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Transcription of

The Western Shore Gazetteer and Commercial Directory,
For the State of California…, Yolo County,

Compiled and published annually
C. P. Sprague & H. W. Atwell,
Woodland, Yolo County, 1870.

Transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo
(Feel free to use the following transcription for your personal use or your non-profit web sites.)

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P R A F A C E.

* * * * * * *

CUSTOM renders it essential that we should write a preface to a work of this character, otherwise this GAZETTEER would be presented to the public without apology. The compilation of the work has been attended with great expense and no small amount of annoyance, yet our thanks are due to most of our county officials and the early settlers of the county for the very generous responses they have made to our inquiries, and for their assistance in gathering statistics. We also extend our acknowledgements to the county clerks of other counties who have furnished us with lists of their county and township officers. Had all thus responded those lists would have been complete, and information would have been given of which our friends will be deprived.

Our work contains more than we promised in our prospectus, yet is not in all respects precisely what we at first intended it should be. We did intend to give the incumbrances or legal liabilities upon property in the county; but abandoned the idea for certain reasons, some of which we may mention: We find many mortgages of record uncancelled, which we have every reason to believe have been paid – the mortgagees having neglected to cancel them. We were not inclined, upon reflection, to risk giving offense by publishing what appears of record and, as a matter of fact, is public property. With this exception we have omitted nothing we suggested, but have added much useful information not proposed in our prospectus. The public are to be the jurors to determine its merits.


Woodland, November, 1870.


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