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Transcription of

The Western Shore Gazetteer and Commercial Directory,
For the State of California…, Yolo County,

Compiled and published annually
C. P. Sprague & H. W. Atwell,
Woodland, Yolo County, 1870.

Transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo
(Feel free to use the following transcription for your personal use or your non-profit web sites.)


Residents and Occupations – Z

(Please note: I have capitalized the surnames in the material below, but it is not presented that way in the book. Also please note that the surnames are not in strict alphabetical order within the letter sections. Be sure to look throughout the entire lettered section for the surname you are interested in.)

ZERUNG, Jeremiah; carpenter, Washington Precinct and Township; Post-office, Sacramento.

ZEIGLER, Samuel, Penn.; laborer, West Grafton Precinct, Grafton Township; Post-office, Prairie.

ZURBRICK, L. N., N. Y.; dairyman, North Putah Precinct, Putah Township; Post-office, Davisville.

ZUMWOLDT, Joseph M., Ill.; laborer at PACE & CRAMER's Ranch, Cacheville Precinct, Cache Creek Township; Post-office, Yolo.

ZUMWOLT, Mrs. Mary; farmer, 20 miles NW from Cacheville, 25 miles NW from Woodland; one hundred and sixty acres of land, Division 4; value, six hundred dollars; Post-office, Prairie.

ZUMWOLT, Mrs. R.; residence Cacheville; one house and lot; value, five hundred dollars; Post-office, Yolo.


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