, 1861 (sic).
F. M MAYFIELD and G. D. BLACK, March 16th, 1862.
Caleb D. DAVIS and Susan A. KIPP, April 14th, 1862.
Goerge W. DOAN and Mary M. FOWLER, February 10th, 1862.
Walter SUTHERLAND and P. PORTER, April 6th, 1862.
T. A. MARTIN and Mary E. GREEN, May 6th, 1862.
Richard KIRKHAM and E. A. TREGASKIS, May 18th, 1862.
Vincent ENOS and Rosa HERMILLO, June 11th, 1862.
Samuel VAUGN and Mary BARKER, June 19th, 1862.
J. P. WILSON and Lucy A. ROSE, November 11th, 1862.
Leonard P. BRONK and Mrs. M. E. STODDARD, July 13th, 1862.
Lewis CRAMER and Sarah HINES, September 14th, 1862.
W. S. KELLOGG and F. E. RENFRO, October 14th, 1862.
J. P. WILSON and Lucy A. ROSE, November 11th, 1862.
Charles B. BROOKS and Mary C. WRIGHT, October 30th, 1862.
F. W. HOUX and Anna S. MERING, November 28th, 1862.
H. N. CUMMINGS and C. J. TAYLOR, September 13th, 1862.
Charles A. BROWN and Fannie INGRAM, November 13th, 1862.
Calvin RUDDOCK and Adeline B. GUILFORD, December 25th, 1862.
Andrew S. WEBB and Margaret C. MOORE, December 31st, 1862.
Frederick OTT and Anna J. SKINNER, December 17th, 1862.

(Page 187)
Lorenzo HEINZ and Caroline WIMMER, December 29th, 1862.
William McMANOWAY and Emeline SHIPLEY, December 20th, 1862.
Frank GLASSCOCK and Jennie BYNUM, January 3d, 1863.
Levi B. ADAMS and Mary A. DOWNS, January 4th, 1863.
W. HEYMAN and Mary HEIMANN, March 6th 1863.
J. M. EPPERSON and Nancy C. KANAWYER, Februry 7th, 1863.
James WHITE and F. A. WOOLSEY, January 22d, 1863.
John E. GRASSELL and W. J. THOMPSON, April 7th, 1863.
John F. OWEN and Gertrude SLINGERLAND, April 24th, 1863.
R. H. CAMPBELL and Elizabeth NELL, April 30th, 1863.
Isaac KEYS and Sarah J. COOK, May 17th, 1863.
Robert C. ANDERSON and M. A. TREADWAY, June 5th, 1863.
James W. KELLEY and Mary CLARK, June 3d, 1863.
Daniel M. WHITFORD and Mary N. MERING, May 26th, 1863.
C. MAJORS and Fanny A. KUMBALL, July 28th, 1863.
James GRUWELL and Mattie BYNUM, October 2d, 1863.
M. BEMMERLY and H. SETTENHEIM, October 8th, 1863.
M. D. BURNETT and Hannah W. BIRD, October 1st, 1863.
A. J. FORD and Martha REAVES, October 2d, 1863.
J. R. EDMONS and Catherine RYHERD, September 29th, 1863.
J. B. EIKER and Mary A. BLACKWOOD, October 23d, 1863.
Moses ROBINSON and Julia A. SPEID, November 12th, 1863.
Emanuel HOFFMAN and Mary GINNER, November 12th, 1863.
Jacob D. CAPPS and Mary A. RHODES, November 22d, 1863.
James H. WEILS and R. L. SNYDER, September 6th, 1863.
W. H. DAVIS and Mary J. MANNING, October 4th, 1863.
Z. SWARINGER and Ida ROGERS, October 22d, 1863.
Asa PETTIT and Elizabeth J. MOORE, December 9th, 1863.
John BOULWARE and Jennie LAWSON, December 5th, 1863.

(Page 188)
Robert ROBERTS and Amanda ADAMS, December 17th, 1863.
N. P. TRIBBLECOCK and Mary A. YOUNG, December 1st, 1863.
C. D. SPIRES and Mary A. DAYTON, January 27th, 1864.
Charles E. SAMPSON and Caroline JAQUES, January 28th, 1864.
David HAYS and Maranda G. THOMPSON, February 6th, 1864.
E. G. CROUGH and Juliett HAWLEY, February 15th, 1864.
Alexander BIRD and Mary P. BOWERS, February 21st, 1864.
A. CLIFFORD and M. C. MANNING, March 6th, 1864.
G. M. DAMON and Mary P. BROWNING, March 23d, 1864.
Franklin ALDRIDGE and Sarah J. BRADLEY, March 22d, 1864.
William KING and Rebecca M. MONTGOMERY, March 31st, 1864.
John HUTCHINSON and Sarah SHUDER, April 11th, 1864.
J. D. ADAMS and Mrs. Mary C. BOON, April 12th, 1864.
J. F. DINWIDDIE and Flora V. VAUGHAN, April 3d, 1864.
E. M. ANDERSON and Minnie BLAUN, April 26th, 1864.
S. P. PERRY and Mary E. McDOWELL, April 24th, 1864.
W. T. WILLIAMSON and H. HOLLINGSWORTH, June 16th, 1864.
Alexander RUSSELL and Phoeba A. SMITH, July 12th, 1864.
B. H. SCOTT and B. E. FOWLER, July 16, 1864.
John MARQUELT and Delia A. JONES, July 3d, 1864.
John ARNOLD and Nancy TENNIS, July 27th, 1864.
Robert HINES and Sarah R. LOWE, August 28th, 1864.
Robert BENHAM and Sarah J. BONNELL, September 4th, 1864.
W. P. DEARING and Mrs. Sarah McWILLIAMS, September 15, 1864.
John KIERNAN and Joanna McKANNA, October 31st, 1864.
A. D. PORTER and Lizzie MOSEBY, November 16th, 1864.
Hanford HUBBARD and A. PORTER, November 16th, 1864.
C. W. GILLETT and D. H. SLOANE, November 27th, 1864.

(Page 189)
George F. WHERRY and Margaret I. CAMPBELL, December 25th, 1864.
Abner BROWNELL and Louisa B. GWINN, December 27th, 1864.
John S. MILLER and Melissa E. PHILLIPS, January 15th, 1865.
Thomas C. WAY and Mary E. ROBNETT, January 16th, 1865.
James HANNEY and Jane COTTENHAM, January 24th, 1865.
Edgar E. LINCOLN and Lorina C. HENDRIX, December 25th, 1864 (sic).
H. G. HARTLEY and Mary J. KINCHELOE, February 5th, 1865.
Moses SESSIONS and Amanda DAVIS, November 14th, 1864 (sic).
N. CORBIN and G. R. LATTEAND, February 28th, 1865.
Thomas BARNES and Sally FORD, March 17th, 1865.
Joseph STIFFLER and M. LIPPENCOTT, March 14th, 1865.
James B. TINSDALE and Mary E. HIATT, June 1st, 1865.
J. N. HUNT and M. A. JEFFRIES, March 19th, 1865.
S. J. SIMMONDS and Parmelia BUTLER, June 20th, 1865.
Warren POWERS and Jane A. HILLER, April 19th, 1865.
William R. MILLS and Louisa RIDLEY, July 3d, 1865.
A. COWELL and E. HUBBARD, August 5th, 1865.
Albert VANFLEET and Elizabeth HARLING, September 18th, 1865.
James P. DAMERON and Julia A. HODGE, September 6th, 1865.
John KEITHLEY and Maria E. BRIGGS, September 7th, 1865.
Charles S. POWELL and Hannah A. SMITH, September 22d 1865.
R. L. TAYLOR and Martha A. CHEATHAM, September 27th, 1865.
A. E. NOEL and Lizzie WILLARD, September 28th, 1865.
W. McGRIFF and Martha LYNCH, October 15th, 1865.
Wiley E. BRASFIELD and Fanny J. BURNETT, October 9th, 1865.
George WISEMAN and Parmelia STANLEY, October 22d, 1865.

(Page 190)

C. M. BOULWARE and Caroline HUBBARD, October 23d, 1865.
A. W. TUCKER and Ellen McLAUGHLIN, October 16th, 1865.
Barnard PARRISH and Mary BUOB, November 16th, 1865.
Daniel FARNHAM and Sylvania DOPKING, November 15th, 1865.
J. H. HULETT and Nancy MAYFIELD, October 8th, 1865.
H. FAIRCHILD and Rachel WADDEN, December 7th, 1865.
William WOODWARD and Dora ANWIRTIR, December 13th, 1865.
S. J. GROVER and S. HARMES, July 4th, 1866.
Francis BULLARD and Mary A. MERRITT, January 30th, 1866.
William KEITHLY and Elizabeth DUNCAN, January 25th, 1866.
George C. MARTIN and Mary E. WAYSMAN, March 7th, 1866.
Sterling P. CREASON and Sarah E. TAYLOR, March 18th, 1866.
W. H. H. DINWIDDIE and Harriet BREEDLOVE, March 29th, 1866.
James W. BOWER and Nancy M. BLACK, April 13th, 1866.
Carson HOIN and Ellen CROWDER, April 10th 1866.
William B. PARKER and Margaret L. SIMPSON, March 21st, 1866.
S. M. GALLUP and Maria A. FILLWROWN, April 17th, 1866.
Frank HALEY and Susan PRICE, April 15th, 1866.
Henry CLAUSEN and Kate HEGELS, April 26th, 1866.
Luman GATES and Lavinia MORELAND, May 24th, 1866.
James G. BURNETT and Margaret E. REID, May 24th, 1866.
Charles D. MORIN and Minna B. SCHINDLER, June 3d, 1866.
Christopher C. PARROTT and Susan MILLER, March 4th, 1866.
Isaac FISHER and Mary CUNNINGHAM, June 14th, 1866.
Livingston PHAGAN and Celia PEASLEY, June 1st, 1866.
R. A. FELLOWS and Margaret N. DENNIS, July 29th, 1866.
R. B. DINSMORE and Lizzie BAXTER, August 12th, 1866.
James S. CURTIS and Mary A. REAVES, September 13th, 1866.

(Page 191)

T. A. ARMFIELD and Sarah M. BECKETT, September 23d, 1866.
F. M. RAHM and Helen A. GADDIS, September 27th, 1866.
L. P. McELHANEY and Louisianna FORD, August 6th, 1866.*
(* The above name is spelled "Louisianna" in the book.)
Charles O. SANDERS and Mary E. RIDLEY, October 1st, 1866.
John T. MUNROE and Sarah E. CAMPBELL, September 23d, 1866.
David WOLGAMOTT and Rose M. DENSDALE, November 15th, 1866.
William HAYS and Albina CLOYD, November 25th, 1866.
James SIBLEY and Susan P. GIDDINGS.
(Please Note: No date was listed with this entry.)
William OGDEN and Emma B. MARSHALL, November 24th, 1866.
John W. FREEMAN and Hannah SWAIN, October 22d, 1866.
Alva BLAIR and Mary L. LUDDEN, December 25, 1866.
M. L. BAXTER and E. M. DRESSER, February 12th, 1867.
J. F. ELLIOTT and A. G. JOHNSON, February 27;th, 1867.
Thomas H. DODSON and Ellen M. DALEY, March 12th, 1867.
James M. GOODE and Susan H. McPHETRIDGE, April 20th, 1867.
Daniel H. MANPIN and Mrs. Martha CRELTIN, April 30th, 1867.
Alexander ST. LOUIS and Senor PROVOST, May 1st, 1867.
John w. WALDO and Susan PARROTT, May 5th, 1867.
John D. BINGHAM and Amanda J. CHANDLER, May 30th, 1867.
George A. PIERCE and Ellen F. READ, May 26th, 1867.
F. Marion BROWN and Mary E. BEAMER, June 2d, 1867.
Charles GARLEY and Julia LUCAS, May 27th, 1867.
G. M. ABEN and Ermina MASTERS, June 9th, 1867.
L. JARVIS and M. M. ST. LOUIS, June 6th, 1867.
James YARDLEY and Elizabeth A. DYER, March 10th, 1867.
William HAGEMON and Mary J. TODLE, June 1st, 1867.
W. W. BURNETT and Minerva BURTON, September 1st, 1867.
H. S. DEANER and Alice WYCKOFF, October 1st, 1867.
William MAWHOR and E. S. TRAVIS, October 18th, 1867.

(Page. 192)

Levi B. ADAMS and Julia A. PORTER, November 17th, 1867.
Alex. C. BYNUM and Mary A. SAINT, November 17th, 1867.
M. R. YORK and Susan F. MAXWELL, November 3d, 1867.
D. C. HOFFMAN and Mary LEMBERT, November 10th, 1867.
Charles F. BRIGGS and Maggie TORNER, December 10th, 1867.
Adam STINER and Lucinda BLOWERS, November 20th, 1867.
John S. JACKSON and Lucinda S. MILLER, December 8th, 1867.
M. L. TEMPLETON and Nellie RAY, December 24th, 1867.
John M. CURRY and Cloe E. CURTIS, December 17th, 1867.
M. C. HUDSON and Elizabeth MONOGAN, May 27th, 1867.
C. C. SCOTT and Mrs. M. A. BURTON, January 5th, 1868.
James HADDEN and Epsie A. BARRETT, February 7th, 1868.
James M. WOOD and Millie E. GOODE, February 27th, 1868.
C. G. SMITH and Nancy HERRING, March 18th, 1868.
M. O. HARLING and Margaret I. ELEY, March 18th, 1868.
Evan KNAPP and Sadie CONNELLY, April 5th, 1868.
William L. TODD and Clara J. PIKE, April 14th, 1868.
Richard ELEY and Virginia SILVER, March 16th, 1868.
Alexander S. ARMSTRONG and Lizzie CARTER, May 3d, 1868.
Alexander DINWIDDIE and Elizabeth GRIFFIN, April 30th, 1868.
M. G. FRENCH and Frances J. MORSE, April 27th, 1868.
Francis M. CURRY and Amanda V. GRAHAM, May 10th, 1868.
J. GERMHAUSER and Selma BECK, May 10th, 1868.
Edmund C. BROWN and Jennie GLASSCOCK, April 30th, 1868.
David SHULTES and L. A. CRIGER, May 9th, 1868.
Hiram P. MERRITT and Jenette E. HEBROW, May 26th, 1868.
Drury R. CLANTON and Margaret E. SMITH, June 7th, 1868.
William H. TAPPE and Laura L. FRANCISCO, May 31st, 1868.
A. C. BINGHAM and Stacy R. MOORE, June 10th, 1868.

(Page 193)
Nelson B. SPERRY and Lizzie J. CURRY, June 21st, 1868.
A. J. HALL and M. F. CLARK, July 12th, 1868.
James P. GRAFTON and Mary A. DAY, July 6th, 1868.
John YARDLEY and M. A. BRAILEY, July 8th, 1868.
Charles ALLEN and Mrs. A. R. CHAMBERLAIN, July 12th, 1868.
Philo H. SMITH and Emma RAPELY, July 12th, 1868.
Lorenzo FLORIS and Sally M. McKAY, June 23d, 1868.
John GOODSON and Mary GLASSCOCK, August 2d, 1858.
Benjamin M. ROTLERTY and Emma J. FREGASKIR, August 4th, 1868.
George CLAPP and Martha GIBBS, August 18th, 1868.
Thomas J. BECKETT and Caroline E. FARNHAM, August 23d, 1868.
George W. POWELL and Sarah LIPPINCOTT, September 2d, 1868.
Perry JACOBS and Emeline A. CLANTON, September 10th, 1868.
John R. JONES and Mary J. TOZER, September 1st, 1868.
Abel D. HIGH and Luella COOLEY, September 6th, 1868.
John M. COOK and Harriet L. HORTON, September 15th, 1868.
John L. PACE and Susie C. GOODWIN, September 24th, 1868.
P. C. FENNER and Henrietta DUNNEGAN, October 1st, 1868.
Quintus V. DAY and Araminta M. GIDDINGS, October 15, 1868.
M. C. WALSH and Elmina VANSECKLE, October 18th, 1868.
Poel PERCELL and Sarah C. CROWDER, October 11th, 1868.
Andrew MUNN and Margaret TRUSDEL, November 1st, 1868.
John J. HOLMES and Ida HARRIS, November 8th, 1868.
James SMITH and Mary HENLEY, November 8th, 1868.
William THOMPSON and Mrs. Lucy A. BICKFORD, November 15th, 1868
John W. BLACK and E. TENNIS, November 22d, 1868.
Emanuel MAST and Rosina BUOB, November 8th, 1868.

(Page 194)

George B. COPP and Mary A. NORTON, December 1st, 1868.
C. V. BURKE and Catherine BEALL, December 2d, 1868.
Thomas BAIRD and Mrs. Mary BOND, December 5th, 1868.
Henry PERRY and Mrs. R. E. MUDGETT, January 10th, 1869 (sic).
John E. YOUNG and Edith M. GODDARD, December 20th, 1868.
H. D. CONNELL and Lulu J. PENDEGAST, February 17th, 1869.
Henry RHODES and Clara M. HIGH, March 28th, 1869.
Alfred A. LYTON and Susan F. WRIGHT, March 3d, 1869.
Edwin SMITH and Alice C. LANE, March 4th, 1869.
Benjamin W. LYON and Lena WARES, April 8th, 1869.
C. C. FRESHNER and LAVINIA Rice, April 5th, 1869.
William N. HUSTON and Mary E. SIMS, May 2d, 1869.
J. W. DINWIDDIE and Mary M. JOHNSON, May 13th, 1869.
John CLEM and A. E. BROWN, May 23d, 1869.
D. B. ZAMVALT and Mary SMYTH, May 6th, 1869.
J. E. FORBES and Mrs. Sarah C. HARVEY, June 1st, 1869.
A. G. REED and Mattie I. WELCH, June 2d, 1869.
D. LANDIS and Phoeba POWELL, June 16th, 1860. (sic)
William POWELL and Elizabeth C. SMITH, June 16th, 1869.
John FORD and Margaret VENABLE, June 15th, 1869.
Henry C. MOULAND and Sarah E. CLAYSON, June 3d, 1869.
William F. WARREN and Mrs. Mary A. SWINEY, June 27th, 1869.
William McNEIL and Martha JONES, August 17th, 1869.
John MATHEWS and A. F. LATHAM, September 9th, 1869.
Lorenzo DUNNING and Julia M. DRESSER, November 18th, 1869.
Peter R. WILLETT and Louisa N. FISHER, December 6th, 1869.
S. A. LYTTLE and Mary E. MALONE, September 22d, 1869.
Stephen HOLTON and Ellen GRAFTON, September 20th, 1869.
A. W. DEDMAN and Mary G. SMITH, September 4th, 1869.
(Page 195)
William N. THOMPSON and T. E. DAY, September 13th, 1869.
R. W. BROWNING and Martha KINCHELOE, September 7th, 1869.
J. B. CLARK and Mary HIGGINS, November 7th, 1869.
Jacob GREINER and Mary WEIMMER, November 8th, 1869.
William COIL and Sarah N. CHANDLER, October 31st, 1869.
D. T. SCOGGINS and Mary E. McCOMBER, October 17th, 1869.
W. A. BROWN and J. A. GRIER, September 15th, 1869.
John E. BRUCE and Julia A. MILLER, October 21, 1869.
Jonathan LOCK and Sarah LAMBERT, October 29th, 1869.
G. F. PATTERSON and M. V. FAIRCHILD, June 28th, 1869.
W. F. STETSON and Eliza AYERS, December 5th, 1869.
A. J. SNODGRASS and Mary E. CAHILL, December 26th, 1869.
J. O. MAXWELL and Anna D. GADDIS, January 12th, 1870.
James S. ROLLINS and N. F. YOUNG, December 22d, 1869.
William RAWSON and Mrs. Sarah ASKINS, January 4th, 1870.
M. FURNISS and Sarah M. BAKER, December 15th, 1869.
Joseph GRAHAM and Mary N. WRISTON, January 12th, 1870.
J. A. DOPKING and Emma FISHER, January 20th, 1870.
A. KNESS and Josephine B. PLUMER, January 26th, 1870.
Samuel D. WALL and Georgia B. MOORE, February 16th, 1870.
Peter LAROUX and M. MANETTE, February 17th, 1870.
Daniel ELLISON and Margaret WHIPCOT, February 25th, 1870.
H. P. PETERSON and Eliza A. GIFFORD, February 22d, 1870.
John F. CLIFF and Winnie BODKIN, December 4th, 1869.
G. W. LINDERMAN and Julia CLOONEY, February 28th, 1870.
Charles B. HIGH and Carrie BRADFORD, February 22d, 1870.
W. D. CAMPBELL and California SPURGEON, March 16th, 1870.
N. H. SCOGGINS and Jennie FREDERICKS, March 23d, 1870.

(Page 196)

Albert WRIGHT and Mary EAGAN, March 26th, 1870.
Frederick CLAY and Sarah RICHIE, April 6th, 1870.
W. C. PARKER and Mrs. M. A. MARKHAM, April 25th, 1870.
Albert COLE and Irene KINCAID, April 8th, 1870.
W. C. PARKER and Mrs. M. S. MARKHAM, April 25th, 1870.
William DRESBACH and Isabella PEARCE, May 10th, 1870.
S. T. COX and N. E. OLIVER, May 1st, 1870.
G. W. CHAPMAN and Zilpha STEPHENS, May 4th, 1870.
A. V. STOCKWELL and Angie D. HALL, May 4th, 1870.
D. M. BURNS and Emma M. SCHINDLER, May 8th, 1870.
Jacob NEFF and Jennie BATES, May 19th, 1870.
Messinger E. GATES and Jennie M. MESSINGER, July 12th, 1870.
William JOHNSON and Clara EVANS, August 13th, 1870.
John MARCUS and Mary L. DERBY, August 19th, 1870.
D. FRANCEL and E. FERSCH, July 26th, 1870.
S. KINGSBURG and Julia A. WOODS, August 29th, 1870.


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