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Yolo County Place Names – Past and Present

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The list indexed above is a compilation of Yolo County place names of the past and the present that I located in various sources. Many of these place names are no longer on the maps of today. I have tried to indicate the locations of the sites whenever I could find them or references to them. This will be an ongoing project to collect (and to correct) and to add as many Yolo place names as can be found. I have tried to list towns, districts, rivers, creeks, and sloughs, and other landmarks of interest, but I did not list the names of individual roads except as descriptions of the locations of the locales.

Located at the end of the list is a list of the sources used to compile these names. The numbers in parentheses refer to the source from which the information was obtained, although in some cases a site appeared on more than one source. The place names that are followed by (7) or (9) appear on the present-day maps (1999) dated within the last few years that I checked. The place names that are followed by an asterisk (*), do not appear on the present-day maps that I checked.

As many of the names were obtained from old, difficult-to-read maps and various other sources (some which were undocumented), the list probably contains some errors. Peggy B. Perazzo

Note:  For online links, go to the appropriate place name on the list and look in the far right column.


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