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Yolo County Queries: As of July 1, 1999, all new queries
were placed on the Yolo County RootsWeb Message Board.

Click on the link below to access the current Message Board.

(We left the queries placed prior to July 1, 1999 on the
Yolo County GenWeb Queries Page, but we no longer add to that list.)

Query Link Image Yolo County RootsWeb Message Board – For Yolo County Queries, Obituaries, Bible Records, Wills, Deeds, Pensions and Bios et. al.

You can use the Yolo County RootsWeb Message Board to place queries, information, and photographs relating to the above subjects. These message boards are hosted by

To use the Yolo County RootsWeb Message Board, you do not need to register, although there are some functions that require that you choose a user name and password. Registration enables email addresses to be universally updated when when your email changes. The registration process is quick, easy and FREE. By registering you are not registering to become a part of the Ancestry commercial genealogy site, you are merely registering to use the new boards. You will only need to sign in to accomplish some of the functions at the time you access the boards.

According to a represenative, copyright of the posts will remain with the poster. See the copyright message for more information in the " Terms & Conditions" that I placed at the end of this message. The host of the Yolo County RootsWeb Message Board can edit the subject and surname fields of each entry only. The body of the entry cannot be edited. To change the body of an entry, you can either post a reply to your entry or delete the entire entry and post a new entry with the corrected/added information.

You can contact the host of the Yolo County RootsWeb Message board if you have any questions about posting to this board by clicking on the "Board Information" line located near the right margin of the web site. These meesage boards are indexed by the main search engines, so your information will have a great deal of exposure.

Following are some tips that I have found that may make your posting easier:
  1. Posts on the boards at the time of the conversion of the boards:

    • Emails will not be viewable on the screen. To see the poster's email, select the post, click on "Print Message," which sets up the screen for printing but does not send to the printer. Copy down the email from that screen. (You can not copy/paste.) (For entries that were placed without emails, the name for the poster is now "Cynthia Dahl" as there was no way for the database to match up the original poster's name with an email address.)

    • For new entries, the poster's name will be underlined and you can access the email by clicking on the underlined poster's name.

    • Entries made prior to combining cannot be changed at this time.

  2. Searching:

    • You can search for a location/county or surname on: 1) All Boards 2) This Board (the board you are on), and 3) Advanced Search. (These are to the right of the Search box.)

    • To search for only one type of entry (example: obituaries), use "Advanced Search," place location name ("Yolo") in the "Find Message Containing" field, go down to the field, "With Message Type." In this drop-down box, choose type of entry you want searched. Leave all other boxes empty.

    • In the search features if you put in two names, you will get one or the other - not both at present.

    • For the best search results, use only lower case letters in your search words.

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