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Yolo County Photograph of Farm

  • Yolo County residents clowning around – Charles F. Robison is in the back row on the right. The submitter believes this photo was taken in Yolo County. Let me know if you recognize anyone else in the group. Peggy B. Perazzo
    Yolo County residents clowning around (California)

    Yolo County residents clowning around

  • Berreyessa inundated long before lake formed: Many Spanish pioneers saw land disappear, by Kristin Delaplane, in the Echoes of Solano's Past column in The, January 28, 1996.
  • Capay Valley – "Mammoth Discovery in The Capay Valley," by Eve Hightower, Woodland Daily Democrat, online edition, December 9, 2004. The pelvis of an elephant-like creature was discovered by Granite Construction workers at the company's gravel mining site on September 14, 2004.
  • Carnegie Libraries in Yolo and Woodland, Yolo County, California, presented by the Carnegie Libraries of California. (Check in the "Listings" section for the history of these two Yolo County library buildings.)
  • Davis Historic City Hall Building - "Historic and haute," by Sharon Stello, Davis Enterprise staff writer, published August 1, 2005, Davis Enterprise online edition. (The following excerpt from Sharon Stello's article is used with permission.)

    "Then: Historic City Hall, the Spanish-style building at Third and F streets in downtown Davis, was constructed in 1938. During a special ceremony on April 30, the granite cornerstone was laid with a list of the day's participants and events sealed inside.

    "The building's formal dedication followed on Aug. 31. The north wing, which housed the city's Fire Department, was dedicated on Sept. 17 of that year.

    "As the city grew, the fire department eventually moved to new headquarters in 1966 and the area was converted to Police Department offices. In the early 1980s, city offices moved into the old high school at 23 Russell Blvd. In spring 2001, the Police Department moved into its new building on Fifth Street.

    "Since then, Historic City Hall has been used by a few short-term tenants, including the grant-funded Davis Energy Efficiency Project, a haunted house, the Halloween Headquarters costume store and a temporary display of artwork from the Pence Gallery.

    "Now: Bistro 33 Davis, a restaurant and banquet hall, is set to open in the newly remodeled building by the middle of this month...."

  • Davis History, presented on the Davis Historical Society web site.
    • Davis History As A Whole (Sec. 1.1) The following articles are presented in this section: (1) “Population Trends (1868-20--)”; (2) “Chart of Nine Periods of Davis History”; (3) “Number of Buildings Constructed in Davis History”; (4) “Researching Older Davis Buildings”; (5) “Local History and Historic Preservation in Davis, CA, 1963-2003”; (6) “Davis Council Elections, 1917-2000 (with results through 2006)”; and (7) “Table of Voting Trends 1920-2000.”
    • Chart of Nine Periods of Davis History
    • Papers on Davis History Series (Sec. 1.3) The following papers are presented in this section: (Paper #1) “A Traditional Minimal House,” by Tanya Lieberman; (Paper #2) “Pre WWI View of Old North Davis”; (Paper #3) “Nineteenth Century Buildings Remaining in Davis”; (Paper #4) “Davis Politics, 1971-72”; (Paper #5) “A 1920s to 50s Student District in Davis, California”; and (Paper #6) “The Henry Stelling Family of Davis (A Dresbach-Hunt-Boyer Mansion Family).”
    • Historic Preservation and Resources (Sec. 2) This sections includes several articles on the preservation and resources relating to the city of Davis, California.
  • Davisville – "Crime Accompanies Prosperity in Davisville," article by Kristin Delaplane, from Echoes From Solano's Past column in The, November 5, 1995.
  • "Davisville - Nearly Veranda City - Founded," article by Kristin Delaplane, from Echoes From Solano's Past in The, November 5, 1995.
  • Davisville – "Silkworms, Name 'Davisville' Meet Their Fate," article by Kristin Delaplane, from Echoes From Solano's Past, in The, November 12, 1995.
  • Dead Cat Alley (aka China Alley) – "Art brings past alive on Dead Cat Alley," by Beth Curda, Davis Enterprise staff writer, Monday, October 4, 2004. ("...Dead Cat Alley was a play area for children, a small China Town and a path for accessing the businesses along it. It also was key to the development of downtown Woodland, first known as Yolo City....")
  • Generations of Women Moving History Forward, by Shipley Walters, in the Daily Democrat, Established 1857, our 150th Year – Pioneers – Community - Heritage

    The following is the text of the March Women’s History Month Program titled ‘Generations of Women Moving History Forward.’ written and narrated by Shipley Walters.

    (1) Margaret McDowell (born in Pennsylvania in 1823; married James McDonnell; resided in Louisiana, Illinois, Mississippi and California; later married and divorced Dr. Enos Taylor; resided in Washington, Yolo County). (2) Jane Zimmerman Morris (came to Yolo County from Pennsylvania with her husband Asa W. Morris; resided on their ranch near Knights Landing in Yolo County). (3) Gertrude Freeman (came to Yolo County from Calhoun County, Michigan, with family, and married Frank Freeman, who became the first postmaster in Yolo County). (4) Harriet Stoddard Lee (born in Sutter County, California; graduated from Hesperian College in Woodland and taught school in Woodland for 35 years). (5) Leila Hecke Hardy (born south of Woodland in 1901, she managed her father’s apricot shed for his Yolonda Ranch). (6) Mary Frances Nicolson Gaither (an African American women who was born in Boonville, Cooper County, Missthei, Missouri, on May 4th, 1865; married Augustus Gaither; moved to Esparto, Yolo County). (7) Kathleen McConnell Mixon (moved from Ontario, Canada, to Colusa County, California, in the mid-1870s; she and her sisters established the Woodland Sanitarium; married Frank Mixon, the Editor of the Mail of Woodland newspaper and sold her hospital. (8) Emily Hoppin (born in Michigan in 1854; came to Woodland with her husband Charles Hoppin in 1874 where he farmed west of Woodland with his brother). (9) Sarah Laugenthe* Huston (born in 1848 in North Carolina; came to California to live on her father’s ranch in Yolo County; married Walter S. Huston, a Knights Landing merchant, in 1869). (* According to a Laugenour descendant, this name should be: “Sarah Laugenour Huston.”)

  • Indians, grizzlies succumb to newcomers.” (October 22, 1995), by Kristin Delaplane, in the Echoes of Solano's Past column in The
  • William Knight – Knights Landing, Knights Ferry.
  • Ralph E. Knudsen – “Pictorial Odessey: Ralph E. Knudsen: the man who tied the last continental lead,” a Smilebox presentation by Gregory Schubert, 2010. (Ralph Knudsen was the first husband of Beulah Beryl Wallace, daughter of pioneer resident Augusta F. (Ruggles) Sears/Wallace of Winters, the second wife of Joseph Wallace of Esparto. Ralph Knudsen was a telephone pioneer.)
  • Myra Stoddard Springer Burton Scott
  • Putah Creek – "Salmon sighting rewards Putah conservation efforts," by Elisabeth Sherwin, Davis Enterprise online edition, Monday, December 13, 2004. This article is about the time Rob Thayer observed a large salmon in Putah Creek for the first time in many years and about the biodiversity of Putah Creek.
  • "Ringing back memories," by Jeff Hudson, Davis Enterprise staff writer, Wednesday, March 10, 2004, Davis Enterprise, online edition. This article is about the music of the past that is performed today by various groups in Yolo County.
  • Ruggles Family History – Recollections of A Busy Life, written by Eli Fayette Ruggles circa 1904. (Scroll down to the Ruggles' entries/links.) The book includes a trip to California to visit relatives in the early 1900s. Eli F. Ruggles was the brother of Fernando Cortez (F.C.) Ruggles of Woodland and Lyman B. Ruggles of Woodland, Hanford, and Traver. F.C. Ruggles, his wife, Leanna (Kinkle) Ruggles, and family; Lyman B. Ruggles, his wife Martha Ann (Dexter) Ruggles, and his family; and their cousin Joel Jackson arrived in California in Placerville circa 1849 where they mined gold for about a year. The Ruggles families moved on to Yolo County where they both purchased farmland near Woodland. (Lyman B. Ruggles was the father of John D. Ruggles and Charles L. Ruggles who robbed the Wells Fargo stagecoach between the towns of Shasta and Weaverville in the early 1880s. They were eventually hung in Redding by vigilantes.) (This book was transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo, descendant of F. C. and Leanna (Kinkle) Ruggles and is presented on the California Genealogy and History Archives web site.)
    • Stagecoach robbered by John & Charles Ruggles east of the town of Shasta in 1892: On May 14, 1892, John and Charles Ruggles, sons of Lyman B. and Martha Ann (Dexter) Ruggles,* held up the stagecoach between the towns of Shasta and Weaverville, California. During the holdup, stagecoach robber Charles Ruggles; stage coach driver, John Boyce; and passenger George Suhr were shot. After these shootings occurred, the other stage coach robber, John Ruggles, shot Amos Buchanan Montgomery, the Wells Fargo messenger. John left his brother, Charles, at the scene taking the contents of the express box. John Ruggles later stated that he thought Charles would die. John Ruggles was eventually apprehended in the town of Woodland in Yolo County, where his family once lived. Eventually, Charles Ruggles, who survived, and his brother John were hung in the town of Redding by a mob after breaking John and Charles out of the Redding jail at night. (In the near future, I will present more of their story here. Below is a photograph of John Ruggles along with his Wells Fargo Express Co. wanted poster. Peggy B. Perazzo (* Lyman and Martha Ann Ruggles and their family lived in Woodland, until they moved first to Hanford in Kings County and then to Traver in Tulare County, California. Other parts of the Ruggles family (including my maternal second great grandfather, Fernando C. Ruggles) remained in Woodland, Yolo County.
      John Dexter Ruggles Wanted Poster 1892   John Dexter Ruggles Photograph
      John Dexter Ruggles’ Wells Fargo Express Co. Wanted Poster in 1892   John Dexter Ruggles
    • John D. Ruggles Reenactment at the “Tales From the Tomb” October 10, 2009: On Saturday, October 10, 2009, John Dexter Ruggles was one of the subjects of a reenactment to be held during the “Tales From the Tomb” at the burial site of John D. and his wife Martha Ann (Dexter Ruggles) and his brother, Charles Ruggles, at the Smith Mountain Cemetery located east of Dinuba. The “Tales From the Tomb” were be presented by the Tulare County Historical Society in cooperation with the Alta District Historical Society. If you would like information on this event, you will find the details and reservation form at on this PDF document: “Tales From the Tomb” reservation form.
    • On the road to discover...finding the real Ruggles brothers,” online Smilebox presentation by Gregory Schubert, 2009. (history and photographs)
  • Winters – "City got its name from early businessman Theodore Winters," article from the "Historic Winters" section of the Winters Express.
  • Winters – "Long family roots grew on Winters fruit ranch," by Kristin Delaplane, in the "Echoes of Solano's Past" column in The, September 19, 1999. (The other part of Go Long's story can be read at this web address:
  • Winters Express – "The first Express came off the press in February of 1884," article from the "Historic Winters" section of the Winters Express.
  • Wolfskill – "John Reid Wolfskill, the area’s earliest American settler, 1842," aticle from the "Historic Winters" section of the Winters Express.
  • Woodland Elementary School – 1914 and 1916 Graduates
  • Woodland Library in the Andrew Carnegie building constructed in 1905 – "Special day: Woodland Public Library celebrates its centennial," by Paul F. Miller, Special to the Woodland "Daily Democrat" online edition, Saturday, January 08, 2005.
  • Yolo County Hospital Records Excerpts, Woodland, California, California State Archives, Board of Examiners 1883-1889 (includes 1875 & 1880s), pages 115 and 116, submitted by Martha A Crosley Graham. (Further California history research information is available on the California State GenWeb - “Research Helps” section of their web site.)

    (The names, ages, and places of birth listed below are listed on the two images below. The dates of admission and discharge are shown on the scans, but they are not included in the list below.)

    (Page 115 - column headings for information listed below are: Name, Age, Born)

    Andrie, Lewis - 63 - Germany

    Anthony, J. - 66 - Tennessee

    Bampton, R. L. - 75 - England

    Barker, A. - 87 - Vermont

    Bossinger, John - 67 - Germany

    Brooks, W.N. - 83 - Massachusetts

    Brooks, Mrs. W.N. - 84 - Massachusetts

    Brown, Byron - 60 - New York

    Brown, George - 60 - Kentucky

    Carey, Michael - 60 - Ireland

    Carr, Ed - 62 - Ireland

    Cave, W.J. - 75 - Kentucky

    Conroy, Mary - 60 - England

    Farr, Daniel - 75 - New York

    Fox, Guy - 66 - Denmark

    Indean, Jim - 65 - California

    Gifford, J. - 75 - Pennsylvania

    Hanney, Chris - 79 - Germany

    Hartwell, George - 74 - Massachusetts

    Hickman, William - 60- Ireland/Illinois

    Hogan, Mrs. J. - 70 - Ireland

    Humphreys, Ed - 60 - Ireland

    Johnson, John - 75 - England

    Kelley, H.W. - 65 - New York

    Lobdell, W.W. - 66 - New York

    (Page 116 Continued from previous page - column headings for information listed below are: Name, Age, Born)

    Monroe, Dr. A. - 74 - Scotland

    Murray, Luke - 67 - Ireland

    Mulek, Jacob - 60 - Germany

    O’Brien, M. - 68 - Ireland

    Peterson, P. - 76 - Norway

    Pfund, Chris - 71 - Switzerland

    Pratte, O. - 69 - MO (Missouri ?)

    Rollins, Frank M. - 60 - Maine

    Shult, S.B. - 79 - New York

    Smith, Ellen - 102 - Ireland

    Trow, Henry - 73 - England

    Vanderhyden, H.M. - 76 - New York

    Wibe, Jennie - 65 - Ireland

    Willis, Charles - 74 - New York

    Winn, Richard - 60 - Ireland


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